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Post image for are running a Power Rangers Design Contest!

Is Power Rangers just nostalgia or is it still a thing that is being made at the moment? I have no idea.

Either weay, I’m sure there will be some designers amongst you that will be awfully excited to hear that are running a contest to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers and find some great t-shirt designs in the process. As the banner says there are up to $2000 of prizes available, which should be enough to clear your Christmas credit card debts, and you guys have until February 4th to get your entries in. x Power Rangers Design Contest


New at LaFraise this week

by Andy on June 27, 2011

lafraise t-shirts

Another week in which laFraise release three more top quality designs, they’ve got a really good streak of not releasing crap for a while now, impressive stuff.


DBH’s $10K is down to the Top 10

by Andy on August 13, 2009


I think it’s fair to say that no matter what design wins the Grand Prize, Design By Humans are going to have some awfully nice tees to release over the next for weeks. The top 10 designs are up for voting for the rest of this week, at which point they will be cut down to a final 4 for another week of voting (this does all seem a bit drawn out, doesn’t it?), when the victor will be crowned. The smart money would be on collisiontheory taking the prize for a second year in a row, but it’s a strong field I wouldn’t be surprised if any of them won. The whole top 10 can be found in a gallery after the break.

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org_hand_31948 org_leathel_36655 org_colorize_55041

My apologies for the page of pics before getting down to the text (because I know you hang off my every word… right? Guys? Hello? Is anyone reading?), but I wanted to show you a few designs so that the effect was clear. Basically, as the tee gets hotter, presumably from body heat, parts of the design change colour, changing the tone of the entire design. As you can probably guess from the title, this is an idea that I really like, I’d like to see it in reality rather than in mock-ups, but Ink Fruit are clearly trying something really interesting. I’d probably be just as excited about the designs as the special ink if they hadn’t put the text on the tree & suitcase designs, but I guess I can’t have everything. I should probably point out that I can’t find the above tees in their catalogue, which is disappointing (I’d written the rest of the post before noticing), so I would expect that these tees are currently being produced, sorry to get you all excited.

Also make sure you check out Ink Fruit‘s other tees, they’re a(nother) design contest that have some great tees in their catalogue. [via Shirtlog]


4 New Tees at Allmightys

by Andy on June 29, 2009

litter_photo01 treasure_photo01 playground_photo01 saltwater_photo01

One brand that it would have been nice to see in Berlin at T-Shirt Day (since it’s where they hail from) is Allmightys. They seem to have been a bit quiet recently which is unfortunate because when they release tees you can usually expect them to be of a very high standard, so I wish they’d release them more often!

The four tees above were all winners in their recent ‘Underwater’ themed contest. In the future Allmightys are switching from the themed competitions to a more straight-forward standard design competition that will be an open call for designs. For me this takes away part of what makes Allmightys special, I can understand why it has been done because as soon as you give something a theme you alienate some designers, but the themes were something different from what everyone else was doing (as a main part of their contest). Still, if it produces good designs then I won’t complain again.


howies® launch

by Andy on June 3, 2009


I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for howies®, their tees rarely blow me away from a technical point of view, but they usually seemed to get things right and I got a good vibe from them. Yes, I said ‘vibe’, clearly 4 days in San Francisco changed me!

So, when I heard that howies were launching what is ostensibly a t-shirt design competition called teepay I rolled my eyes a little bit (more competitions?), but by the looks of things they’ve got it right again. If you know about Cameesa, then their business model will not come as a shock to you; designers upload designs, if 30 people order the tee then howies will print it onto their organic tees and post it out to you (though the FAQ states that it’s 50 orders), and the designer gets 10% of each sale, or they can choose to give their 10% to a charity of their choice. I can’t see what happens if you make an order and the tee doesn’t reach the minimum number of orders, but it’s safe to presume that you aren’t going to be paying for a tee that they don’t print.


In keeping with the charity theme, teepay are going to give 1% of their turnover or 10% of their pre-tax profits (whichever is greater) to environmentally and socially conscious charities through the ‘1% for the Planet‘ organisation.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and the designs do seem solid on the whole, especially the ones that have been printed, so hopefully that suggests that they’ve managed to get a good community of designers on-board early on, which should in turn attract more quality doodlers as time goes on. The ladies can expect to pay £20 for a tee, whilst the fellas will be parting with £25 to get their hands on some organic goodness.

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It’s as if I’m playing a game where I have to count up over-used t-shirt design elements…

I don’t want to be too harsh, as I was scrolling through my RSS reader I actually quite liked this tee until my scrolling reached that big eye, eye’s just don’t work for me on t-shirts, but I do still like the stuff around it. I guess that skulls and birds get used on tees because they are good elements to work with and people like them, y’know, there’s a reason why things get over-used, but I think that B/D have missed the mark a bit with this one.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at Beautiful/Decay



I wasn’t sure if I was meant to release this information, since it was described as being for t-shirt blogging communities. Does that mean that they just wanted us bloggers to get the 50% off, or did they just want bloggers to spread the news?

