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Graniph x Extraverage [Flickr Finds]

by Andy on October 6, 2008

People ask me who my favourite brand is all the time, and I never like to answer them since I’d like to think I have a bit of journalistic integrity (please send all samples to…), and since my moods swing more than a pregnant woman I go on and off certain styles and brands pretty frequently, so there’s no real one answer, but I have to say the Graniph are consistently in my top 5 tee brands, not that I actually keep such a list.

I’m a pretty big fan of Extraverage too, so I guess that this collaboration/commission worked out pretty well for me!

I managed to find both the tees in the Graniph store (huzzah!) for the price of 2,100 yen a piece. Here’s the pink one, here’s the grey one.

Photo credit: Graniph x Extraverage by extraverage


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