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Rapanui Summer Collection

The British Summer is fashionably late and Rapanui, an Eco fashion brand has launched some brand new prints just in time.  The prints are made entirely from organic, natural fabrics in a wind-powered factory.  They’re printed by hand in the UK with Phthalate-free inks, which are better for the environment.  I love a good environmentally friendly brand and this whole wind-powered factory thing totally tops the charts! (cept, what happens if there’s no wind? no work that day?  I could dig it.)

Rob, a co-founder of Rapanui contacted us to share some of his favorite new releases.  The whole back-story behind Rapanui and how it came about is really inspiring so if you have a few minutes I’d definitely go check out and click around their website (which is very professional looking I might add).  Co-founders Rob & Martin grew up on the Isle of Wight in Sandown Bay and below is a picture of them.  That in itself should make you head over there and check it out – look at those floating surfboards!  My surfboard doesn’t float on grass like that, but then again I wasn’t born in a place called the Isle of Wight.  New Jersey doesn’t breed floating grass surfboards, only water ones.

Aside from that silliness, these new summer designs are slightly different from their usual prints.  This ones one of Rob’s personal favorites entitled “Wolfpack” and it’s a Women’s scoop neck printed on a white tee.

I’m part of a 2-man wolf-pack and so I could definitely appreciate the name of this tee, though I’m unsure of the whole giant animal head on a t-shirt thing.  I’ve seen a lot of brands doing it with cats lately too and I can’t wrap my head around it, but either way, props to Rapanui for their humorous product description and amazing look-book shots!  The Wolfpack tee is 24.95 Pounds which is approx. $38.71 USD (quite an odd price for a t-shirt).

This next one is called “Heroes” or as Rob described it, “the Iwo Jima Wind Turbine design”!  This one comes in white or grey and also has a pretty inspiring product description.  I like shirts like this that, simply put, look like someone pasted a photograph to the front of a t-shirt.  Done right (as this one is), it can really make for an incredible garment.

Coincidentally, this is priced the same as the Wolfpack tee.  I mean they’re both done in sort of grey tones so I could see how they got that!  If you can’t get with the designs maybe you can appreciate the Wind-Powered Factory? No, alright well check out their site because they do have a lot of good quality items in a variety of styles, some that even I have my eye on – maybe if the price wasn’t so odd.  Either way a lot of hard-work went into these garments being that they’re totally and completely Eco friendly and took a lot of wind to make.

Cost = 24.95 Pounds    Buy Now at Rapanui 


sutsu summer twelve collection Very nice release from team Sutsu as usual, mixing eco-concious materials with strong, bold designs. Whilst I’m not a skateboarder I am interested in this couple of new decks they’ve released because they’re made with bamboo rather than the traditional maple deck, which apparently gives 3″ more ‘pop’, is lighter and stronger than maple, and of course is much better for the planet since bamboo is amazing. Another cool thing is that for every full-priced item bought at Sutsu this season the buyer will receive a native British tree for them to plant and grow, as part of their efforts to bring native species back to Britain after many were cut down in the 19th century for ship-building and rarely were they replaced.

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dead bury dead henley t-shirt

That title is merely a friendly jibe, I can see the point of a 3/4 length sleeve, I like wearing them, and this is actually a pretty interesting piece of clothing. I don’t find it interesting because of the design, which is fairly standard, but because the item is made of eco-heather, which is an imperfect blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and naturally occurring rayon, so you aren’t killing the planet too much by picking one up.

Costiness=$27.99 Buy it at DeadBuryDead (grey/black colourway)

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Not only is this a cool looking tee from an artist with an impressive CV (he’s designed for Sneaker Freaker, Lifelounge, 2×4, Mambo, Threadless Select, and Semi-Permanent), it’s also printed on the Earth Positive range that I wrote about yesterday, so if you guys wanted to get your hands on one of Continental Clothing’s new climate neutral tees then this is a good opportunity. It isn’t exactly a cheap tee, so I doubt that there’ll be many Americans jumping at the chance to purchase one of the 500 tees available, although to be fair to Turtlehead, Ireland is a pretty expensive place to be, and they do include worldwide postage so I don’t think they’re gouging you!

Costiness=€38 (including postage) Link



Every so often I get reminded by people just how much water and chemicals it takes to make a t-shirt, I’m pretty sure that they’re just jealous because my t-shirt collection is so awesome, but they are making a good point about how I’m destroying the planet by having tees in my closet that only get worn every few months.


I know I’m being flippant in the above paragraph, but seriously,
Continental Clothing are attempting to do their part in the global war on climate change with their new Earth Positive range. Over the past couple of years Continental have been trying to make the company more environmentally friendly, they’ve managed to reduce the carbon emissions of the entire production and shipping process for a basic white tee (size large) by a massive 89% to just 671 grams. It should be noted that this isn’t done by carbon offsetting, they’ve physically reduced the amount of gases that are being emitted from production, in part by only using green energy suppliers that use wind and solar power, using biodegradable packaging, no airfreighting, . This particular tee is also 100% organic (are you surprised?), as certified by the Soil Association, and produced under the Global Organic Textile Standard from Indian Cotton.

These steps have led to the Carbon Trust (a UK governmental organisation) asking for Continental Clothing to serve as a case study for the clothing industry so that others can benefit from their research and development, so they’ve clearly done some impressive work here improving their products.


