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Two excellent new tees from Random Objects

by Andy on February 27, 2012

we must sail and not drift t-shirt

‘Jack of All Trades Masters of None’ is the latest design from the ever-excellent Random Objects, and the fun part about this tee is that it actually comes with two #2 pencils which I think is a really neat touch that does add to the experience. The anchor shirt has previously been seen on a crew-neck jumper and now makes it’s debut as a tee, and mighty fine it looks too. You can pick it up for $24, or $26 for the Jack of All Trades tee (I guess that the pencils push the price up a little).


Daily Tees & News for November 29th

by Andy on November 29, 2011

night of the living dead t-shirt

Very cool Night of the Living Dead shirt from TeeFury today.

Here’s another Firefly design I don’t understand at Qwertee, and I’m all the more confused because it is a Jurassic Park mashup too.

Song Bird makes another appearance at Tilteed.

Good use of negative space from today.

Nice take on the old proverb from Shirt.Woot.

I guess that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must be popular again since there is a definite rise in the amount of TMNT shirts I’ve been seeing recently, and I’m not exactly hunting them out. From $10 at RIPT.

I previously featured this shirt a couple of weeks ago when it was on RedBubble, but now it has made it’s way over to The Yetee for the next few days.

I haven’t seen Machete but this parody shirt from OtherTees still makes me laugh.

How depressed does Snuffaluffagus look? 24tee.

As a big Community fan I am very pleased to see this ‘Troy & Abed in the morning’ shirt up at TeeRaiders.

The infinite Swiss army knife makes a return to Loviu.

Nice to see a Zoidberg/Futurama shirt on Shirt Punch today.

I think I’d probably like this latest DBH shirt if it didn’t have the sea turtle on it, but it’s still wearable nevertheless.

Don’t worry, it’s cool to be a nerd now! $11 down from $20 at BustedTees today.

The Cool Hunting gift guide is now live.

I Am The Trend have an excellent post introducing Grave Takers, a new brand from Kyle Crawford of Electric Zombie fame.

RUReppin found some useful articles for t-shirt designers.

threadless coupon code
Don’t forget about that massive 50% off coupon at Threadless (40% off hoodies), with free shipping available if you spend more than $60.

Glennz Cyber Monday deal for 20% off all tees will be expiring at midnight tonight CST. Use the code mondaytuesday to receive the discount.


Teejunkie Designer of the Year 2010

by Andy on September 13, 2010

teejunkie designer of the year

I was ready to rag on this as being just a way for Teejunkie to get lots of hits on their blog since they aren’t the most read or most frequently updated t-shirt blog out there (though I must admit they are at least posting quality), but I’m as guilty of that as anyone (possibly more so), and when I took a look at the list it’s pretty clear that they’ve done an awful lot of work putting this together and hunting for well-known and less well-known designers, and writing up bios for every single designer too. There is no prize to speak of beyond recognition from one’s peers, and it’s probably fairly likely that brand owners will see the artists and save a few names for their future releases, so hopefully more than just the winner will see a benefit of being voted Designer of the Year.


Need to hire a t-shirt designer?

by Andy on July 4, 2010

hire a t-shirt designer

One of the things I find in the t-shirt world is that if you want to hire a designer, it isn’t an easy task, there’s a lack of transparency, and there’s an awful lot of leg work. Maybe that process makes the final product better, but I can’t help it could be streamlined. Famed t-shirt designer AJ Dimarucot has stepped into the breach to help clear the cloudy waters somewhat by creating a site called Hire A T-Shirt Designer that is essentially a folio of t-shirt designers. There’s an image of a designer’s work, and a link to them, hopefully this will make it easier for line owners to discover designers eith the end result being that there will be more good t-shirts in the world, which is essentially my mission in life, getting people to wear good t-shirts (… I’m wasting my life).

