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Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]

by Mr Four Fingers on February 25, 2013

Dr Popcorn Apparel

There are certain styles of illustration that set my pulse racing and ignite my dark imagination. The guys at Doctor Popcorn Apparel are doing just that. Andy and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Courtney, the guys behind DPA, at the recent Margin Trade Show. The driving force behind their brand is their t-shirt illustrations which are dark not only in colour but in theme. The majority of the illustrations are a combination of drawing, digital with a dash of vintage photography.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_2 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_1 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_5 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_7

DPA currently sell their -shirts as ‘On Demand’ meaning they are DTG. I can tell you know that they are great looking t-shirts. They are in the process of testing some of their designs out as screen-prints which have their own attractive qualities so we are keen to see how that works out.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_8 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_6

DPA had great product presentation with a good looking catalogue and nice hangar tags making the whole presentation feel quite professional. It also helps that chatting to these guys was as easy as liking their t-shirts. There is no ‘biggin up’ by DPA, their ethos is honest and gritty.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_4Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_9Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_10 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_11

All their t-shirts are available from their online store at Dr Popcorn Apparel for £25 a pop (on sale). They have designs for both men and women with some great looking packaging. Another curious thing about DPA is that all their designs have actual names like James, Harold and Elizabeth. Be sure to check them out.


HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

by Mr Four Fingers on November 12, 2012

More T Vicar

We had the pleasure if visiting More T Vicar  HQ vicar recently in High Wycobe, whereupon I was flooded with t-shirts and could not help but fall in love with their resident Jack Russell, Oscar.

More T Vicar

I was joined on this blustery day with my mate and busines partner Craig (normally the hairy faced bugger in HYA t-shirt review photosgraphs)  as this was not only a visit for HYA but also for Mr Four Fingers as we are looking at working  More T Vicar soon. I have never visitid a t-shirt HQ before so one thing I was not prepapred for, as stupid as it may sound, was actually seeing the amount of t-shirt that there are kicking about. Literally stacks of them.

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

More T Vicar recently enlisted the services of Damien AKA Damo to me as I have actually had the pleasure of working with the man. I worked with Damo  a few years ago and it was around this time that I started focusing more on illustration with a particular interest in t-shirt designs. He also introduced me to Guitar Hero. I know from experience that anything Damien works on will be good as he has boundless passion and a curious nature that is quite infectious. Before Damo arrived, as we were very early, we had the chance to chat with the lovely Heather, a More T partner and known as ‘The Voice’ . We had a chance to chat more about the More T Vicar history (established in 2003) over some coffee and delicious homemade blueberry cake.

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

More T  Vicar is a t-shirt brand/store that can do it all. They prints t-shirts, either at their screen printers or with their massive Direct to Garment Kornit printer (more of this when I see it in a few weeks), they stock t-shirts, photograph them in a light tent,  packagage and post. Even the websites are designed and maintained by them. More T Vicar are multi-tiered and are more than capable of assisting you at any level. So if you just want your brands t-shirts stocked, packaged and sold, then BAM, job done.  But it’s always good to know that if you want the whole shebang then More T Vicar can provide.

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

You can easily tell that they have a massive love for the t-shirt sector and like Damien says ” there is a t-shirt for everyone”. This is best illustrated in the More T Vicar online t-shirt store as they stock various designs like simple type/slogan tees, popular culture characters like the immensely popular Chunk Clothing designs and Ren & Stimpy to various other artists like Akumu Ink. More T Vicar are  developing more relationships artists and illustrators and soon their online store with show a whole gamut of t-shirt designs.

Damien with an Akumu Ink t-shirts, an artist whom I was initially introduced to on Skull-a-Day.

Since buying their Kornit printer, which is basically a fancy pants direct to Garment printer form the future, More T have launched a partner website called Major Tee. This online store is focused on made-to-order Direct to Garment printed designs, where the public gets a chance to submit ideas (useful information via this link). If you are selected then for each t-shirt printed you get £1. Now this may not sund like a lot but we are talking about standard slogan and type tees for instance. If you are interested in selling illustrations as a part of your brand or under your artist name then More T will negotaite a better price.

More T Vicar are extremely friendly and are always up for a chat over some homemade cake (tried and tested), over the phone or via the tinternet so if you have any questions then please ask as they are as keen to hear from you.

We will definitely be seeing and hearing a lot more from More T Vicar and I look forward to working with them. Below are some useful links worth checking out

More T Vicar Online Store

More T Vicar on Facebook

Major Tee


Dynamic Style Clothing – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on October 8, 2012

Dynamic Style Clothing

With a name like Dynamic-Style Clothing you are setting yourself up for something good and in this case these guys are definitely not letting anyone down. I was first introduced to Dynamic Style clothing after seeing some of their designs printed by Digisin and it just so happens that one of these designs is this very t-shirt, ‘DS X Luca Battles’. Other designs that also caught my eye with the ferocity of a flying fish hook were those of Iain Macarthur who is a blady legend! [click to continue…]


Design By Hümans launches the DBH Collective

by Matt on September 17, 2012

Post image for Design By Hümans launches the DBH Collective

Design By Hümans has just announced their newest project, the DBH Collective. This select group of artists and designers all have their own personal store front at that includes never before seen designs on a wide range of colors.

How do they do that you ask? Direct to Garment printing. For those unfamiliar, DTG printing is a more cost effective way to print a one-off shirt. So if the customer wants design X on shirt color Y, DBH will use their DTG printers to do such without the more expensive and longer process of screen printing. DTG printing essentially uses a modified inkjet printer to print the design directly onto a t-shirt. The biggest time saver is that all the colors are printed at once as opposed to separate screens for each color when screen printing.

