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I don’t know think this means Divine will be closing for good, just that it’s time for a new direction and to move on from old designs. Hopefully I’ll get to meet Bill Pyle, the man behind Divine, at some point this week, so I’ll assume ask him then.


Bill has dropped a new site and some new tees (plus reprints and plushies), and I am mighty impressed. Keep up the good work Bill!

Divine Clothing


It would appear that Bill is going to be doing some downsizing over at Divine Clothing (two blog posts with ‘downsizing’ in the title tipped me off), meaning that he will be getting rid of some of his designs and cutting out hoodies altogether. International orders are also on the chopping block. So, if you want to get a hoodie or are a non-US resident that’s had an eye on something for a while, make your order sharpish before the opportunity passes you by.

Divine Clothing Co. 

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Divine Clothing: Season Six now available

by Andy on February 14, 2008

Divine Clothing Season Six collage

So guys, yes or no answer, is it creepy that I spent about 15 minutes making up that collage graphic that includes several pictures of a girl I’ve never met before (there are two pics of Bil in there too)? I’m used to posting pictures of models I’ve never met before, but there was something about making a collage that made me feel slightly stalker-ish.That’s neither here nor there, the important news is that Divine Clothing released their sixth season, which makes Bill somewhat of a veteran in this industry where new labels pop-up everyday. It’s generally a continuation of his earlier work, no major deviations from the style that he’s become known for. There are also a couple of new interpretations of older designs, such as this new take on ‘those who love are those who live’, which is pretty damned apt for today.

Tees cost $17, with the new hoody priced at $30, and I think they’re all printed on American Apparel stock.

Divine Clothing Co.


It’s simply Divine

by Andy on September 15, 2006

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Divine Clothing for a while now, since their first season in fact, but I was holidng out until they started selling hoodies to do a post (which they will be by October, expect a follow-up post), but since they’ve got a sale on at the moment I thought share the savings.

There is a big variety in the style of all the tees in the range, with cartoon-style, text, hand-drawn and vector style all being represented. All tees are at the lowlow price of $14 until the end of this week (its a back to school sale). Their range of plushies is also on sale for $10, but to be completely frank, those things kinda scare me, just a little bit.

Oh, and the tees are printed onto Hanes Heavyweight 50/50 stock.


Divine on MySpace (errrm… how do they have 35000 friends and I only have 98?)


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