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Mr Four Fingers DBH Collective

by Mr Four Fingers on August 8, 2013

Mr Four Fingers

Now is a better time than any to introduce our new t-shirt designs on the Design By Humans Collective as they are currently running a nice 20% discount promotion until 11th August. Below are five of our designs available for $24 a pop so slap the promo code FANCYLEMONADE for 20% discount. All designs are DTG prints available on various colour t-shirts and there are a few options for the ladies as well.

Bosh, job done.

87b7_d3e-590x480-b-p t-shirt_illustration_Design_By_Humans_Mr_Spiv

t-shirt_illustration_Design_By_Humans_Elektric_Sun 87a5_bg9-590x480-b-p



For any more information of the creating of these designs, variations and background info then be sure to check out our Mr Four Fingers website.


30% off at DBH is a pretty big discount, knocking shirts down from their normal price of $22 to $15.49, nice!

Use the coupon code DBHFREEDOM to receive the discount until May 28th.


DBH Discharge – Hands On Review

by Matt on May 7, 2013

Post image for DBH Discharge – Hands On Review

I recently received a couple tees from Design By Humans, specifically two that they used discharge inks for. If you’re not familiar, discharge is a special type of ink/screen printing process that basically dyes the fabric of the shirt, instead of laying ink on top of it, so it leaves almost no feel on the print.

Craig Watkins (you probably know him as Wotto), the Art Director over at DBH, sent me two of their discharge tees. “Lost” by carbine and a DBH logo shirt that they’ve been giving out for free at different events around the country. Lost depicts a skeleton astronaut being attacked by some sort of multi-legged space creature, all done in neon inks. Neon discharge inks! This design recently took 3rd place in the Bright Futures Neon Tee contest and just a few days ago was named as one of DBH’s “Top 5 Best Illustrative Tees”.

Ok…so on to the print. The beauty of discharge is that the print has virtually no feel at all. It’s as if you’re just wearing a blank shirt, but you get the awesome bonus of having an incredible design printed on it. And not only is this one super soft and bright, cause of the neon discharge inks, but super big as well. As you can see, it pretty much takes up the entire front of the t-shirt.

Not surprisingly, Design By Hümans has impressed me yet again. They’re always taking that next step and improving their game, putting out the biggest, brightest, softest, and best prints around. Every time I receive one of their shirts in the mail, it looks even better than it does on the website. Do yourself a favor and check them out if you haven’t yet.




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Use the coupon code #DBHplus21 (yes, including the hash symbol) to get 21% off at DBH until May 7th, pretty nice discount.


Review: Design By Hümans Collective

by Matt on February 8, 2013

Post image for Review: Design By Hümans Collective

The DBH Collective was launched a few months ago and is now in full swing. According to it’s tagline from their site, the collective is: “Tees that illustrate your lifestyle, by a group of epic artists from around the globe, printed on whatever color you’d like.” It is exactly that, and more.

For as long as I’ve been following the online graphic t-shirt world, which is almost five years now, I’ve always considered Design By Hümans to be one of the best players in the game. Super soft and comfortable tees, incredible artwork from all the best artists, and massive screen prints that are executed perfectly. What more could you want?

More designs on more colors, obviously. And the DBH Collective is giving you just that. When it first rolled out, there were about 20 different artists included in the collective. Now there are over 55! I haven’t counted how many designs each artist has in their store, but the total number is surely a lot. And each of those being available on multiple different colors make the possibilities endless.

The Creative Directior of DBH, Mr. Craig Watkins aka Wotto, was nice enough to send me some samples of this new collective to check them out for this review. I’ll admit that I definitely had my doubts when DBH first announced they were doing DTG printing. As I mentioned, I consider them one of the best when it comes to screen printing, so I kind of thought it was a step down for them to start with DTG. But not surprisingly, they pulled it off bigger and better than anyone else. The shirts I received are easily the best DTG prints I’ve ever seen.

The first shirt I received was “The Baboon” by Mr-Nicolo. This bold and colorful print came to me on a black 100% cotton DBH Premium Tee. While I mentioned that the DBH Collective designs are all available on multiple colors, there are a few exceptions and this is one of them. The Baboon is only available on black. I would assume it’s probably because it doesn’t look as good on other colors, and further, the design itself contains a few of the colors that they offer for other DBH Collective pieces. Regardless, it looks great on black and the print is huge. As you can see, it takes up almost the entire front of the tee. Granted, I do wear a small and they probably don’t make the prints bigger for larger sizes, but that is a possibility. I’ll have to find out. Not only is the print big, but super soft. Even softer than a standard screen print, because of the DTG process they’re using for this collection.

