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x-men design competition

You know what’s nice about doing designs for The contests are always legit, the prizes sizeable, and they attract some impressive brands too. If I were an artist that liked to pop culture designs I’d be subbing to them quite a lot, because making a fun X-Men design is one thing, but making one that is actually licensed and approved by Marvel is another. In this particular contest the Grand Prize winner is going to be sent to San Diego Comic-Con later in the year… that sounds pretty cool.

For more details head over to


Post image for Star Trek T-Shirt Design Contest Winners Revealed at

If you’re wondering why so many of these Star Trek t-shirts have Uhura on them, Nichelle Nichols was one of the judges of the contest, which probably explains it. Still, it’s good to see more well-designed Star Trek shirts out there since it does seem to be an area that is sorely lacking considering how popular the series has been in it’s various iterations.

Buy these Strak Trek t-shirts at


T-shirt News for March 20th

by Andy on March 20, 2012

$6 teefury t-shirts

$6 grab bag shirts at TeeFury today.

‘ProCATStination’ slows things down at Shirt.Woot.

‘Strum Trooper’ Star Wars t-shirt is up at RIPT.

Totoro makes an appearance at Qwertee, my lady will be pleased.

Even though in the description at Shirt Punch it says that this is something to do with SBSP I still don’t know what this is about, help please!

Grim Fandango shirt at The Yetee.

Sherlock Holmes x Doctor Who at OtherTees.

24tee have a spiffy new site design, but today’s shirt isn’t for me.

Tshirt Contest have a shirt about monkey’s in space.

I like that bear, good work DBH.

Election year = election parody tees, this Stewart/Colbert one is $10 instead of $20 today at BustedTees.

Apparently March 20th is a day when millions of Americans plan to abstain from eating meat, who knew? T-shirt from Made in the Now.

This shirt at Tilteed may not be new, but it’s certainly new to me, and that is refreshing.

Springleap have teamed up with a The Glass Recycling Company to find a t-shirt design that illustrates the positive impacts of recycling glass.

Teecraze have an interview with t-shirt artist Nik Holmes.

In case you missed it, there’s a $9.99 Threadless sale going on right now.

Some guy on Reddit made a funny shirt for his Grandpa.

Some guy on Reddit wore a shirt that pokes fun at stereotypes.

Some guy on Reddit was watching the 1998 TV show Felicity and noticed this funny kerning t-shirt. are holding an Adventure Time cupcake challenge.

A few new HUF tees have dropped at Street Casuals.


scott pilgrim t-shirt design contest

I’ve been sitting on this contest for a bit too long, but you’ve got until March 28th to get your design in so I don’t feel too guilty. WeLoveFine have a knack for picking up big licenses and getting involved with big names and this is no different. They’re on the hunt for a t-shirt design to match up to the pop culture juggernaut that is Scott Pilgrim, and one of the people judging all the design submissions is Bryan Lee O’Malley, the guy that created the Scott Pilgrim series of comics. The minimum prize is $1000 to the winner, but that could go up to $2500 depending on now many total votes are cast in the competition. Here’s a run down of the prizes up for grabs:

Grand Prize: Up to $2,500! We will start the grand prize at $1,000. We will track the number of ratings in the contest; for every 100 new ratings after 100,000 ratings, the dollar value of the grand prize will go up $1. Be sure to tell ALL your friends, family and internet pals to rate every design! With enough rates, the prize could reach a maximum of $2,500 cash!

Guest Judge’s pick (2): Our guest judges will each select their personal favorite design, and those artists will win $400 cash!

Runners-Up (2): Two runners-up will receive a $150 gift certificate for

Honorable Mention (5): Five honorable mentions will receive a $50 gift certificate for

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from this contest since I was a big fan of the film so I’ll try and remember to keep up with it and relay the updates to you guys.


muppets design contest

To be honest, I’m not sure whether I should be calling these guys, We Love Fine, or Mighty Fine, they seem to use all three fairly interchangeably, but I am sure that they’re producing some of the finest licensed tees right now, so they can call themselves whatever they want as long as they keep up the quality.

