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I Bridge NC by R.Hero at Electrik Sheep

by Andy on November 8, 2009


If all has gone to plan (this is robo-posted remember) I will be in bed in Newcastle having just enjoyed a great night out with the boys as this post goes live. I’ve visited Newcastle a lot as I’m half-geordie, but I’ve never sampled the nightlife (except for seeing New Found Glory, Fenix TX* and the RX Bandits there years ago, and getting knocked out by a flying stage diver). I’m also hoping that I got to visit the Electrik Sheep brick & mortar shop yesterday (again, remember, this is robo-posted), because I’ve wanted to go there for ages.

Costiness=£22 Available from Electrik Sheep


I think I name-check Newcastle way too much on this blog considering I don’t live there and only go there about 4 times a years to see family and football, but this hoodie is yet another clever twist on the classic ‘I [heart] NY design that we see being played with so often that there could easily be an ‘I [heart]’ blog.

For those of you that are unaware, the bridge on the design is rather-famous Tyne Bridge, which is a bit of an icon in the area, although over the past few years a lot of new landmarks have been erected, such as the Millenium Bridge, Sage Centre, and of course, the Angel of the North (not technically in Newcastle, but associated with the region).

Costiness=£40 Hoodie Link

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Electrik Sheep: Prefab

by Andy on July 18, 2008

[I’m attempting another gallery, this time in place of the main pic, I’m not sure if it really ‘works’]

To support my spirtual brothers on the other side of the country in Newcastle, here’s a peak at Electrik Sheep‘s in-house line, Prefab, the first half of the line is instore and online now, and the second half should be on its way soon. I was quite surprised to see that the line follows streetwear style, I was expecting the tees to be more like the artwork that they sell under the Prefab name.

Electrik Sheep

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I dream of Electrik Sheep

by Andy on June 27, 2008


I might have mentioned in the past that I’m half-Cumbrian and half-Geordie (I’m like a human version of Hadrian’s Wall!), and whilst I live in Cumbria, I do make fairly frequent trips to the Republic of Geordania, so I was pretty excited to hear that next time I make a trip to Newcastle it will be to see more than just family and football.

Electrik Sheep is a damned cool Newcastle-based store that also sells its wares online. I could try and describe it myself but to be entirely frank they’ve done too good of a job on the blurb:


Electrik Sheep is an independent graphic / clothing store and gallery in Newcastle, UK, selling hard to find brands from all over the world. We specialize in tees, hoodies, and accessories that we believe in and find inspiring, as well as producing a couple of our own brands, R.Hero and Prefab. We also hold exhibitions and give away loads of free beer.

Brand stocked include : 2K, Sixpack France, Perks & Mini, Uzi, UArm, Ubiquity Clothing, Rebel8, 10Deep, The Hundreds, House33, Special Needs, Something / Something Else, Diamond Supply Co., Prefab, R.Hero.

Free UK shipping, worldwide shipping available!

Next time I’m in the Toon I’ll make sure to swing by the shop and check it out, and hopefully get some of that free beer.

Electrik Sheep

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