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Death, Shred Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

by Andy on November 18, 2011

death shred winter release

Generally, I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of the style of Death,Shred, but they are just so good at what they do, and so good at presenting it, that I can’t help but love almost everything that they release. Some of these shirts are available in different colourways, and for the first time they’ve also printed shirts in size XL, so my chunky brothers and sisters can also enjoy one of Beligum’s finest brands.


death shred t-shirt

I said about a month ago that I was excited about the upcoming release of new goods from Belgian label Death, Shred! and then in typical HYA fashion managed to forget the actual release. There’s much more to it than these three items, and it is a very solid release, they’ve really stepped up their game in a big way. For this release they have also launched a new US & Canada store which uses dollar pricing and has cheaper shipping, which leads me to think that they might have a US distributor now (otherwise why would shipping costs be lower?).

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A Death Shred t-shirt sale?

by Andy on March 31, 2011

death shred t-shirt sale

I saw this post on Tee Gazette saying that there was a sale on t-shirts over at Death Shred and got a bit excited, but after clicking through I realised that the shirts on sale are actually from their old line (Dead, Serious!) before they switched to the new name for legal-ish reasons so they must be trying to clear out the old designs. Still, cool t-shirts that are cheap, can’t go wrong with that.


20% off at Death, Shred! until tomorrow night

by Andy on February 12, 2011

death shred coupon code

They hit 1000 followers or likes or something, I don’t really know what, but if you use the coupon code 1000 from now until tomorrow night at 8pm (CET) you’ll get 20% off your order from one of Belgium’s finest tee labels (can anyone name another?).

Death, Shred!

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Sales! Sales! Sales!

by Andy on January 21, 2011

Yesterday was fun, wasn’t it? Now it’s time to stop being all “me, me, me” and get back to you, you, you. How will I do that, with sales of course!

Gold Coin are rocking a 50% off end of season sale from now until Sunday with the coupon code save50.

Another week another incredible offer at Sturban Clothing, well we do have to try this new code. So buy 2 items and get 50% of the lowest priced! That includes all items that are already discounted on site, so if an item already has 40% off just by applying the code at checkout you get an extra additional 50% off on top. Offer ends 24 Jan 11. Just enter the code 654375213 at checkout.

At the time of writing Human Empire’s server was unreachable, so I can’t comment on what’s in the sale, but they usually stock some good stuff so it’s worth trying to check out. Men’s sale section, and for the ladies too.

There’s 40-60% off tees in the PalmerCash sale.

Oh come now, Spicy Brown, if you send out an e-mail to your mailing list with a coupon code in it that’s “just for our mailing list ;)” I’m gonna share it, especially if you put Facebook and Twitter buttons on to encourage sharing! 30% off from now until the 25th with the coupon code Grow Koichi.

Use the coupon code TWITTER at Death, Shred! and you’ll get 15% off your order.


death shred t-shirt

Y’know, I hadn’t actually looked at Death, Shred’s new website, it is niiiiiiice, as is this design, which they have thoughtfully put onto a t-shirt and a hoodie.

Costiness=€25 (t-shirt) €50 (hoodie) Buy it at Death, Shred


death shred coupon code

Fresh from their name switch of Dead, Serious! to Death, Shred! the DS! team need to clear out the old stock, and as so many other have worked out, the best way to do that is by dropping your prices. If you were really attached to the Dead,Serious! name then this will be your last chance to pick up goods with them on. They’ve set up the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS which is good for 35% off your order from now (actually, before now, but I took the weekend off) until October 27th, enjoy!


death shred

While working hard on their European distribution network, DS! unfortunately bumped into someone who also used ‘dead serious’ for his own company.

To make a long story short. They didn’t want to face any legal charges against them & stay independent as before, so they moved on with another name. And that new name is Death, Shred!
They felt this was the best decision, especially with their plans in expanding the brand worldwide.

Along with the new name comes a brand new website (, made by the lovely people from The Black Axe.

They also introduce their team to the outside world. One of the newest team members is William Spencer, skateboarder extraordinaire with a great sense of style, creativity & originality.

Within a month there will also be a new collection but until then you can get a 20% discount on their online store by using the code ‘deathshred1981‘ which is valid until October 20th.

Go & pick one up before they’re all gone.

[Andy: I like how they’ve changed the name, but it’s still pretty close to being the same, hopefully it won’t impact on them too much. Also, I believe this is our first submission from a brand whose native tongue isn’t English, which is cool, and I’m glad that this bunch of Belgians didn’t submit in Flemmish, I wouldn’t have known what was going on.]

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