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Exploded Android shirt, what iPhone?

by Andy on June 11, 2010

exploded android t-shirt

I like these ‘exploded’ designs, but in general artists explode real things, whereas I don’t think anyone’s actually ever made a ‘real’ version of the Android OS logo, which makes this design from Garry Booth quite unusual, but cool neverthless.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at Exploded Andy


Exploded Hoodies & Polos

by Andy on October 18, 2009


That title just gave me a great idea for a video… now I just need to work out how to blow hoodies and I’ll be a millionaire (an internet millionaire, not an actual millionaire).

The popular Exploded series has expanded from tees to putting a couple of designs on hoodies and polos. I’d like to see the DaVinci style hoodie have a much larger print, but it simply isn’t possible with the kangaroo pocket in the way, so there’s not much they could do about that, but the Exploded 128 design is much more accommodating of that size of print. Hoodies are $33 (+$7 shipping), polos $33 (+$5 shipping), and they will both start shipping on October 29th.


iSteamMac tee by Kevin Tong

by Andy on September 17, 2009 isteammac

I guess it was only a matter of time after Kevin Tong steamed a certain phone (that won’t be named for legal reasons) that he got his hands on the iconic Mac 128k and steamed the hell out of it.

Costiness=$20 (+$5 shipping) Available from

*Wanna see David from Seibei talking like Kevin Tong? You totally do (second vid is the funniest).



I’m sure that if you keep an eye on the tee world then you will have seen exploded designs before, I’ve even featured a few of them in the past, but one thing that struck me as odd about them was that each t-shirt was alwyas featured on it’s own website, as in a website that only sold one t-shirt. That’s changed, and it is now possibly to get a plethora of geeky exploded tees from one site, which is an awful lot more convenient.

The Exploded Store


An Exploded Nintendo Zapper Tee!

by Andy on August 4, 2009


Nice find, Coty. Anyone else waste away too many hours playing this? I remember Duck Hunt coming on a dual-cartridge with the first Mario game, yep, that’s right, I’ve been a geek for a loooong time.

Costiness=$17 Available from


Exploded Wii T-shirt

Exploding things seems to be something of a trend, it was around for a while a couple of years ago, then went away for a bit, but seems to have come back strong, and this latest installment is in the form of the console that makes it okay to prance around like a tool even if you haven’t drank anything yet.

Costiness=$23 (including shipping) Buy it at


Exploded iPhone t-shirt

by Andy on January 13, 2009


I seem to be loving the work of other tee bloggers at the moment, because I’ve been stealing finding a lot of ‘inspiration’ from their posts for a few of my own entries recently, and this tee is no exception. Liz from Pop Culture Tees claims that this tee is doing the rounds on the ‘net, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else, and I’d like to think I keep my ear to the ground when it comes to my beloved iPhone (even if it did get too cold to work when my van broke down last week). Oh, and sorry that I didn’t post about this earlier, you could have been the coolest guy/gal at Macworld with this tee.

As a warning to all you Cafepress haters, this tee *might* be supplied by Cafepress, as the website links through to an ‘Exploded Items’ store (though there is just the phone on there) on Cafepress.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at

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by Andy on June 6, 2006

Well, I wasn’t gonna post tonight because a) I’ve just had my last exam and b) I am rather inebriated due to a), but I can’t tear myself away from blogging so here you go…

Word on the street is that Oddica (see, too drunk to put in an affiliate link) has got into the business of making hoodies in sweet, sweet non-sweatshop American Apparel. At the moment the only one that is for sale (later in the month) is the exploded turntable by Tony Praiva, who apparently buys the product off eBay and then takes it apart so that he can make the design super-accurate, you’ve gotta love that.

Costiness=$36 URL


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