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Beware of Darkness by Teetsy

by Andy on June 15, 2010

beware of darkenss doodle t-shirt by teetsy

I’ve got a lot of love for Teetsy, I can imagine that Scott’s designs aren’t for everyone, but he makes a quality product that lasts, and we can all respect that. He’s got a few new designs out, and of the bunch this one is my favourite, largely because you don’t see many lavender shirts about, and because I never thought I’d see a shirt that was such a doodle.

Costiness=$20 Buy it from Teetsy
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Guilty Pleasures by Wotto at Tilteed

by Andy on August 27, 2009


What what? Is that a Wotto? Why yes, yes it is. You’ve got about 18 hours to pick up this collage print at the early price of $12 before it goes up to $18, which is still a pretty good deal (I’ve got a couple of Tilteed tees and I’m impressed by the quality of the in-house printing). Here’s a few words from wotto about the design.

Most people know I have developed a reputation for doodle shirts. I have had quite a few printed and a lot of people ask for them. Well with this design I wanted to do a darker doodle. I actually did three designs based around the same dark idea, (I seem to work in sets for some reason). Anyway, I was working with the idea of death and how if comes to us all. So why not enjoy a guilty pleasure or two before we depart?

Guilty Pleasures by Wotto

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Regular readers will be aware of my trip to the US earlier this year to be an intern in Philadelphia, that trip probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Art In The Age (even though I wasn’t directly working for them), so you can’t really expect me to be unbiased when I’m writing about them. However, that doesn’t mean I’d cover up anything bad, think about it, how good does a company have to be to make someone that writes about t-shirts travel several thousand miles and live in a city he’s never been to before and knows no one in? Answer, pretty damn good.

Serendipiliciously, I first heard of the shoegaze* band Asobi Seksu when I was in Philly, their album accompanied me on many of the walks down Sansom on my way to the office. Even though they’re from Brooklyn I’ll forever associate them with Philadelphia, which is why this collaboration works well for me, it’s as if the AITA folks had a meeting and decided that the purpose of their latest collaborative tee was to help me reminisce!

The tee’s name, ‘Tour Doodles’, does a great job of setting up the concept, and I like it, I can imagine that if I were in a band that was touring around the states in a bus (and had an ounce of design skill) then I’d probably be drawing in a notebook all the time too, and all that doodling seems to have produced a pretty sweet tee.

Costiness=$32 Available from Art in The Age (mens/womens)

* Is it just me or is that the best name for a musical genre ever?


Monster Doodle by Me&Yu

by Andy on March 14, 2008


Me&Yu, the Manchester-based fashion label that has a store in the delightfully bizarre Affleck’s Palace, released their Sping/Summer range fairly recently, and they encouraged me to check it out. Being a fan of all things Me&Yu, and most things Mancunian, check it out I did.
Monster Doodle hoody by Me&Yu

They’ve continued along the same theme of doing fairly weird things in a hand drawn style and having equally weird photoshoots (bigger product pics would be nice on detailed artwork though). I really like the green and grey colourway of this monster doodle hoodie (the pullover version), and I really like prints on hood linings as is shown in the zip-up version, and I get the feeling that I’d like the drawings too, but its a bit hard to make them out. Still, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that this is a cool design.

Costiness=£40/50 Links: Pullover/Zipper

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