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Fullbleed hits series 9!

by Andy on July 28, 2009


I like to think of Fullbleed as being one of the Godfathers of the online indie tee store movement. I don’t know if that’s true in any way, but the store was around when I started HYA, it was popular, and I’d presume that chief-Fullbleeder Rob Dobi (as no-one calls him) was a bit of an inspiration to a lot of people trying to get their start in the industry, so that’s good enough for me.

Of course, Fullbleed wouldn’t be so successful if the tees sucked, and if you’re a fan of silhouettes then I doubt you’ll find any finer tees. I used to categorise Fullbleed as being part of the emo uniform, admittedly a good uniform, but I still pegged them that way, but looking at the tees in this release it would be unfair to suggest such a thing (not that being emo is bad, but it does pigeonhole a brand). I’m seeing some definite hints of Imaginary Foundation greatness from the increasing amount of colours that Dobi is printing with. All the new tees are printed onto American Apparel 50/50 tees. Oh, and how much do you want the climber/head tee in your life?

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Some bloggy goings on

by Andy on June 26, 2008


[Picture unrelated to anything, I just think that Ames Rooms are cool]
  • T-shirt Island has changed its name to Cottonable, which doesn’t really change anything in terms of the blog, but it is a pretty cool name.
  • Shirtlog, who had their first birthday recently (huzzah!), held an interview with Filip from Allmightys recently, check it out here.
  • Subtraction, which is a very nicely designed blog, has posted a great description of Rumplo, in case you don’t know what it is yet.
  • Atticus (the brand founded by Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge of Blink 182, though Hoppus doesn’t have anything to do with it now) and Ebtm (a British clothing site) have launched a fashion blog that I imagine British emo and scene kids might like.
  • Continuing the music theme, Ian Watkins, who is the singer/frontman of the Lostprophets, a band who are big in the UK (I’ve seen ‘em twice), has moved on from designing the bands album covers and merch, and released his own line of t-shirts with the brand name of Made In Hell, which are actually pretty good, and to prove that he’s keeping it indie and not selling out to ‘the man’ the store is powered by Big Cartel. If you’re wondering how I’m shoehorning this piece of news into a post about blogs… ummm… here’s an interview he did with Punktastic.
  • You The Designer wrote up a great tutorial last year (and I just re-found it in my bookmarks) that they’ve called “The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Own Custom T-Shirts“, that’s a pretty lofty claim, but it is a pretty good guide to be fair to them.

    2 new dark designs at Akumu Ink

    by Andy on May 12, 2008


    When you look at the designs that Akumu Ink puts out, you’d think that they were a pretty dark and brooding bunch, and yet in their e-mails they’re really nice, they even use smiley emoticons!


    AI have dropped two new designs, one featuring broken hearts and one featuring skulls, ahhhh, classic emo design fodder. I really like the placement of the heart design, the way that they rise up from the bottom of the tee, almost as if the wearer was being swallowed up by a sea of misery (umm, I might be reading too much into it). The skull design is a bit hardcore for me, seeing as I’m not a fan of impaling heads on spikes, but I can imagine a lot of people liking it. Both tees are available in mens and womens sizes, printed on American Apparel blanks.

    Costiness=$25 Links: Impaled/Shattered


    Leopard Skull Hoodie by Lipstick Prophets

    by Andy on April 11, 2008

    Leopard print skull hoodie (black) by Lipstick Prophets

    I can’t decide whther this hoodie is emo or not, Lipstick Prophets is an emo name, and the model looks emo, but there’s just something about leopard print that reminds me more of middle-aged housewives than dudes that rock out and are comfortable with expressing their feelings. Still, its not every day that you see a leopard print skull.

    Costiness=$66 Link

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    Coffee Lovers by FFee Clothing

    by Andy on March 17, 2008

    Coffee Lovers by FFee Clothing

    I’ve never been one of those ‘wake up, drink coffee’ kinds of people. Maybe that’s why I’m always so tired? Or maybe that’s because I haven’t been to bed before 1AM for a few years. I’ve been getting into jasmine and green tea thanks to my Asian adventures, so maybe one day I will join the ranks of the perma-buzzed.

    Even if I don’t have a coffee addiction I can still appreciate this tee. I really like the concept, I’m just not so sure about how they’ve mixed the two illustration styles, the way that the heart looks fairly realistic whereas the coffee pot looks like a sign in an airport.

    Costiness=$25 Link


    Emo by csj89 @ DBH

    by Andy on March 7, 2008

    emo t-shirt by csj89 @ Design By Humans

    I remember when emo kids used to dress in all black, with a bit more black on the side, and spent their days staring glumly at the floor. Nowadays they’re all about the crazy-haircuts and dressing in neon. Whatever happened to emo kids actually being emo?

