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diesel sweeties

If you like the range of tees available at webcomic Diesel Sweeties then you could do a lot worse than checking out their clearance page with has got random/mystery shirts available for just $5 + shipping (including their American Apparel t-shirts), as well as some classic shirts (including the one above, which is only available in women’s sizes) for $6.66 and $7.77.


scott pilgrim skull t-shirt

Okay, I’m starting to learn about the Scott Pilgrim movie, you know how I did that? I watched the trailer!

Apparently it’s a film in which Michael Cera plays an akward guy that can’t talk to girls and (probably) likes obscure indie music and somehow gains some balls as the film goes on and eventually gets the kooky girl?

I kid, I like Cera, he’s funny, and he’s good at what he does so there’s no point ripping him for that. This isn’t a movie blog (though the world does need more of those), this is a tee and-far-too-occasionally a hoodie blog, and in the trailer you can clearly see the Diesel Sweeties pixel skull shirt… except it’s on a ringer tee which isn’t an option in the DS store. What’s the deal with these guys and printing their own tees?


The IT Crowd t-shirts Series 4 Episode 4

As a side note before we get into the traditional meat of The IT Crowd t-shirt roundups, after listening to Pirate FM in Cornwall when I was on holiday me and my girlfriend were inspired to watch The Boat That Rocked a film inspired by the pirate radio station Radio Caroline that operated from a boat (it was in international waters and therefore not governed by British law). I was under the impression that Pirate FM was the legit ‘child’ of Radio Caroline, but I actually completely wrong. Still, it’s a good, funny film, and I thought I’d mention it because Chris O’Dowd and Katherine Parkinson (Roy & Jen in the IT Crowd) are both in the film, so you guys may want to check it out.

Anyway, on with the show (almost literally), the first tee worn by Roy was just a plain grey shirt, naturally, I’m not going to track down the brand, if you want to be just like Roy go and get a grey shirt from Primark or American Apparel.

The second shirt had already been found for me by @RustyBransteinX which did make my job rather a lot easier. The OMFG t-shirt comes from ThinkGeek and the acronym is for the little-known Ontario Mega Finance Group the investment company that lots of teenagers apparently enjoy talking about. The t-shirt is $15.99 and it can be purchased here.

Roy’s third shirt of the evening was a bit more troublesome to hunt, and not just because of Roy’s hot girlfriend being on view. It was a dark scene, but after taking about a dozen pictures and playing with the levels on them I managed to make out the writing “don’t even think about tagging me” which is actually pretty good advice for those people that think it’s fun to tag photos on Facebook of their friends in compromising positions.The tee is available from Balcony Shirts for £12.50. As I do try to be a bit of a completist with these things, I had a quick look around for the other tee in this pic, the one with the crossed guitars worn by the orphan. I haven’t been able to find the same tee, but I have found what I think is the same graphic on an apron at Spreadshirt, and with it being spreadshirt to can customise these thing to your heart’s delight, and that includes putting the design on a pink t-shirt with black print.

Fourth tee of the night was easily recognised as Roy has worn it before, “Nothing is any good if other people like it” is a Diesel Sweeties design. However, I can’t find the shirt anywhere in their store, so it seems as if they’ve stopped selling it. Still, there’s plenty of other cool shirts in their shop. Also, how good was this scene? There isn’t nearly enough mashed potato based comedy on TV.

And that’s your lot for this episode, I will post episode 5 tomorrow, and then you can expect the episode 6 recap (last episode of the season, sob) early next week.


IT Crowd t-shirts

Indeed, last night something did happen, Graham Linehan (aka @Glinner) tweeted about my IT Crowd t-shirt posts, which was then retweeted by rather a lot of people, causing what I think is the largest amount of traffic I’ve received on a Sunday, giving the site a bit of a meltdown (until I got home and cranked up the resources), and presumably putting a bit of pressure on me to continue my IT Crowd shirt posts now that a lot more fans are aware of them. Fear not new readers, I shall continue, and this week I’ve got links to all three of Roy’s tees so that you can get your hands on them.

Roy’s first tee of the week was immediately obvious to me as I had written about it back in May. Even though the most visible text says “let’s say you’ve gone back in time” the shirt is actually called “Time Traveler Essentials” because it explains what you need to do if you were to travel back in time. It’s a very clever and funny shirt, and it’s yours for $18 at TopatoCo.

Shirt number two in the episode is a bit of a tee design classic, having been featured on the show before and on many a blog. Some people have point out that it doesn’t really work as a Venn diagram, but I’m able to look past that and just enjoy a cool shirt. Elitism can be bought for $16.99 at Diesel Sweeties.

Last shirt of the week (excluding Jen’s shirt for the band Sweet Billy Pilgrim, who I presumed were fictional since I don’t keep up with what’s cool in the music world, but are in fact real, though apparently don’t have a keyboard player) picks up on the keyboard cat meme, but makes it almost acceptable in my cynical eyes by giving it an 8-bit makeover, since we all know that making something 8-bit makes it cool. The tee is £16.21 and can be purchased at MySoti.

I won’t be able to cover episodes 4 & 5 of this season in a timely fashion because I’m going to Cornwall on holiday, and writing about t-shirts will be the furthest thing from my mind. I will cover the shirts worn in the episodes when I get back, you’ll just have to be patient about it.


In case you can’t read the text, it says “Teenage Mutant Ninja: 80s Reference”. This tee pretty much sums up how I feel about tees that ape on cultural icons from my childhood. On the one hand, they’re usually a lot of fun, but on the other, they just seem a bit lazy, it sometimes feels as if a tee with a random 80s reference will be popular no matter how badly it is designed, so I’m glad to see the Diesel Sweeties crew making light of the trend.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Diesel Sweeties [Photo credit: “Celebrating” Sarcasm Day by tiexano]

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Barack Obama T-shirt by Thriving Ink

Thriving Ink, who spend most of their time producing some really rather beautiful illustrative tees, have collaborated with AJ Dimarucot to produce a line of t-shirts all about Barack Obama that they’ve called ‘Hope is Dope’. Its amazing just how many brands are producing designs and lines about the man who has Hope, I wonder if people will still proudly be wearing them in a years time, or perhaps Diesel Sweeties have hit the nail on the head?

Thriving Ink

Catch the Thriving Ink press release after the break.
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