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More news about Mintees

by Andy on February 19, 2011

mintees interview

I reported on the death of Emptees a while back, and also mentioned that the heir to the throne was coming together in the form of Mintees, which has Rob Dobi of Fullbleed attached to it. If you’d like to know more about that project (I know I do) you can check out this interview with Rob over at the freshly redesigned IAMTHETREND.



This probably won’t surprise a lot of you, but in South East Asia it is quite easy to purchase counterfeit goods, especially clothing. I was under the impression that this was a problem for big brands like Nike and Calvin Klein, but it would appear that no matter who you are, if you design tees then you could get ripped too. It seems that a lot of people that post to Emptees are getting ripped by people from Indonesia, Thailand and other SEA countries. I don’t want to tar all these people with the same brush, there are a lot of people in SEA that aren’t ripping designs or stealing, but it’s clearly a problem and I have no idea how they can deal with it.

Jud from ShirtFight recently spotted one of his own designs that had been ripped on eBay, but instead of getting mad (actually, he may have got mad, I don’t know), he decided to buy one of ‘his’ tees, and there he is in the pic wearing it. I’d say that it’s a cheap way of getting your designs made, but as Jud owns a tee company, I think he could have managed it himself.



First off, I’d better make it clear that I’ve stolen the images used in this post from Coty, because Electric Zombie have a totally awesome lookbook, but it’s all flash, and my screen capture tool won’t work with flash, and clearly the C-unit has some flash ninja skills that I don’t, so I thought I’d just use his pictures. Secondly, I’ve never been too into the whole ’80s gore horror’ genre (I recognise the talent but it’s just not the kind of thing I’d tend to wear), but Electric Zombie is one of the few brands in that category that consistently impresses me with not only the designs but also the whole approach to business (custom mailers and that kind of thing). I’m not alone in respecting the good work done by Kyle Crawford (aka Mr. EZ) because he appears to be worshiped as some kind of deity on Emptees.

Electric Zombie

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So you want to start a clothing line, huh?

by Andy on January 14, 2009


I’ve never started a clothing line, so coming to me for advice on the nuts and bolts of everything would be, to be frank, risky. So instead of writing up some pointers for you that might not necessarily make any sense, I’m going to point you towards a few links, that may be of help.

How To Start A Clothing Line is a blog about European literature in the early 19th century, well, if you can’t work out what that blog is about then I’m amazed you were able to get on the internet. It is written by Jon Kruse, the guy behind Mediocore Clothing, who happened to turn 25 yesterday (Happy Birthday Jon!), and features pretty much every aspect of starting your own line, from boring admin stuff to designing and printing tees, as well as marketing so that you can actually sell the tees after putting so much time and effort into them. There’s also interviews with other people in the industry.

Fuel For Design is an ebook by Gino from Color Overload. If you can get over the excited(!) marketing speak on the website, I have it on good authority that it’s worth the $37, I’m sure I read other reviews saying it was good, but I can’t remember where they are now, although Rude Retro questions whether Gino has the experience to write such a book.

The Art of Apparel. This blog is like a regular tee blog, but with more of a focus on the industry side of things, recently got caught up in major drama for posting an interview in which someone said what they thought.

Emptees. Sometimes you’ll get absolutely nailed by forum members that would rather make a joke than help you (they’re mostly harmless though), but if you want to know pretty much anything about the tee biz then the answer can be found here. Make sure you use the search function before asking a question though.

T-Shirt Forums. Like Emptees, except without the Lolcats.

That should probably get you started, if anyone can think of any more wonderful resources please let me know in the comments.

Update: I happened to come across a couple more resources you may find interesting/helpful:

47 Essential Resources for T-Shirt Designers at GoMediaZine

23 Great Apparel Related Design Articles at My Ink Blog [via… someone, I can’t remember who, if you’re a tee blogger that posted this please let me know and I’ll link you up]


XR-81 is not SKUMMIE at all

by Andy on November 27, 2008

I got an e-mail from a guy called Skummie who wanted to let me know about this cool new tee that he has up for pre-order. I like the tee, so here it is. That, in a nutshell, is how HYA works!