Well, Shirtspotting posted it, so I reckon that gives me the all clear.


d8c24d21b2 t-shirt-design-competitions-bang-bang-t-shirts_1234144396017

Here’s a couple of new design competitions for you to get your teeth into.

Bang Bang T-shirts are running one based around the future. Winner gets £125/local equivalent.

Allmightys latest competition is called ‘Underwater’:

Think of what could happen below sea level, think underwater creatures, sunken ships, submarines, underwater life, underwater colours, myths and legends from the bottom of the ocean, mermaids, sunken treasures, underwater landscapes, huge octopi, seasnakes, big whales and tiny plankton and water, water, water…

Competition Dates:

Competition announced: Monday, 26th January 2009
Submission Deadline: Monday, 16th March 2009, 23.00 GMT
Voting Ends: Friday, 20th March 2009, 23.00 GMT

Allmightys will donate €1.00 to “Save the Whales” charity for every “Underwater”t-shirt sold.
Get involved, submit design and help us save whales!


New releases at Camiseteria

by Andy on January 26, 2009


Everyone’s favourite Brazilian t-shirt design competition that frustratingly still doesn’t have an English-language version, Camisteria, have released four new tees and a couple of reprints (the rest are in the gallery), but since I’ve never seen the two reprints before then they’re all new to me.

I’ve just had a thought, is it even possible for people that don’t live in Brazil to buy the tees? I tried robo-translating it but it wasn’t much help and I couldn’t work it out, have any readers ever bought from Camiseteria?

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Love and Hate on Valentine’s Day

by Andy on January 11, 2009


[You don’t want to know what happened next]

According to our man in Japan (who, by the way, is in now way ‘ours’), the guys over at Spreadshirt are all about the love, holding a contest with for lovey-dovey designs, with 2 $500 prizes up for grabs. You have until January 15th to get your designs in.

In contrast, the Cafepress crew are bitter and presumably have no one to wine & dine on Valentines (not that I do either, mind you… ladies of Philly, interested?), and are holding an anti-Valentines design competition, with a total prize fund of of $400 worth of gift certificates and an American Express Gift Card up for grabs. The competition is open to US residents only (boo!) and submissions need to be tagged by January 22nd.


Andre from A Better Tomorrow got in touch to let me know about a couple of new tees that won their design competition. The one in the top picture of this post is called ‘Night of the Dead’ (way to keep it festive ABT!) and is firmly planted in the burgeoning niche of ’80s puke horror’, a genre that I must thank Alex from Dance Party Massacre for coining, though he’ll get pretty pissed if you lump his tees in with them. The tee marks the first time that ABT have used waterbased ink on their tees, so this will probably be one of their softest tees yet.

The lower tee is by that most excellent stalwart of tee design competitions, Sven Palmowski, or a.mar.illo if you want to get all ‘aka’ about this. The tee is a pretty clever take on 50s B-Movies, except for instead of thinly-guised metaphors about Communists invading the US, he’s tackling the much more dangerous, and surely much more real, threat of giant fruits laying waste to the Earth.

Close ups in the gallery.

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Calling all creatives and designers- Beautiful/Decay launches its first t-shirt design competition!

We are giving the opportunity to one of or readers to receive $200 cash and the chance to see their design printed as part of our exclusive Artists Series Apparel line. The design will be distributed exclusively on the Beautiful/Decay online shop.

There’s great runner up prizes too! (2nd prize: $100 in U-printing credits and B/D swag packs, including t-shirts and Archive, for the runners up!)

You have til Jan 1st- so get cracking! We look forward to seeing all your designs!

Usually when I see a design competition bigging up the ‘see your design as part of our line” aspect of their competition I roll my eyes a bit, but in the case of Beautiful/Decay, I think it could be a real feather in the cap of an artist. If you’ve ever had an opportunity to read their magazine, it’s filled with top notch designers and advertisers, so who knows what it could do for your profile.

Get the details and enter the competition here


Take Me To Your Reader by Cameesa [Reviews]

by Andy on November 13, 2008

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Cameesa before on Hide Your Arms, which is borderline criminal because they’re a website that are genuinely doing something different in a world where so many t-shirt sites seem to be pretty much the same. In case you hadn’t heard from everyone else, Cameesa are a t-shirt design competition, except that they ‘crowdfund’ the t-shirts which are released. What does crowdfunding mean? It means that instead of just voting for a tee to say you like it, you can put your money where your mouth is and actually pledge money to the design and if enough people do the same, the design will be produced, you receive a copy of the tee, and even a small dividend every time the tee is purchased. Admittedly, you probably won’t become rich by backing t-shirt designers on Cameesa, but I do think that it helps to create a sense of community on the site, and I’d presume that it also helps to ensure that Cameesa can keep business running smoothly.

