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DURKL Releases Summer Hats

by Amy_F on June 25, 2012

durkl summer hats

Spotted this on Facebook being posted by a Streetwear Store that just got these in stock for Summer.  Anyone else seeing an ugly hat trend starting lately?  DURKL isn’t exactly what I consider Streetwear, yet they consider themselves Streetwear and produce items like these.  Tiny tennis rackets and tiny stars aren’t my first choice for a hat design, then add in that giant logo patch on the front center in addition to the style hat which is quite frankly making me gag.  No one wears bucket hats anymore and whatever style those other two are considered.  They’re labeled as “camper” hats on DURKL’s website – I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone wear that style ever in my life.  Please feel free to check out their entire Summer Collection of ugly hats and then explain to me how these things are selling because I can’t wrap my brain around it.


Plains Waterproof Jacket by Durkl

by Andy on September 28, 2009


Yay, a waterproof jacket in my favourite colourway (as if you couldn’t tell just by looking at the design of this site). I think I might prefer it if the jacket were a bit cleaner without the two big pockets on the front, but it still looks good.

Costiness=$150 Available from Durkl


50% off loads of stuff at Krudmart

by Andy on June 3, 2009


Including The Quiet Life, Monsieur T., Mishka, DURKL, amongst others, and if you spend more than $50 your order will be shipped free of charge (presuming you live in the US, of course).

No word on when the sale ends, but as this is being described as a Spring Cleaning event then I would assume that it will run until most of the items have sold out.


DURKL have new stuff, probably

by Andy on February 18, 2009


A few days ago I got a weird press release from DURKL that seemed to say lots of stuff about how they want to grow and are going to be at a couple of tradeshows this week, but not a whole lot about their new collections. I don’t get why brands keep telling me they’re going to be at Magic/Pool/Margin, if I was going to those events, it wouldn’t be because someone e-mailed me about it a few days before the show. Still, when I looked at their site I liked what I saw, and the picture in the press release (the one above) was really cool so I thought that I’d give you a nudge to say that they were still making some fresh gear.


Public Domain x DURKL

by Andy on October 1, 2008

Public Domain, who I’d like to think are amongst the most ‘Hollywood’ friends that HYA has got, have started to make some other friends, but not in the blog realm, they’re collaborating with other clothing labels, but they aren’t calling them collaborations, oh no, they aren’t merely collaborations, they are “Creative Alliances” which also sounds like something that needs Star Wars style music behind it.

To be completely honest, I’m not that excited by the t-shirt, I can see that they were going for an 80s look, but I think that they might have stuck a bit too much to the 80s aesthetic, damn them for being sticklers for authenticity! I think its the text that I don’t really like about it, which is weird because I actually quite like the font, maybe its just the colour palette. However, I am excited to see who they’ll be collaborating with next month and in the subsequent months after that. I can’t actually see it for sale on PDC’s or DURKL’s respective websites, so I don’t know where you can pick this up, but if I see it somewhere I’ll let you know, or I’ll forget, since that’s what usually happens.

Public Domain Clothing : DURKL


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