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nineteen 90 logo t-shirt

I know it’s just a one-colour print, but how on Earth can a shirt this nice be printed on an American Apparel shirt and only cost $8?

Costiness=$8 Buy it at Nineteen 90


johnny cupcakes eagle t-shirt

This is a bit of an unusual style for Johnny to be using, it’s not at all rare for people to have tattoos with his designs on, but it is quite unusual to see tattoo style artwork on his t-shirts. Don’t expect to see this shirt in the JC London store as it is remaining as an American exclusive, but of course the webstore does ship worldwide.

Costiness=$35.99 Buy it at Johnny Cupcakes [Mens / Womens]


Ian McKaye hits the mainstream

by Andy on May 16, 2006


(title gets me scene points)

I wasn’t aware that this hoodie had straight-edge written on it when it first caught my eye, and I still don’t know if it has anything to do with the sXe movement but its a nicely designed hoodie if you can get yourself past the cultural connotations.

The design is looks well conceived (though that eagle may be a bit iffy), and I presume that it runs over onto the back, which makes the shoulder-placement all the sweeter, and I guess you can recreate those pirate fantasies by claiming to have a bird on your shoulder…

Oh, and its a good thing those straight-edgers aren’t spending money on booze, because this hoodie don’t come cheap.

Costiness=$130 from Shop Ten Sixteen. For those of you that love 4% discounts, use the code “promo-shipping” (no quotation marks) when you spend $200 dollars to get $8 off shipping.

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