Skummie also has all of his old tee designs on sale this week for a very reasonable $10 a pop. Skummie Store


Cap’n Crunk by Cutthroat Clothing

by Andy on November 19, 2008

I’m pretty sure I’d look like a bit of a tool if I wore this since I don’t think anyone would believe I like crunk, but it is still a damn fine illustration, and a damn fine tee, so much so that it was Emptees tee of the day yesterday.

It should be noted that this tee is on pre-order sale, hopefully shipping in early-ish December, and that you can get a discount with the code cereal, but I don’t know what or how much that discount is.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Cutthroat Clothing

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Answer: Usually, just the one, or maybe a couple if they’re feeling friendly. The above tee however is an altogether different beast, as it involves more than 50 zombified drawings by Emptees members (I’m not sure how many, but I know that there was quite a lot of members working on this). If you like zombies, I assume that you’re going to be all over this zombies on a fresh brain, and if not, well, you probably gave up reading this a few sentences ago.

The tee is described as the Emptees ‘Anniversary’ tee, so I guess it its their way of celebrating their firsty year of existence, and it is also the first tee that Emptees are actually selling themselves.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Emptees


Marilyn Sane by RikkiB for In The Dryer

by Andy on August 14, 2008

RikkiB has hit another out of the park with this design. I really like the way that the dot matrix halftones (my bad!) of Marilyn is contrasted with the solid colours of the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt. Oh, and as if my recommendation wasn’t enough, this design was tee of the day over at Emptees a few months ago.

Costiness=$21 Buy it at In the Dryer

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Here’s something you don’t see every day, popular tee designer Jimiyo is holding a fundraiser so that he can get his latest tee design printed up. Using Fundable, if you pledge $20 to his cause and he reaches the target of $881 you’ll be sent the tee, but if he doesn’t reach that target by the end of August you won’t be charged anything, but you won’t receive a tee either.

When he first came up with this idea it wasn’t open to us international folks, but I think that we can get in on the action now. I really like this as a concept, it feels as if it connects you more with the artist. If you’re an artist that thinks you might want to follow this model, then Cameesa are another option for crowd-sourced and community funded t-shirt designs.

Read more about this story at Emptees, pledge your $20 here.

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One x Fifty Thousand Charity T-shirt

I’m sure that you’ve all heard about the earthquake (and following aftershocks) that have devastated large areas in China, leaving around 34,000 dead, 29,000 missing, and almost 5 million left homeless. At times like this the design community often attempts to finds ways to help that go beyond just giving money, and the above tee is trying to do just that.It isn’t actually on sale yet, but things seem to be fairly far along so it shouldn’t be too long now. I’ll let the designer explain the design and what they’re trying to do with it:

I thought it would be cool to do something to show the true magnitude of the number of lives that have been lost, while still celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. I decided I would make a single tally mark for each of the estimated 50,000 casualties (I actually decided to do it when I still thought the number was around 12-13k, and while my investment of time is now greater – I think the significance of the project has increased as well). So the final design will feature 50,000 unique, individual marks.

50,000 lives lost
50,000 individual marks
50,000 shirts
50,000 people supporting the cause

My goal would be to sell each of the 50,000 shirts for $20 over-cost in order to raise a minimum of $1,000,000.00. Our target price is currently $24/shirt

Each shirt will be individually numbered (1 of 50,000 and so on) on the back shoulder. Shirt numbers 1 and 50,000 will be reserved for an auction to help raise even more support.

I was also thinking that we could allow for donations above and beyond the final price tag – so if I wanted to buy the shirt for $50.00, I could do so.

The final donation would be given to either the Red Cross or World Vision, or some other relief organization currently working in China.

It would be brilliant if they could reach their goal of $1 million dollars for charity, getting everything set up quickly is clearly very important, so that the events are still fresh in people’s minds.

Here’s a few relevant links: – Main website of the project
Related Emptees Thread
Related blog post from the host store


Need a Website or MySpace designer?

by Andy on May 13, 2008

I know that there a few people who read HYA that want to start their own t-shirt lines (I’m one of them… eventually friends, eventually), so when I found this list on Emptees of website and MySpace designers that would probably be of help to those of you that know how to design a badass t-shirt, but don’t know the first thing when it comes to designing a website.

Big fat list of web designers at Emptees


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