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Looking to buy some awesome tee designs?

by Matt on November 6, 2012

Post image for Looking to buy some awesome tee designs?

Wotto has some for sale. If you follow the t-shirt world at all, you have probably seen his work. With his very original and awesome doodle style, wotto’s characters bring every t-shirt he designs to life. Some cute, some cuddly, some crazy, some scary. But whatever the case may be, you can’t go wrong with a wotto.

He just posted nine new designs that are all for sale over at the wotto’s tee designs for sale blog. Pick them up and print them before someone else does!


Post image for Huggably Infectious – Fresh, Huggable Tees!

Huggably Infectious are very, very new and have already captivated me (not only because I love their name), but simply because of the eight Wotto doodle-style tees they are offering and at a really great price. If you like bright colors and designs full of character, then these fresh, huggable tees are right up your alley!

Buy – Huggably Infectious Cost – $12.00
Keep up with Huggably Infectious on Facebook and Twitter

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Surrogate by Lowercase Industry

by Andy on September 19, 2009


This is an A3 print rather than a tee, but does that really stop you from enjoying this?

Costiness=£60/90 (unframed/framed) Available from Lowercase Industry



Regular readers will be aware of my trip to the US earlier this year to be an intern in Philadelphia, that trip probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Art In The Age (even though I wasn’t directly working for them), so you can’t really expect me to be unbiased when I’m writing about them. However, that doesn’t mean I’d cover up anything bad, think about it, how good does a company have to be to make someone that writes about t-shirts travel several thousand miles and live in a city he’s never been to before and knows no one in? Answer, pretty damn good.

Serendipiliciously, I first heard of the shoegaze* band Asobi Seksu when I was in Philly, their album accompanied me on many of the walks down Sansom on my way to the office. Even though they’re from Brooklyn I’ll forever associate them with Philadelphia, which is why this collaboration works well for me, it’s as if the AITA folks had a meeting and decided that the purpose of their latest collaborative tee was to help me reminisce!

The tee’s name, ‘Tour Doodles’, does a great job of setting up the concept, and I like it, I can imagine that if I were in a band that was touring around the states in a bus (and had an ounce of design skill) then I’d probably be drawing in a notebook all the time too, and all that doodling seems to have produced a pretty sweet tee.

Costiness=$32 Available from Art in The Age (mens/womens)

* Is it just me or is that the best name for a musical genre ever?


Draw Limited turn doodles into tees

by Andy on September 29, 2008

Well, here’s a novel concept, a t-shirt company that think everyone is an artist. I think they realise that not everyone is the next Rothko or Mozart, but they might be on to something with this idea that ‘everyone doodles’. I guess that’s true to one extent or another, and it actually works surprisingly well as the basis for a clothing line.

Despite the whole “everyone is an artist” thing, their first range of tees shows a lot more doodling talent that you’d find on the writing-pad next to my telephone, and the 3 tees are all pretty cool. Each range (released every few months) is based upon a theme, and the first theme was ‘monsters’ which always provides excellent fodder for designers. I don’t think that there’s actually any kind of prize for people that submit their doodles (although even designs that don’t become a tee get shown off in their gallery), but I really like the old-school way that to submit your artwork your have to send it via snail mail, after all, its hardly a doodle if you’ve done it in Adobe Illustrator!

Draw Limited

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