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Black Weekend at Edward Teabelly gives 30% off

by Andy on November 24, 2012

Post image for Black Weekend at Edward Teabelly gives 30% off

Edward Teabelly.


Post image for ‘Nosferatea’ shirt and pin badge set new in at Edward Teabelly

Is it weird that one of my favourite pictures up there is the neck tag? That little square of whatever it is people make neck tags out of (it sure doesn’t feel like cotton usually) is seriously classy.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the other pictures, it just stuck out to me. As someone that doesn’t drink tea (and sometimes it feels as if I’m the UK person in the UK that doesn’t), so the design can only go so far with me, but it is nicely done, and something that you can wear when it’s not Halloween too, which is always good. The pin badge set looks pretty cool too.

Edward Teabelly


Free Worldwide Shipping at Edward Teabelly

by Andy on September 28, 2012

Post image for Free Worldwide Shipping at Edward Teabelly

I just saw this message go up in a Facebook group I’m a member of:


Just thought id throw this out for you good folks. From now until Monday 1st Oct there will be free shipping on all orders worldwide. Go grab something from the teashop then use code ‘FREESHIPPING‘ at checkout.

Free worldwide shipping? Why, that’s awful nice of Edward Teabelly.


T-shirt News for February 20th

by Andy on February 20, 2012

hunter s. thompson t-shirt

Hunter S. Thompson makes an appearances at TeeFury.

Shirt.Woot have a fantastic Mario t-shirt today.

Top Gun meets Star Wars today at RIPT.

Qwertee turn to the undead for this Guiness mashup. I like the graphic but feel the text at the top lets it down somewhat.

A little Googling suggests that this Shirt Punch tee has something to do with Firefly.

Invader Zim meets E.T. at Nowhere Bad.

Interesting Doctor Who t-shirt at The Yetee.

OtherTees also have a Doctor Who t-shirt today.

Second Mario shirt of the day comes from TeeMinus24.

Whenever I hear Americans talking about their heritage it’s always “oh yeah, I’m Irish!” Or maybe they’re Scottish or Welsh, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they’re proud to have English heritage, anyone know if there’s a reason for that? Shirt available from 24tee.

Portal/Beatles/Road safety t-shirt available from TeeRaiders.

I can’t think of an occasion to which I’d wear this DBH shirt.

BustedTees deal of the day ($12 instead of $20) brings us our daily Star Wars fix.

This isn’t a new shirt from Tilteed, but it certainly hasn’t been featured for a long time.

Couple of new designs up for pre-order at Goodjoe.

Daniel Sotomayor is responsible for this Aliens shirt at GraphicLab this week.

Adam over at IAMTHETREND has a video review of Edward Teabelly.

Sarah Palin is getting in on the Linsanity… by holding a shirt that is a bit of a ripoff.

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love tea t-shirt

I got sent an e-mail about this Valentine’s Day inspired shirt from Edward Teabelly whilst I was away on holiday, so unsurprisingly I didn’t really get a chance to write about it before the big day on Tuesday. Fortunately for us all ET didn’t decide to splash “EDWARD TEABELLY 2012 VALENTINES DAY SHIRT THAT SHOULD ONLY BE ON VALENTINES DAY” on the print, because it still looks like a great shirt today as well, and Thursdays aren’t nearly as romantic as Tuesdays.

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brew tea not trouble t-shirt

We British are obsessed with tea, mostly, I’m not the biggest fan in the world but I’m warming to it slowly when it gets forced on me. As a nation for which a cup of tea can fix almost anything, it’s hardly surprising that someone would create a line of t-shirts dedicated to the not-so humble brew, and from that obsession came Edward Teabelly. The brand launched with 7 shirts (as well as some pin badges and stickers) at the start of December and it all looks very polished for someone that is only launching their first brand. Clearly Dave (Edward is his middle name) has done his research and put together a well-thought out launch, and it’s good to see a British brand using American Apparel blanks for their shirts even though we have to pay a premium to use them.

If I were to criticise, and I might as well, I’d say that 3/7 shirts being logo or name based is a little much, even they’re nicely done, but the quality of the other shirts is good enough and give the line enough variety. Of the launch selection I’d ay that ‘jolly good brew’ is my favourite of the crop. Looking forward to see what these guys come up with in the future.


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