Its quite hard to review a t-shirt like this, because even though you know it is much better for the environment, it still just feels like a normal (albeit high-quality) t-shirt. Obivously, that’s a good thing, if a t-shirt sucks, people probably wouldn’t buy it just because it wasn’t bad for the environment, so creating something that is either better than the original, or of equal quality whilst resulting in about a tenth of the emissions is a great step for them to make. I had noticed Continental Clothing becoming popular with more and more brands (including perennial HYA supporter Turtlehead) over the past few months, and I would imagine that a tee like this would be popular with people that usually look towards American Apparel when they’re picking a stock tee to print their tees on.I can’t find any information about pricing in the literature, or on the websites, but I would imagine that it would be pretty comparable to most similar offerings from other organic and ethical producers.

You can see the whole range (more than just t-shirts) at the dedicated Earth Positive Online site, and there’s also some info on the range and everything else CC at the main Continental Clothing site.

Yes, I managed to take extra pictures of a blank shirt.

42.jpg 52.jpg


I wouldn’t usually post a coupon from Spreadshirt since they seem to have a new one coming out every couple of days for various promotions, but I was a bit keen to keep up this run of posting coupons that give you 15% off, so here it is!

Here’s the Spreadshirt blog post about the coupon code [note: I think it might be US/Canada only, but probably worth a go for Europeans too]


GasWorks by Carmacazzi @ Etsy

by Andy on April 2, 2008


Whilst its pretty safe to assume that a Gas Works isn’t the first place that someone would look for artistic inspiration, Carmacazzi has actually produced something pretty cool from a somewhat surprising source.

GasWorks, Seattle’s lake union park. During the turn of the century this beautiful factory refined oil and now is refined art. I added the hidden “Seattle” ..represent. Featuring five hand screened prints the works wrap front to back and an abstracted “gasworks” text up the sleeve onto the shoulder.

Hold up, the gas works refined oil? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, or are we talking about American ‘gas’ as in petrol? Still, it looks cool, and the hoodie itself is environmentally conscious, so its all good.

Costiness=$45 Link


Quicktees: Save the planet with Bob Eco

by Andy on March 11, 2008

Save the Planet With Bob Eco

I’m pretty much snowed under with e-mails coming in from companies at the moment, because of being away on holiday and spending time not looking at my computer screen, so I’m going to start doing really, really short posts about companies, basically telling you to take a look at them and decide for yourself what’s cool. It’s not a perfect situation, but since I’ve got literally hundreds of links that I want you to see then I think this is a decent stop-gap solution for now.

First up, some tees with an environmental message from a brand Bob Eco. This Greece-based project is run by graphic designer Andreas Kioroglou, who decided to put his skills to use after being scared by ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, as we all were!

Bob Eco


Egologique by Ted Boundy @ LaFraise

by Andy on January 31, 2008


Y’know, I’m pretty sick of how being ecologically sound and environmentally conscientious is now just another buzzword for cranking up prices. Sure, put your shopping in an organic cotton tote bag rather than using plastic bags, but doesn’t it seem a bit silly to pay $60 for that bag?I guess that’s what this tee is all about, challenging people to stop being so damned smug about how eco-friendly they are… and, trying to stop people from eating pandas? My French isn’t great, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it means. For the record, I will never stop eating panda until they stop tasting so finger ling ling good!

Costiness=€22 Link

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Downtree tee @ Palmercash

by Andy on January 30, 2008

downtree tee tee @ palmercash
I’m pretty sure I saw this design being worn by the slightly-less-nerdy one on not-that-bad-though-often-scientifically-inaccurate TV show ‘Big Bang Theory.’ I don’t really know why the tree is hanging down from the neck-line, but it is nice to see that kind of innovative and unusual placement when the shape of the tree trunk really lends itself to this kind of look, even if the tee itself isn’t all that exciting.

Costiness=$18.99 Link (use the code us46 to get 10% off your purchase)

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Now, I ain’t no hippy…

by Andy on April 18, 2006


… but I have no problem with trying to save the planet and being environmentally friendly, after all, we’ve already sorted out sweatshop conditions by using American Apparel, so I guess the planet is next on the list for clothes designers. Hemp clothing does save the planet right?

It’s a pity that there aren’t more pictures of this hoodie from Hempest because it looks really interestingly designed, with asymmetric panel-stitching, and I can’t work out what the silk screening is on the tan coloured patch, but I still like it. I’ll let Hempest describe it themselves.

New Nibus hoody for men! Complete with hemp ripstop panel detail, with rubber application. Zipper opening, classic mesh lining inside. Silk screen “nibus” detail on lower back. Fitted for comfort. 55% Hemp, 45% cotton. Sizes L-XXL.

Costiness=$68.00 hoodie to be found here.


I have a conscience

by Andy on March 31, 2006


Maybe we should all buy hybrid cars?

Since that’s a bit of an expensive option, have made being environmentally friendly a little bit easier by making clothes that don’t look ugly and are laregly made of either hemp or, and I’m being serious now, 2 litre drinks bottles. That’s right, drinks bottles. Apparently they remain “unbelievably soft” though, so who am I to question their planet saving ways.

Today’s recommendation is a new style for HYA, it’s a hoody, but not as we know it. It’s a wrap hoody!

I certainly haven’t seen one before, but then again, I don’t often hang around in womens clothing stores. Anyway, it looks pretty cool, and probably kinda ninja in the black version.

Costiness=$85 URL here.


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