Yesterday they launched a couple of big design contests for The Muppets and Steampunk (with total grand prizes of up to $3,000 and $2,000, respectively), and I know that a lot of HYA readers are designers, so I thought I’d pass the information on since that amount of cash will probably be pretty tempting. Submissions are open from now until early in October, after which the voting period begins.

Muppets Design Contest

Steampunk Design Contest


604Republic have a design contest now

by Andy on August 17, 2011

604republic design competition

Things must be going well for 604Republic, which is a store rapidly gaining a position as one of the top pop culture & geek tee destinations on the internet, because they recently announced that they are going to be branching out into the world of design competitions. They are offering $500 upfront and $1 per shirt sold or a 15% of shirt sales to winners, which is a decent prize if you ask me, and should be enough to attract some of the bigger names in the industry. The design competition is focused on their core topics, geekiness, pop culture and video-games, which of course works for both the designer and 604R, there’s no point in them trying to sell something that doesn’t fit with their audience.

The gallery and scoring of designs won’t be launched for a few weeks, but they are now open for submissions from designers. No word on what kind of a schedule they’re going to be using to release designs, one a week, two a week maybe, I doubt that they’d be going with daily releases since it seems like winning designs will be entering the full catalogue for long periods, but I’m sure the frequency will be revealed later along the line. I usually have to be cautious about design competitions when they pop up as quite a lot of them do disappear unfortunately quickly, but with 604R already being a well established t-shirt shop and with their owners coming from another site (that’s still running) that ran a design contest I think this one is in good standing to last a long while.


Three new winners at 9 Fountains

by Andy on July 9, 2011

9fountains t-shirts

I don’t think I’ve ever done two Singapore-related posts back to back before, but there has to be a first time for everything. 9 Fountains have impressed me since their launch with maintaining a regular release schedule of impressive shirts. At a time when it seems like every new t-shirt design competition appears to be doomed to failure these guys look to be getting it right and running a sustainable business. The three shirts above are available now, they’re the grand prize/1st runner up/2nd runner up winners, and there will be four more designs going live on Monday that are the editors choices from the June competition that I will try to remember to mention, but I make no guarantees since I will probably be pretty busy after my weekend in Belfast (which is currently happening, this is an auto-post I wrote on Wednesday, weird huh?).


9 Fountains x Time Out Singapore competition

This isnt actually a submitted post, but since the newish design competition 9 Fountains sent me a proper press release I thought I’d just regurgitate it because that’s what a good blogger does.

9 Fountains will be collaborating with Time Out Singapore for a T-shirt design contest that will run from 21st March to 21st April 2011.

As this is a special collaborative contest, an open-ended contest theme “Know More. Do More.” has been set for the competition. All artists interested in submitting their artwork will be required to explain how their artwork relates to the theme in the description text during submission.

Voting and commenting will be open to the public and the top 10 designs that receive the highest number of votes will be subjected to a round of judging by a panel of judges. Judges include the creative director for Kult, Mr Steve Lawler aka Mojoko; the owner of Vue Privee, Mr Olivier Henry; editor of Time Out Singapore Ms Alexandra Karplus; and CEO of 9 Fountains, Mr Andrew Wolf.

The winner of the top prize will receive SGD$1000, with first and second runners-up receiving SGD$200 and $100 respectively. All winning artists will get full credit for their work and will be featured in the June issue of Time Out Singapore. Winning artists will also get their artwork printed onto T-shirts for sale on 9, where they will get a commission for every shirt sold.

This is an international contest and all artists are invited to submit their work. For more information, please go to

It seems like 9 Fountains are making a good start to their site’s life, kicking off with strong designs and decent prize money, and now partnering with a well known company with strong ties to their local area, I think they might last a lot longer than most design contests.




It’s probably a little bit inappropriate that this post follows one about a Britney Spears lyric.

Costiness=$19 Available from Springleap


Amanon by FeelDude

by Andy on October 2, 2009

Available from FeelDude


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