Of course, like all design competitions, the thing that matters above all is the the quality of the designs that they produce and whether Cameesa can attract designers who know what makes a popular t-shirt. I like this tee, and I like what else is in their catalogue, so I don’t think that Cameesa have much to worry about in that regard. Obviously this is a tee based on a pun, so its got that going for it, but it does stand up well on its own too.

Cameesa seem to have quality levels down too, and by down, I mean that they’re good, so… the levels are high? The tee has the look and feel of an American Apparel tee, which is largely because the tee is by American Apparel, so you know what you’re in for in that regard. Print quality is pretty impressive too, I couldn’t find anything to complain about, and I looked pretty hard.

Costiness=$17.99 Buy it at Cameesa

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€15000 up for grabs at LaFraise

by Andy on November 11, 2008

One of the great things about laFraise having J3concepts as their EU blogger is that he always makes great illustrations to go with posts, which really help to pretty up the place.

Anyway, LaFraise always give away Brouzoufs (credits) at Christmas to all members as a present to give them a decent discount off their next purchase. They thought that they’d do something to reward their hard working community of designers this year, and so, 3 designs are going to be produced which will net each designer €5000 each, which is certainly a nice way to finish the year. Here are the details:

-Contest is open to all countries on all laFraise sites.
-Submissions start November 10th – December 1st (then allow 1 week for final voting)
-No other contests will be run during this time.
-We will pick the 9 top designs which will then be put into their own gallery as finalists from December 8th-14th
-3 winners will then be chosen each getting 5,000 Euros (yes thats EUROS!) and their designs will be printed in a limited run.

Not bad eh? Check out the full blog post on LaFraise in case I’ve missed something.

Off topic note: did anyone else spot Tcritic getting more than just a name check on BoingBoing a few days ago when they were rounding up election related tees? Karl is still on the lookout for designers, so if you’re interested drop him an e-mail.


laFraise, s’il vous plait

by Andy on November 5, 2008

As a quick sidenote, everyone always goes on about how awesome the food is in France, and in terms of restaurants they’re usually right (I had some great foie gras on fig bread at a restaurant this evening),but their fruit and veg in the supermarkets is utterly atrocious, its usually gone rotten a day or two after you’ve bought it.

One thing which I can’t see going rotten is the freshness of designs from laFraise (SEGUE ALERT!!!). It’s still a big shame that they don’t deliver their latest designs to the US, but I guess this is European payback for having to pay customs charges when we import goods from America.

Click through for the gallery (you may have noticed that’s a new thing I’m trying).

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What’s new at Threadless

by Andy on November 4, 2008

Aww man, if there’s something I love Threadless for (other than being one of the brands that inspired me enough to start HYA), it’s their product pictures. Even if you have no intention of buying any of the tees in the gallery, you gotta check them out so that you can see product photos ‘done right’.

Pretty good week for tees too, the big T has been impressing me recently with their picks, after I’d gone off them slightly a few months back. My favourite for the week is Olly Moss’ “Now Panic and Freak Out“, which is of course based upon a British war-time propaganda public service information poster that also did the rounds last year as a tee. With most of the Threadless crowd being American (or the largest national group, presumably), the historic context might be slightly lost on them, but that doesn’t stop it being clever and funny.

In other Threadless news, they’ve partnered up with the Rhode Island School of Design to have their first ever guest-curated theme to the Threadless Select Series. I do believe this is the first time they’ve ever had a theme, or a series to the Select range, but it should be pretty cool. The whole thing is going to be unveiled in a couple of days, but if you want to get the scoop early, including hearing about the $15,000 donation that Threadless are donating to the School’s scholarship fund, I’ve uploaded the press release to Google Docs.

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3 new Scribtees

by Andy on November 4, 2008

Aliadotony is rapidly becoming one of my favourite t-shirt designers, even if I on’t agree with him that everyone can be an artist (something I’m a perfect example of).



Artevist is a community where artists can come together to share their ideas on BIG issues and create wearable art with meaning and purpose. The BIG issues can be local or global (everything is related) and they can span themes such as: AIDS, climate change, consumerism, extinction, human rights and pollution. It’s also a place where nonprofit organizations and artists meet, and produce work that helps spread their message to a larger audience.

I can’t decide if these guys are new or not, because I am 100% sure that I’ve seen Ian Leino’s bicycle design (the red tee) before, but they say that they’ve just launched. Who knows, I guess it doesn’t matter whilst there’s activism to be getting on with.



RedBubble, who’re a print on demand company that have a lot of great artists uploading designs there, have teamed up with one of my favourite London clothes shops, Demo, to put some tee designs from their site into Demo’s excellent store.

Click through for all the details.
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