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Daily Tees & News for December 7th

by Andy on December 7, 2011

cheap t-shirts at Teefury

Looks like you’ve got another day to pick up random shirts for $6 at TeeFury.

RIPT have a Doctor Who t-shirt.

Qwertee keep things nice and British with a tea-based Call of Duty pun.

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Eboy x Boing Boing t-shirt

by Andy on January 25, 2011

eBay boing boing t-shirt

I like Eboy, and I like Boing Boing even if I have issues with some of the writers, but I do feel the price is a touch high and that it isn’t the best of eBoy’s work.

Costiness=$40/€30 Buy it at eBoy’s store


eboy engadget t-shirt

When I first saw this t-shirt, a collaboration between one of my favourite design collectives and my favourite technology blog, I was happy to say the least, to the point where I was almost prepared to dust the cobwebs off my credit card (it’s a rarity for me to actually buy a t-shirt nowadays), but alas the tee was already sold out and in just a few hours too by the looks of it. Hopefully they’ll reprint it since there’s clearly demand if it sold out that quickly,though it is described as being ‘super limited edition’ so it seems unlikely.


Kidrobot Bulgr T-Shirt by eBoy

by Andy on April 22, 2010

kidrobot t-shirt

I’m kind of closing my eyes when it comes to the price of this tee, it’s KidRobot, and it’s eBoy, and it’s limited edition, sp naturally it’s not going to be cheap, but €50 seems to be pushing it a little. So, if you’re in the same boat as me and find it a little pricey, hopefully we also agree that it’s a damn good looking tee.

Costiness=€50 Buy it at the eBoy shop (1 left in size M, and L is the only other available size)



I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a fan of the eBoy collective, possibly because it would be a strange thing to keep secret, it’s not like we’re talking about the music of Avirl Lavigne… which, umm, I sooo not a fan of… ahem.

So, you’d probably think that I’d be all over this… all over (the front) tee, especially as it is a collaboration with Beautiful/Decay, and yet, I’m not particularly enamored with it, I think that all the different elements clash a bit and result in a slightly messy looking tee.

Limited to 250 pieces worldwide, and it can be found at the eBoy store for €30, or B/Ds store for $30. [via C’est La Vie]

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Amazing new tees at Concrete Hermit

by Andy on September 15, 2008

It always nice to get an e-mail from Concrete Hermit because it reminds me that no matter how many American companies I cover, we do have some great brands here in the UK that are doing us proud.

Their latest designs are from Jon Burgerman, Jody Barton, Supermundane, Mark Taplin, Phil Ashcroft, PYKY Studio, Ian Stevenson & Andrew Rae. I also put their eBoy design into the gallery because I just really like eBoy.

Concrete Hermit


Concrete Hermit’s Summer Exhibition

by Andy on July 17, 2008

I know that the vast majority of readers won’t be able to make it to this exhibition, but I really like the way that they’ve designed the promo poster, so I’m sure you guys can at least enjoy that. Here’s the press release for those of you that live in the London area and feel like checking out some fresh pieces from some top artists from Britain and beyond:

Concrete Hermit presents its summer show ‘We Have Been Expecting You’, a group show of selected prints and affordable work by both young and established international graphic artists we have presented and collaborated with.

The exhibition will include new works and pieces which have never been exhibited before in the U.K. from well–known artists such as Jon Burgerman, Ian Stevenson, Andrew Rae, Anthony Burrill, Neasden Control Centre, Jody Barton, eBoy, Supermundane, Cody Hudson, MWM Graphics, Andrew James Jones and many others…

Prints will start from £20 – £400.

Opening Night Thursday 7th August
Press and Buyers preview from 5:30 pm
Private View 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Concrete Hermit

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Binary by eBoy [Rumplo Rocks]

by Andy on July 14, 2008

4054-2.jpg 4054-1.jpg

I can’t remember if this is a new or old design, but does that really matter? What matters is that its an eBoy tee and looks damn fine.

Costiness=€30 Tee Link Rumplo Link

*Upon further investigation, the tee is pretty new as it was only released on July 8th.

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Concrete Hermit x eBoy Limited Edition t-shirt

I was really excited to hear that Concrete Hermit were going to continue releasing a t-shirt to go with their exhibitions when I found out that eBoy was coming to town.I’m in the middle of cooking dinner so here’s an excerpt of the press release to give you the details:

To coincide with the launch of eBoy’s current exhibition Concrete Hermit have produced a special limited edition of 100 T-shirts. Hand screen-printed in London these t-shirts show a detail from eBoy’s colour rich panoramic cityscape of Los Angeles. A series of prints and other products including a unique pure wool blanket have also been produced to mark the occasion and will be available exclusively from Concrete Hermit. The exhibition runs from 9th May – 30th June. Concrete Hermit Gallery, 5a Club Row, London, E1 6JX. Open 10am – 6pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Costiness=£25 Link

CH also have a pretty wide range of eBoy’s city prints for £12, and a very limited edition (just 10 available) blanket for £180.



It’s getting told about events like this that make me wish that I lived down in ‘that London,’ (although scenery like this usually makes up for it).

Straight from their mailout:

eBoy, the innovative and seminal pixel art pioneers are exhibiting at Concrete Hermit in May. eBoy is a pixel art group founded in 1998 by Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr. From their Berlin studio they create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork. Their work makes intense use of popular culture and commercial icons, and their style is presented in three-dimensional illustrations filled with robots, cars, guns and girls. Their unique style has gained them a cult following among graphic designers worldwide, and they have worked with among others, named brands and companies such as Coca-Cola, MTV, VH1, Adidas, and Honda. They were also involved in creating the album cover for Groove Armada’s 2007 studio album Soundboy Rock.

Entire cityscapes, rich in detail have been created for London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and this exhibition sees the latest city to get the eBoy unique visionary panoramic treatment: Los Angeles.

There will also be a chance to see the development of the Peecols – eBoy’s series of toys. These innovative toys have become highly collectable, and there will be the rare opportunity to see the Blockbob prototypes and special limited editions of the figures. Exclusive eBoy prints, t-shirts and products will be available at the exhibition.

The eBoy exhibition runs from 9th May – 30th June. Concrete Hermit Gallery, 5a Club Row, London, E1 6JX. Open 10am – 6pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Concrete Hermit
Concrete Hermit Gallery
My recent review of the gallery


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