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EIO Clothing sale

EIO Clothing are a t-shirt company who I can understand people looking at and going “that’s a bit pricey”, but as I have a few of their shirts (including this one worn by superstar DJ Calvin Harris), I know that you get what you pay for with them, and what you get is a really high quality tee that will last and last. At just under £10 for a tee that makes them look like an unbelievable bargain, I can’t remember them having a sale that went this low before, so may I suggest that you get on it?


BAM by Tom Lovell for EIO Clothing

by Andy on September 18, 2009

Eio Clothing - Mens & Womens - Fashion & Clothing - Excess Is Ok_1253188347719

I don’t know who Tom Lovell is, but I now know that he can design a damn good looking t-shirt. It kind of reminds me of the Concrete Hermit Logo Pattern tee, and that is in no way a bad thing.

Costiness=£24.95 Available from EIO Clothing


Sale on at EIO Clothing

by Andy on August 12, 2009


All but one of their designs are currently available for £19.95 so they can make room for some new designs.

EIO Clothing


Buy One Get One Free @ EIO Clothing

by Andy on January 25, 2008

eioimage.jpg eio2image.jpg
If you buy a tee at EIO Clothing from now until January 31st, you will get a second tee, of your choice, absolutely free!

A great deal from a company with some great tees, and plenty of celebrity admirers, most recently including Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe.

I’m actually having a bit of trouble getting their shop to work at the moment, I’m not sure if this is because they’re getting hammered by the promo or if there’s something else wrong, but take a look around because it might just be a fault at my end. *The tees are appearing for me now, not sure what was wrong.*

EIO Clothing


Top quality independent clothing from the UK, boy does it make me feel proud to see Brits doing something great in an industry where I usually see the American side. EIO Clothing are a seriously hot label too, they’re worn by people like Pete Doherty (I feel dirty just writing that), Lady Sovereign, Sugababes, Jamie Callum, CSS, New Young Pony Club, the Klaxons and Andrew Bowness (wink). I know that just because a celebrity wears something doesn’t make it cool, but come on, that’s a pretty cool list, especially the guy at the end of it!

Their latest range, code-named “Till death Do Us Party,” dropped today (October 15th) and is filled with “bright, bold garments and Electro prints with washed out, burnt out and distressed finishing techniques.” That’s certainly true of the majority of the range, although my sample isn’t quite as nu-rave as some garment. The design is a really interesting take on the traditional crest, I’m not going to claim to understand if there’s any deeper meaning behind the design, but the illustration is absolutely beautiful.

Quality is top notch. The stock tee is by American Apparel. Printing quality feels great considering how large the print is. To distress the tees a little bit they’ve cut the ends of the sleeves and the hem at the bottom of the tee, so presumably the distressed look with increase the more you wear it. It’s a subtle effect, but I think it works quite well. I don’t usually mention packaging (usually because its boring), but my tee came in a really cool screenprinted envelope that you can see in the expandable thumbnails at the bottom.

Costiness=£26 Link (As this article was written before I went to France, the tee wasn’t in their shop yet, so I will update this link at the first opportunity I get)

43.jpg 52.jpg 62.jpg


Old MacDonald, yadda yadda yadda

by Andy on August 4, 2006

EIO Clothing is pretty new to me, I didn’t even know they existed until Addicteed pointed them out last week. They do have some pretty good tees and hoodies though, with a style that is more akin to the higher-class of British high-street designers, particularly with their sweatshirt designs. Which is nice to see considering how America-centric this blog is (what can I say? I like your style!).

The tree detail on the back of this hoodie is, er, detailed… but it is quite strange that the design comes from the side of the hoodie when from my understanding there isn’t anything on the front except for an embroidered logo, it would be nice if some roots wrapped around a bit to the front. Perhaps they do, my browser won’t open up the picture of the front of the hoodie (clarification in the comments would be appreciated).

Costiness=£49.99 URL


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