The next shirt I received was a piece by wotto himself, “An Ode To Wild Things 2″. This design depicts two characters from a book (and now a movie) we’re all familiar with. The main character Max, in his boat, atop one of the wild things! This one was sent to me on a turquoise shirt, which I think was the perfect choice for this beautiful illustration. Again, the print is very large and super soft.

So if it wasn’t obvious, I highly recommend checking out the DBH Collective. Tons of never-before-seen designs on new colors, and you get to choose what combination you like. Wotto and the huge group of awesome artists over at Design By Hümans are always doing new and great things, and this is just another one to add to the list. What will they come up with next?

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A Year of T-shirts

by Mr Four Fingers on January 27, 2013

A year of t-shirts

Well it has been almost a year since I joined Hide Your Arms and I figured, hell, why not recap on the t-shirts that have entered my wonky wardrobe since I  joined. These are a combination of reviews and tees I have bought for myself (what’s the world coming to). It has been great to meet new folk and learn about them and their brand journey, seeing what works and what needs work.

Best wishes for 2013 and I hope to do many more. My thanks goes out to you!

In no specific order (there are a few missing):


Colus Hunter t-shirtcolus t-shirt

One of the coolest designers I have had the pleasure of meeting (well via the web). I always get comments when I wear one of his designs. You can read a review of Colus here.

1st Tee – Hunter $26

2nd Tee – Amour Propre $26


Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre t-shirt

This is one of the weirdest t-shirts in my collection and also one of my favourites. The guys at my work did not notice the design until I showed it to them properly. Now every time I wear this Tee they can’t look at me. Indirectly via a mirror maybe. Danse Macabre have since closed their doors and started a new brand called Wood & Nails. There is a review of this t-shirt if you are interested even though you can’t buy it.


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design by humans coupon codes

When you think of DBH you tend not to think about them having a bunch of funny designs in their catalogue, but they do, and they are quite funny with having to fall into the “dumb joke on a shirt” category.” They’re offering 15% off their selection of funny t-shirt until the end of February with the coupon code DBHFUNFEB. If you don’t feel the need to show how funny you are through the medium of t-shirts, but would rather pick up one of their arty offerings, the coupon code 13DBH5 will get you 5% off anything in store all year round.

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Gather Ye Rosebuds

by Matt on January 18, 2013

Post image for Gather Ye Rosebuds

I own somewhere around 500 t-shirts and this is still one of my favorites. Design By Hümans decided to reprint it as part of their Limited Edition series that they release on Fridays, and it was a great choice. This beautifully intricate design was originally printed on black, but this time it’s being done on a Charcoal DBH Premium Blend tee. Only $15 if you order today. Sorry ladies, they only did a guys cut.

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Top Tees from DBH in 2012 [Submitted]

by Andy on January 8, 2013

Post image for Top Tees from DBH in 2012 [Submitted]


What does it take to be a top seller? Sure wit, excellent illustration, and a trend setting design make the best shirts. This year top sellers are the most eye catching t shirts you will find online. These are graphic tees represent and imaginative world from hip to shoulder. The creative concepts in these shirts were design leaders in being the best for their trends. These are the best shirts for a variety of subjects, like boldest shirt, best zombie, coolest shirt, innovative music shirts and overall creative design ideas. Let’s give it up for this years top sellers at DBH.

Andy: I think the fact that that bear shirt was one of their top tees for the year shows how much of a disconnect there is between their audience and me.


Post image for Design By Humans pick their Best t-shirts of 2012

The staff over at DBH have got together to pick their favourite shirts that were released this year, and they’ve chosen a zombie tee as the #1 pick after they noticed that The Walking Dead was pretty popular. Frankly, I don’t even remember this shirt and wouldn’t really want to wear it, but clearly they and I are different people. They also picked a few other favourites that you can find after the jump.
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Buy 2 tees get 1 free at Design By Humans

by Andy on November 22, 2012

Post image for Buy 2 tees get 1 free at Design By Humans

Use the coupon code SCOREBIG to get a 3rd shirt for free and free US shipping when you buy 2 shirts at DBH. I’m not 100% sure but I think that this might be DBH’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, so I suspect that this coupon will expire at midnight on Monday.


