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Post image for Mayamada’s Summer tees and release party recap

I don’t think anyone from Team HYAs London contingent managed to make it to the Mayamada release party held in a frozen yoghurt shop in Covent Garden, and it looks like they missed out on a good time if the video above is to be believed (and the pictures too). Looking at their shop I think that they’ve released four new shirts, and they also have a waiting list set up for the release of a very nice looking snapback hat. Looks like things are on the up for Mayamada.


Say Hello To The Hipstery

by Andy on September 2, 2009


Usually when I see that a website has a manifesto, I roll my eyes and may even shake my head a bit, because generally clothing companies do not need a manifesto, they make clothes, not overthrow governments. However, The Hipstery do need a manifesto, because they have got quite a hard sell on their hands. You tell them your size, answer a few questions about yourself that will help determine what tee you receive (from a variety of well known brands), pay them €16 plus shipping, and then eagerly await your tee arriving in the mail.

Like I said, it’s a tough sell, people tend to like to know what they’re getting when they pay for a t-shirt, although subcription services like T-Post, Social-T, and the Threadless 12 Month Club being successful, there’s no reason why a site like this can’t do well, especially when it looks so cool and there is clearly some method to their madness (try running through the quiz in the checkout to see what I mean). Also, from what I can tell all their tees are from the US, and with them being a European site, that’s going to save those of us on the baguette-eating side of the pond quite a lot in postage fees (seriously, why do Threadless charge $9 to send a single tee?). The Hipstery team have got me intrigued, so you can expect to see an interview with them coming up later this week.

The Hipstery


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