This is a great opportunity for artists and fans alike, the artists being able to showcase more of their designs (and on different color shirts) and the fans being able to buy them. What’s missing? Those gigantic all over prints that we’ve come to love from DBH. The DTG printing does limit the size and placement of the artwork, so the majority of the designs have a front-center placement with a limited print size. Though, according to some discussion at the DBH Forum, the photos in the Collective stores are only mock ups and the actual prints are much larger. The photos below are of actual prints from DBH Collective designs, not mock ups.

In the coming weeks, I will be receiving and reviewing some shirts from the DBH Collective. I’m very curious to see them, being a huge fan of DBH and their very much above average screen printing abilities.


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Printmonkey Review

by Mr Four Fingers on August 22, 2012


Awhile ago I received an e-mail from Andy about checking Printmonkey out at their t-shirt launch in London. Between then and now I have eventually got round to posting this review. I had taken photos at the launch night but somehow they made their way off my computer (considering I have deleted my iTunes library before). [click to continue…]

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Post image for “Nanna’s Wallpaper” t-shirt by Our Kid Apparel

Yes, most of our Grandma’s have poor choice (to our tastes) when it comes to wallpaper, but I think that it can make for a pretty nifty patterned t-shirt. Our Kid are a new t-shirt brand coming from Sheffield here in the UK, and whilst their range isn’t massive at the moment they have got a few Tasty Tees so worth checking out.

Costiness=£20 Buy it at Our Kid Apparel


Review of Digisin Apparel

by Mr Four Fingers on May 14, 2012

Digisin - Mr Four Fingers

Finding a decent online company that does affordable Direct to Garment printing can be time consuming and tricky. I have used various DTG companie in the past but now I have officially found the one I will be sticking with.

Welcome to Digisin Apparel. When I initially found their online website it was more by chance while looking through a t-shirt directory as they were posted showing designs of their resident artists. These artists  pretty good and having caught my attention, I investigated Digisin further. It was then that I realised that they print DTG t-shirts as a custom print option.

My initial thoughts were, yeah ok probably transfer printed. Nope. Ok so must be expensive. Nope.Ok so let’s give Digisin a go. As a tester I asked them to print a large scale lined version of my Mr Four Fingers logo onto a black T. It was either black or white as they don’t have other colour options. Before the design was printed Senj from Digisin e-mailed me a JPG showing the design placement on chest of T-shirt and to see if I was happy with it before they printed. I liked that, I mean I have the capabilities to do this, but it’s good for those who don’t.

I received my t-shirts individually packaged in these great rigid boxes and a slick Digisin sticker slapped on the top. The box contained not only my well printed t-shirt but also a curious pack. This pack contained, much to my delight,  a sticker, badge, a flyer with company ethos (also discount code for next purchase) and limited edition Roger the Rabbit card pack with gum! This is over 20 years old.

As mentioned above, the t-shirt is has been printed Direct to Garment, so no set up costs and the quality is rather good. Ok my design may only be white lines on black, so not pushing any boundaries but I have no doubt an image or illustration will turn out just as good. They are printed on Gildan Softstyle and they are just that. The black fabric is not a dense black but more like a dark charcoal. I have been speaking to Senj from Digisin and they are also in the process of creating bespoke labels to replace the Gildan ones. This was the only thing I felt was remiss.

I have washed and worn and it’s even travelled to a South African shooting range (There are of course the obvious gangster posing photo’s around). The t-shirt is fine after a wash and fits as you would expect.

One of the main things that has impressed me above all is Disigin / Senj’s customer service. They did not know I was going to post a review (they follow HYA of course) so there was no ‘special’ treatment. I can tell you it was great, I mean that kinda great that is unexpected.

As I mentioned before, Digisin have a range of artists with t-shirts on sale from £14-£18  the online shop and you can grab a custom DTG printed t-shirt for only £14. They are based in Scotland.

Thank you Digisin for such great service and I will no doubt,as you know, be using and recommending your services to others.



T-shirt News for February 21st

by Andy on February 21, 2012

star wars alderaan t-shirt

A truly grown-worthy Star Wars pun t-shirt from TeeFury.

Glow in the Dark Skyrim t-shirt at Shirt.Woot today. Also, Woot are selling American Apparel blanks for $7.99 each as they’re switching their supplier to a new blank soon.

RIPT have a Firefly tourism shirt available today.

LOST x “Spy vs. Spy” today at Shirt Punch.

The simplicity of this 24tee shirt made me chuckle.

Pokemon gets a run out at TeeRaiders.

Doctor Who design by Tom Trager has been added to the Tshirt Contest catalogue.

I really like this design from DBH, bit different from my usual tastes, but it’s interesting.

Los Pollos Hermanos is a Breaking Bad themed shirt that is $11 instead of $20 for another day at BustedTees.

This lovely Greg Abbott t-shirt is back at Tilteed.

These three shirts are new-ish at Camiseteria.

Seventh.Ink have some of their older designs available for the ridiculously low price of $7.

Wrongwroks have got a sale on, though you do need to spend a minimum of $150 to qualify.

A Better Tomorrow have a sale on for their plain zip-up hoodies.

Rib Cage Customs are giving away ten t-shirts in conjunction with Loaded Magazine (which does mean the link looks a bit NSFW).

Like Sin Star on Facebook and you’ll be sent a massive 50% off coupon code. This offer is good until March 20th.

Threadless screenprint 99% of their tees, but they are experimenting with DTG. Sounds like a good way to make sure some of the less loved designs don’t get consigned to the design cemetery.

Get free shipping (US only, international orders save $10) at Typography Shop when you order two or more items.


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