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Post image for Pokemon, Duck, Hunt, Wild & Crazy Kids, and a Safe Lunch re-issue at BustedTees this week

Is ‘Wild & Crazy Kids’ a specific reference to anything? I get the feeling that it should be, but I just can’t place it. Solid slew of releases from BustedTees this week, with the Pokemon design impressing me the most even though I wouldn’t call myself a fan.


duck hunt t-shirt

It’s kind of amazing really that back when they released Duck Hunt you could actually point a controller at the TV screen and that would actually control the game with a pretty decent amount of accuracy. It seems fairly advanced technology (though I now know it’s fairly simple) considering the t-shirts design is a spot-on recreation of the quality of graphics that you could expect from the NES. T-shirt available from Super7 now for $30.


Duck Hunt and more at BustedTees this week

by Andy on April 11, 2012

NES duck hunt t-shirt

If it’s in the title you guys can probably guess that my favourite of the week’s new releases from BustedTees is the Duck Hunt design, but they’re all pretty wearable.


Daily Tee Roundup Sept. 27th

by Andy on September 27, 2011

nes vs genesis t-shirt

I have a NES sat underneath the TV that’s barely 6 feet away from me right now, I don’t ever play it, but it sure does make me look like a hardcore gamer. I’ve got a Megadrive (what we in the Uk called the Genesis) somewhere too. Shirt $10 at TeeFury today.

How weird that both TeeFury and RIPT would have NES related shirts today. I have never seen and am barely aware of Darkwing Duck, so half of this shirt is lost on me, but the other half I do like.

Nice collage tee from Shirt.Woot today.

“Escape: Splippery” is a slice of geekery from Qwertee that contains zero references, a bold choice indeed for a daily t-shirt company.

I’d like to see a bit more of the art and a bit less of the name of the shirt and the artists name, but otherwise good work as usual from Loviu.

This excellent ‘White Stripes’ design is a reprint from Tilteed.


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