I like what AJ is doing here but I feel I have to go full disclosure on this one. I’m working on a site that has a similar subject, but has a much larger scope, it’s early days so I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but if my partner and I can pull it off (oh hell yeah it’s a collaboration!) then it will become a great site that the whole t-shirt community will benefit from, which will be no mean feat but it could be big.

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Free Mock-Up for T-Shirt Designers by Tom Neal

by Andy on September 9, 2009


No, you can’t buy this (well, you could, the mockup is of an XS American Apparel 2001 tee), it’s a mockup done by Tom Neal for t-shirt designers to put designs onto so that your mockup looks a bit more realistic. As I don’t design tees I can’t really compre it to other mockups, but the fact that this release includes every colour of tee that AA offer in the pack… well that has to be a good thing. Find the download link at this Emptees Talk thread.


€15000 up for grabs at LaFraise

by Andy on November 11, 2008

One of the great things about laFraise having J3concepts as their EU blogger is that he always makes great illustrations to go with posts, which really help to pretty up the place.

Anyway, LaFraise always give away Brouzoufs (credits) at Christmas to all members as a present to give them a decent discount off their next purchase. They thought that they’d do something to reward their hard working community of designers this year, and so, 3 designs are going to be produced which will net each designer €5000 each, which is certainly a nice way to finish the year. Here are the details:

-Contest is open to all countries on all laFraise sites.
-Submissions start November 10th – December 1st (then allow 1 week for final voting)
-No other contests will be run during this time.
-We will pick the 9 top designs which will then be put into their own gallery as finalists from December 8th-14th
-3 winners will then be chosen each getting 5,000 Euros (yes thats EUROS!) and their designs will be printed in a limited run.

Not bad eh? Check out the full blog post on LaFraise in case I’ve missed something.

Off topic note: did anyone else spot Tcritic getting more than just a name check on BoingBoing a few days ago when they were rounding up election related tees? Karl is still on the lookout for designers, so if you’re interested drop him an e-mail.


Form Matters by Artefacture [Review]

by Andy on November 1, 2008

There’s something about artefacture’s text tees, I don’t think I can really put my finger on it, I can’t work out why a text tee that is so simple can end up being so effective. I guess that on a basic level you could say that these are text tees ‘done right’, but there does seem to be something more to it than that. I’m not a designer, so I can’t get too deep into truly understanding why ‘form matters’, I feel as if all the design people are having a meeting about form and I’m peeking over a fence trying to work out what they mean, but its probably safe to say that it has something to do with designs continuing work in attempting to save the world.

I know that there are people out there that don’t care for Artefacture’s design series, the text/slogan-based tees aimed squarely at designers, they find them a bit pretentious, and I can understand why. A text tee with a message on it like this just begs to be judged, you can’t really look at it and remain entirely neutral. Something that always intrigues me about Artefacture is that they make tees that are intended to be sold to the design community. I imagine that designing tees for designers is about as nerve-wracking as when the guy in Dominos notices that the next pizza he’s making up is being delivered to Mr. G. Ramsay or Mr. A. Bourdain, if you fail then you’re going to be panned by your own peers, but if they like it, well, its going to make success taste all that much sweeter, isn’t it?

One area where I feel Artefacture couldn’t possible be accused of failing in is the quality of their garments. The blank tee is by American Apparel, so you know the drill; it feels good, lasts well, and is cut slightly slimmer than a ‘normal’ tee. I like the little touch of the red hang tag in the back of the tee with just the name on it, that looks cool (even if the AA tag behind it ruins the effect a bit), and its nice to get a tee delivered in a clear plastic bag too, it makes it feel fresher somehow.

Costiness=$28 Buy it from Artefacture

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Need a Website or MySpace designer?

by Andy on May 13, 2008

I know that there a few people who read HYA that want to start their own t-shirt lines (I’m one of them… eventually friends, eventually), so when I found this list on Emptees of website and MySpace designers that would probably be of help to those of you that know how to design a badass t-shirt, but don’t know the first thing when it comes to designing a website.

Big fat list of web designers at Emptees


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