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netty ratti apparel embroidered t-shirts

Careful everyone, I’m about to delve into an area that I know even less about than screen printing, embroidery (and it’s a women’s line too, I’ve got no chance)!

The amount of embroidered stuff on HYA is pretty low as a percentage, not because I have anything against it, it’s just not an art form that we see much in the indie tee world, so when Doug and I spotted Netty Ratti of Ratti Apparel when we were doing the rounds at Margin we were pretty intrigued.

The idea of taking embroidery and giving it a fresh and modern update is really interesting, using what I’m guessing is cross-stitch to create a tattoo-inspired design is really fun, it challenges what you’d expect to see from this style of stitching and I like that. Before striking out on her own and creating her own label Netty had spent a decade in the industry helping create design for Ted Baker, DKNY, and Kate Moss for Topshop amongst others, and that wealth of experience and knowledge showed through during our chat as she patiently answered my questions about the design and creation process (seriously, I needed it explaining to me as if I were a 5 year-old).

We all know that I’m not in a position to really give solid critiques on womenswear lines, but everything about this looked good to me, there were lots of lovely colourways and the designs were all appealing and wearable. The fabrics come from ethical suppliers and the garments are produced and finished up in the North of England around the Manchester area (where Netty is now based). As you’d expect, I love that it’s done in the UK, and up North too, it’s rare to hear about clothing being produced locally and it’s great to see that Netty has chosen to go down that route.

Currently, Netty isn’t selling online but is available through a variety of hand-picked boutique stockists across England.


embroidered triangle skull t-shirt by viidrio

It’s not often enough that you see the terms ‘badass’ and ‘embroidery’ paired together enough, but thankfully this is one of those times. The skull you can see on this tee is made of 200 embroidered triangles, and it comes shipped in a special pyramid box. It’s a limited edition of 7 tees for the ladies, so it’s entirely possible this has sold out by the time you see it, though the pricetag of $40 might put a few people off, though it is properly limited and an interesting tee so I can undertand the price point.

Costiness=$39.95 Buy it at Viidrio [via notcot] [click to continue…]


Love by Akomplice Clothing [Review]

by Andy on April 27, 2009


Okay, this one has no boobies, no buttocks, and no bling (I’m only using that word for alliterative purposes, if you met me, you’d know why I don’t say ‘bling’), is there anything that you’re able to find offensive about this tee from Akomplice?


Actually, I’ll cover that angle for you.

1) My photograph’s of this tee suck, so the colours are all a bit off. I’m pretty sure that it was black with bright blue stitching, but it’s also possible that it was a very dark blue tee.

2) Some people don’t like hem tags, and this tee has one. If you don’t like it, cut it off, pretty simple, really.

3) You also may not like the idea of having the word ‘love’ just above your ass (or on it if you wear your tees long), this example isn’t quite as bad as juicy pants, but I guess some may not care for it.

Other than that, I don’t really know what could annoy you considering there’s not really much else to this tee. It does maintain the high standards that I’ve come to expect from Akomplice, a quality tee that’s cut for people that find American Apparel a bit skinny.

Costiness=$32.99 Buy Love from Akomplice

[click to continue…]

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Kit Missile baseball cap by Blanck

by Andy on January 24, 2008

Missile hat by Blanck at the Karmaloop Kazbah
Just for a change, I thought we’d kick the day off with a hat. Have no fear, this blog ain’t turning into ‘Hide Your Scalp’ (hey, there’s an idea!), sometimes I just feel the need to hide my increasingly unruly hair.

I really like the use of the rubber print for the missiles and their name (in Helvetica… refreshing), and the way that it mixes with the lighter bit of embroidery. Do Karmaloop gift certificates work on the Kazbah? ‘Cos I might have to pick up one of these.

Costiness=$29 Link


Old MacDonald, yadda yadda yadda

by Andy on August 4, 2006

EIO Clothing is pretty new to me, I didn’t even know they existed until Addicteed pointed them out last week. They do have some pretty good tees and hoodies though, with a style that is more akin to the higher-class of British high-street designers, particularly with their sweatshirt designs. Which is nice to see considering how America-centric this blog is (what can I say? I like your style!).

The tree detail on the back of this hoodie is, er, detailed… but it is quite strange that the design comes from the side of the hoodie when from my understanding there isn’t anything on the front except for an embroidered logo, it would be nice if some roots wrapped around a bit to the front. Perhaps they do, my browser won’t open up the picture of the front of the hoodie (clarification in the comments would be appreciated).

Costiness=£49.99 URL


Tank Fear-oy

by Andy on May 22, 2006


Today’s recommendation is a bit special, but I must admit I don’t know how much it costs.

Akomplice seem to have gone down the classy route with this jacket, and what makes clothing classy? Stitching!

The front of the jacket (not pictured) has Akomplice embroidered onto it on the left breast, but that’s not where the needle-work ends, oh no my friends. On the back (pictured, otherwise there would be no picture) there’s a load of tanks, lined up, ready for battle perhaps. But instead of firing deadly shells, they’re firing roses, and those roses are also embroidered, honestly, how sweet must this jacket look in reality rather than photoshop theory.

Akomplice clothing can be purchased from many locations online and at a store in most American states (as well as a few select stores globally). See the full list here.

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An Imaginary Track Jacket

by Andy on May 8, 2006


Embroidery on clothing does seem to make it feel a bit more luxurious than regular screen-printing, even if excessive stitchery has a tendency to render the fabric less flexible.

The Imaginary Foundation is a think-tank of free-thinkers who wanted to “eliminate set conventions in favor [sic for Brits] of the humorous,
the abstract and the visionary”. Frankly, I don’t care what they do as long as the merch is nice. It is!

As I alluded (sp?) to earlier, this track jacket has an embroidered logo, which has a pretty funky font, which I assume is abstract and humorous. Its hard to make out from the picture but the there are two colours in the logo, my favourite light blue for ‘the’ and ‘foundation’ and some classic white for ‘imaginary’.

Costiness=$70 (free thought costs) from The Imaginary Foundation.

*Early post today because my classmates and I are going out to celebrate the completion of our dissertations (10,000 words, 1 years research and work) and I don’t trust myself to post after an evenings revelry.*


Yay, a British designer!

It’s an interesting design today, a bit different to the usual, so I’m pretty excited about it. It uses what Rosie describes as a “sewing-drawing technique” where she creates freehand style drawings with a sewing-machine, pretty nifty, eh?

It looks more like an alien than a a robot to me, well, maybe more of a monster-cyborg hybrid. Whatever. It’s still cool.

There is a design very similar in her eBay store (which has loads of customised high-end jeans), which is half the price of the one I’m featuring, but it doesn’t have a zip, though it does have two robots on it.

Costiness=£50 + £7 shipping, from here.


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