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T-shirt News for April 3rd

by Andy on April 3, 2012

beetlejuice t-shirt

Apologies about missing a few days of the news and some general posting, I was visiting a relative in hospital on Friday, went away for a friend’s birthday at the weekend, then I took on the (very) temporary role of delivery driver yesterday, but I’m back now and things should be normal soon enough. Actually, I might miss tomorrow’s news, but after that things should be all good, I promise!

Beetlejuice makes an appearance at TeeFury.

Funny Aliens shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Transformers are a part of this charity tee at RIPT today.
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manentines day t-shirts

I still refuse to believe that Manentine’s Day is a real thing (it was yesterday, apparently), but at least Springleap have been able to get some cool designs out of it, my personal favourite being the 2nd placed winner, ‘Love Bubble’.

The shirts are available now from the Manentines Day store.


Hi Andy,
I thought you and your readers would be interested in hearing about the Design Comp we have going on here at Das Monk right now. It is open to all artists and designers, with the winner grabbing US$500 plus a spot in our Artist Collective (and a t-shirt no doubt!). Last year we had over 500 entries and we expect this year to be even bigger so we’d love you to spread the word via Hide Your Arms.
You can see all competition details here.

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Andy: I love it when people treat the post submission page like sending me an e-mail, it feels so much more personal and as if they actually want to be involved with the site rather than just getting their publicity and never being in contact again.

This post was submitted by Brooke Hendrick.


Design Tumblr’s Next T-Shirt

by Andy on April 13, 2010

tumblr t-shirt contest

Tumblr, the people that practically invented that niche between micro-blogging and blogging, are holding a design contest to find their next official t-shirt. Designs must be submitted by April 18th, and the prize is 25 of your own shirt when BustedTees print it. I know, it’s a kind of weird prize, why would you want 25 of the same shirt? Couldn’t Tumblr have offered the winner (who will presumably will be a fan of the service) some of their premium options (like a theme) along with the prize?

Check out the deets here


lafraise t-shirt

I know, I know, two laFraise designs in a week, but it’s hardly me fault that they’re knocking them out of the park at the moment. I like the transition of having a serious and kinda artsy design transitioning into a cutesy design at the back with the bear, which is traditionally a more feared beast than a man (at least in reality if not most tee designs).

Costiness=€23 Buy it at LaFraise

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A big list of t-shirt design contests

by Andy on January 4, 2010

I was going to put together a list like this myself, but fortunately (because it would have been a lot of work) Rude Retro have done the work for me and written a post which lists 42 different t-shirt design contests, how much you’d earn if you won the contest, and how often contest winners are announced. It’s a little sparse in terms of information for some of the tee brands, and I’d like to see a few pictures in the post (as I have the focus of a 12 year old) but nevertheless it’s a good resource for people people on the hunt for a design contest that isn’t Threadless or Design By Humans.


Tilteed are killing it, tees for $8!

by Andy on November 27, 2009


One of my favourite new design contests, Tilteed, usually have a tee on sale for $12 for it’s first week of sale (technically a pre-order) after which point it goes up to $18 with the rest of the shirts that they’ve printed in the past. However, up until December 1st (at least) ALL the tees in their store are $12, which seems to be the fashion this week amongst design competitions this week, BUT you can get another $4 off by using the coupon code wootRules at the checkout, making their shirts just $8 a pop, and Tilteed have great shipping rates, just $2 for your entire order no matter how many tees you order or where you live. Their latest winner (pictured) is pretty sweet, so you might want to put that into your basket now. [via Tee Junction]


Hmmm, $12, where have we heard that before? In Design By Humans sale not all the tees are $12, the options are $12, $15 and $17, but that’s still a good deal so whose counting… other than me, obviously. I’m pretty sure DBH are a Californian company, so you’ve got until midnight PST on Monday to pick up a bargain.


Rachel Bilson on a t-shirt, good times?

by Andy on November 15, 2009


This tee has Rachel Bilson on it, who is both cute and was on the O.C., so I should like this tee, but I feel like they’ve messed up with the placement. On the original submission (you can see it on the product page) the print was much bigger and the cut off was practically at the bottom of the shirt, which would have looked good, but the way it’s presented on this photo it doesn’t look right. The photo itself appears to be a mockup, so fingers crossed they sort it out for the real deal, but I doubt they’d change it up a lot otherwise they’d be misrepresenting the product. Also, are there any copyright issues with a print like this that was taken from a photoshoot?

Gah, I want to like this tee but I’m really struggling, it’s the opposite of that last tee I posted!

Costiness=£15.40 Available from Scribtee


Happy Yeti Shirt by Tilteed

by Andy on November 14, 2009


For me, one of the biggest issues with there being so many t-shirt design competitions is that it’s really hard for me to keep up with what they’re releasing, I don’t even know how I saw this tee, but Tilteed aren’t one of my regularly visited sites so I must have seen it randomly, but I’m glad I did because this is a really fun, simple tee that makes me smile.

Costiness=$12 (until Monday when it becomes $18) Available from Tilteed


Metaphysics by gums for LaFraise

by Andy on October 13, 2009


I’m not actually that into this design, but I really want to help getting the word out that laFraise are selling hoodies now, because I would imagine that when most people think of a design competition they could get a hoodie from they’d think of Threadless, and whilst their hoodies are pretty good, it’s always nice to have another option, especially for those on us on the “I have no health insurance but I still get healthcare because that’s the right thing to do” side of the Atlantic if we don’t feel like spending a lot of money on shipping.