    Well, that intro certainly made me feel old, but csj89 (the tees designer) has helpfully explained in tag cloud form exactly what emo is today:

    emu bird, blade, chucks, black square rimmed glasses, finding fish, skate shoes, familiar puppet, skulls, crying, pills, social networks, makeup, nailpolish, tear, eyeshadow, guyliner, guitar, broken hearts, vinyl, piercings, mascara, stab, online journals, bleed, old school video games, butterflies, girly jeans, poetry, diary, roses, and rainbows.

    Got it, cool, now there’s no need to people to post in forums about what emo is. Funnily enough, I wouldn’t think of this tee as emo, which was probably the point, its funny, its irreverent, and most importantly, it lets us know that razor blades are fun, and that’s a message we can all get behind.

    Costiness=$19 Mens/Womens

    *Sorry guys, spammers have been hitting this post hard, so I’ve had to turn off comments.

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    I thought I had the key

    by Andy on June 27, 2006

    Hmmmm, two hot girls in my promo pics for the Monday and Tuesday posts, eh? Looks like I’m really getting desperate for hits! I’m just kidding, I guess clothing companies are just using attractive people to advertise their products, revolutionary…

    Oh, and there isn’t a heart theme this week either, I just thought that this hoodie looked really cool, I liked the grouping and placement of the hearts, and the key-hole shapes really topped it off for me, I was almost in emo-ecstasy. I don’t know if there’s anything on the front, but I’d guess not since there isn’t a second pic of the front on the product page.

    Costiness=$29.99 (down from $65.99) URL


    As was mentioned a while back, No Star have a new website, and a few new designs to go with it. If memory serves correctly, this Two Birds hoodie is a new design, I think…

    The placement of the birds may be unfortunate for the ladies, but the birds don’t appear to be boobies, so at least you’ve got factual accuracy on your side in case of pervs. It’s a fairly simple design, but the outline around the birds is a real nice touch.

    Costiness=$60 Men’s URL, Womens URL



    Every cloud has a silvein lining

    by Andy on May 11, 2006

    Most. Puntastic. Title. Ever. (wait, is that a pun?)

    If you’re more likely to listen to Dashboard than Death Cab, this hoodie may well be for you. It’s got a skeleton, to symbolise how you’re dead inside, and some suitably gothic text pronouncing that “we walk alone”. Now that I’ve written it, I’ve gotta give the words more credit than I did, because we=plural, yet alone (usually) = singular. So you’re on your own, but your with someone, very clever Silvein. Btw, in case you hadn’t noticed, I have not idea what the words mean, I just think it looks good.

    Costiness=£29.99 (paypal) from Silvein Clothing.

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    Sad facts of life: It’s not what you know its who you know

    My friend Garth and I were talking about Lost networking on MSN yesterday when he told me about his friends clothing label, Paint The Stars, they offer some seriously emo-tastic tees, including this sweet Mic shirt.

    All tees are £13.99 and that includes free delivery for the UK and overseas. Overseas P+P included? That’s a deal!


    And what Fall Out! (oh, Boy…)

    by Andy on April 26, 2006

    I was watching the TRL Awards 2006 on MTV today (don’t judge me) and noticed Pete Wentz, the bassist of Fall Out Boy was wearing a hoodie that I thought was pretty cool and set myself the challenge of finding it online. It took me a minute, such is the obsessive devotion of the Fall Out fans, and some Wikipedia research then revealed that he was wearing his own produce, since I was unaware the pop-punk entrepeneur owned Clandestine Industries.

    I’m not often a big fan of plain text on a hoodie, being more of a design fan, but there is a fantastic simpleness to it. The front “love can’t save you”, the back “only my new powers can”, its kind of a emo/scene/humour hoodie, and the colour combo is pretty nice, brown with a pink lining, I’d like to see more companies having coloured linings, though perhaps not pink, I’m not that open-minded.

    Costiness=$59.95 on American Apparel, here.

    *Picture explanation* MTV’s website looks real nice, until you want to save the pictures, so I did a screengrab, pretty dirty method, but I couldn’t find another way to do it.

    *MORE INFO* Joshua from says the text is a quote from Star Wars Episode III, which I haven’t seen, so I guess I’m less of a nerd than I thought I was.

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    Mighty-Morphin’ Emo Boy

    by Andy on January 24, 2006

    Broken Heart Hoody

    I may be treading on dangerous ground with this, perhaps showing my true emo colours (I’m about to go and see The Junior Varsity, Panic! At The Disco and The Academy Is… in about 20 minutes), but you can’t deny the simple style of placing a broken heart, in blue (for when you’re feeling down), on the left breast.

    Then again, the blue they use, is baby blue! Sunshine and lollipops for all!

    Now I know there’s plenty of broken heart merchandise out there, but this is slightly different, it’s cheap as hell, costiness=$16.99, I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty sure you earn money by buying this hoody. Yah, pretty sure…

    Check it out, y’all.
    *Extra money saving tip* You get $5 off your first order if you join the mailing list.


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