Design By Hümans announces hoodies!!

by Matt on November 8, 2012

Post image for Design By Hümans announces hoodies!!

I’ve been waiting for this day since I first discovered Design By Hümans in 2008. They’re now making hoodies! And even better, they’re zip-up! Right now there are 5 designs available, but I’m sure they’ll be releasing more soon. According to their site, the hoodies are 100% cotton and priced at $49. It currently says they’re all on backorder…so we’ll have to see what happens with that.

Anyway, DBH hoodies! :)


Design By Hümans launches the DBH Collective

by Matt on September 17, 2012

Post image for Design By Hümans launches the DBH Collective

Design By Hümans has just announced their newest project, the DBH Collective. This select group of artists and designers all have their own personal store front at that includes never before seen designs on a wide range of colors.

How do they do that you ask? Direct to Garment printing. For those unfamiliar, DTG printing is a more cost effective way to print a one-off shirt. So if the customer wants design X on shirt color Y, DBH will use their DTG printers to do such without the more expensive and longer process of screen printing. DTG printing essentially uses a modified inkjet printer to print the design directly onto a t-shirt. The biggest time saver is that all the colors are printed at once as opposed to separate screens for each color when screen printing.

This is a great opportunity for artists and fans alike, the artists being able to showcase more of their designs (and on different color shirts) and the fans being able to buy them. What’s missing? Those gigantic all over prints that we’ve come to love from DBH. The DTG printing does limit the size and placement of the artwork, so the majority of the designs have a front-center placement with a limited print size. Though, according to some discussion at the DBH Forum, the photos in the Collective stores are only mock ups and the actual prints are much larger. The photos below are of actual prints from DBH Collective designs, not mock ups.

In the coming weeks, I will be receiving and reviewing some shirts from the DBH Collective. I’m very curious to see them, being a huge fan of DBH and their very much above average screen printing abilities.


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30% off at Design By Hümans

by Matt on September 3, 2012

Post image for 30% off at Design By Hümans

Design By Hümans is currently offering 30% off your entire order with coupon code “DBHGOLD”. You also have the chance to win 10 DBH tees if you get a golden ticket in your order. I can’t find an end date to this sale anywhere…so take advantage of it while it lasts!


Post image for Free shipping at Desgin By Hümans for back to school

From now through September 10th, Design By Hümans if offering FREE domestic shipping on all orders. Just enter coupon code BACK2SCHOOL12 at checkout to receive the free shipping and you’re good to go. Head back to school in style and impress your friends with some awesome DBH tees!




$6 tees at Design By Hümans!

by Matt on July 13, 2012

Post image for $6 tees at Design By Hümans!

$6! This is the cheapest you will EVER see DBH sell their shirts for. Of course, you don’t get to pick what design you’re getting, but you can’t really go wrong with DBH. Just select your size and they will send you as many shirts as you order from the current inventory, discontinued items, one off printing tests, and exclusive items. This sale runs today through Sunday.


Design By Hümans have just announced the winners of the 8-bit design contest they recently held. All designs had to include pixelated art as an ode to the revolution of the digital design world. I was never really a fan of such art, as I love the progression and new technologies we have now. But for those who do enjoy it, all three shirts are now available at DBH.

First place – Pixel Overload by nicebleed

Second place – Pixel Heroes by pahito

Third place – Overdose of Pixels by cleptoni


Post image for Buy two get one free at Design By Hümans

To celebrate the 4th of July, Design By Hümans is giving you one free shirt for every two you buy for the next 48 hours. Not including sale items and the Dark Knight Rises shirts. Great deal, take advantage of it.


I’m pretty sure this is the first time this has ever happened…

Yesterday, the artist know as Egger on Design By Hümans got his first print with “dragonlady”. Then today, he got his second with “Ghost of Town”. Congratulations to Egger for two awesome prints, two days in a row!


Design By Hümans is having a HUGE sale for Memorial Day and it lasts an entire week! Use discount code DBHMEM30 for 30% off your entire order placed before June 1st. This is the biggest discount I’ve seen them offer recently, so I would definitely take advantage of it. Especially with all the awesome new prints being released.


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