Costiness=€39 Available from LaFraise


All You Need Is… a hoodie from LaFraise

by Andy on October 1, 2009


You see, the name of this hoodie is “All You Need Is…” I thought I’d better point that out so that you realsied just how awesome the title of this post is, I expect people using Google Reader to ‘like’ this post purely on that basis.

This isn’t actualy the first hoodie that laFraise have released (that would be this one), but I think that this design works nicely as a hoodie (thought it might benefit from being printed a bit bigger) and I really like the colourway. When I’ve built up enough LaFraise street team points I’ll buy a hoodie to see how they stack up against the competition since they’ve developed their from scratch.

Costiness=€39 Available from LaFraise


The Great Escape by jun087 for ShirtFight

by Andy on September 18, 2009

The Great Escape - Shirt Fight t-shirts - New cool and unique tees - Weekly tshirt design contest!_1253188762618

Somehow I missed this when it first came out, so sorry you didn’t have the chance to pick it up when it was $10 cheap, but even at $18 it looks good enough to be considered something of a bargain, another hit from the ShirtFight crew!

There’s an allegation from someone in the comments for the shirt that this design is a straight up frame-rip from a film called Knowing with Nicolas Cage, I remember intentionally not watching that film because I thought the concept was dumb and a tyical Nic Cage movie, so I can’t shed any light on it (though I strongly doubt it’s a rip), anyone in HYAzakhstan have a clue?

Costiness=$18 Available from ShirtFight


Please Sir, Play Me the Blues - Shirt Fight t-shirts - New cool and unique tees - Weekly tshirt design contest!_1252409264342 Please Sir, Play Me the Blues - Shirt Fight t-shirts - New cool and unique tees - Weekly tshirt design contest!_1252409279657

I don’t mention Shirt Fight nearly enough, which is kind of what I said about when they made their debut on HYA, but if they’re going to keep producing cool tees like this one then I promise I’ll try and keep on top of them better in the future, for real this time!

Costiness=$18 Available from Shirt Fight


csj89 wins the DBH10k with Mecha-Labaw

by Andy on September 4, 2009

design-by-humans-t-shirts-new-t-shirt-designs-everyday-cool-tees-designer-shirts-t-shirt-art-contest_1251994840564 mecha-labaw-t-shirt-by-csj89-from-design-by-humans_1251994870184

For me, this result is a bit of a surprise. Let’s be quite clear, I like csj89’s work, but I didn’t think it was the strongest design in the final four (and I would have happily swapped it for some of the designs that made it through to the top 10), but clearly all of his promotional efforts (including creating a site dedicated to the design) paid off and I’m sure he’ll be enjoying that $10,000 prize. The winning shirt (along with the other final four designs) are in the Design by Humans shop now.


RVB de base

Well, I wouldn’t have picked this as the winner of laFraise €15,000 contest but I wasn’t a judge, so my opinion counts for nought, but congratulations to Piu Piu anyway on the win. I’m not saying it’s a bad design by any stretch of the imagination, it’s just not the one I would have picked. 5 of the other finalists are going to be printed up as classic tees as well (I called it). Check out the LaFraise blog post regarding the winner to see which those 5 were.



Tilteed are one of the latest players to be entering the t-shirt design competition arena. So, there’s like a thousand of these contests now right, do I smell a list coming on?

I actually have no problem with t-shirt design contests, I know a lot of people take issue with them because it’s a form of spec work (is that the right term?), but as long as the copyright remains with the designer if the design isn’t a winner then I think it’s fine, because the designer can still use their artwork either at other design contests or with a regular shop. Tilteed are launching with a tee by Dale Edwin Murray (shown above), which you can order now for $18, but the prize package for the launch is probably going to be a bit more exciting for most of you. $3500 for the grand prize, and $1500 for the runner up. Not bad, eh? After that they’re going to be releasing a new tee every 72 hours, with that winning receiving $500 and $1 per tee sold. I think that’s a pretty fair deal.


It’s hard to judge a design contest in it’s early days because creating a community to ensure high quality submissions is obviously key to their longevity. The $5000 prize fund for the first two tees is obviously a big draw for some artists, but are they going to stick around? I voted on a few of the submissions and the quality level is very high, there were a lot of designs there that I think a lot of you would be happy to wear, and I recognised quite a few of the names of the artists too, so Tilteed are off to a good start in that respect.

$18 for a tee is pretty good, but no one is going to turn down a coupon code now, are they? TilteedHYA will get you 20% off your order, making a single tee $14.40, which is downright reasonable in my book.


*Since I wrote this post Tilteed have announced their two grand prize winners, “get a job” by lowdtown, and “expansion” by a.mar.illo, well done guys! Images of both designs can be found after the jump.

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I haven’t actually mentioned Shirt Fight before, I’ve got no idea why because looking through their catalogue they’ve got some great designs, so expect to see more of them. Ever since completing the epic ‘101 Robots T-Shirts List‘ there seems to have been a flurry of robo-tees popping up in my browser, so I may need to do a little follow up soon.

Costiness=$13 (currently on sale, $18 next week) Available from Shirt Fight


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