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fuzzy ink on

Nice to see our buddies at Fuzzy Ink getting on the train with this sale, also cool to see a little picture of John on there since it’s rare for me to see t-shirt people that I’ve actually met!

Shirts are down from $22 to $15.25, there’s three new designs which haven’t hit their site yet, and also iPhone cases and posters with some pretty deep discounts. You’ve got a couple more days to get in on the action, they say it’s their biggest ever sale and from memory I’d tend to agree, so it’s worth heading over to take a look.


Post image for Status Serigraph – Tees, Posters, & Sales, Oh My!

“Medicine heals the body, music heals the soul”, my thoughts exactly. Being a lover of music, I have been captured by this tee over at Status Serigraph. Showcasing just a small number of tees (it’s a small selection, but very nicely designed and that’s what really counts), Status Serigraph’s main focus is prints – and what makes it even better? Most of them are hand-printed concert posters, like the two lovelies pictured below.

Also sign up at and take advantage of the sale on Status Serigraph – only 4 days left, so hurry! Nice bunch of tees on sale (some of them shown below, my favorites of course), as well as prints on sale, lots of them!

Keep up with Status Serigraph: Facebook, Twitter, Shop
Tees $20-$25, Posters $20-$35 Sale $18.50-$29.60


T-shirt news for March 12th

by Andy on March 12, 2012

calvin & hobbes t-shirt

I’m not going to pretend that I know a lot about Calvin and Hobbes, but this shirt from TeeFury is fantastic.

This Shirt.Woot tees doesn’t make sense to most Brits because what you Americans call a ‘boot’ we call a ‘clamp’, both words are okay, but naturally I think that since we invented English our choice of term is superior.

Y’know, it’s actually been quite a while since we’ve seen a Doctor Who t-shirt, thanks RIPT.
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Daily T-shirt News Roundup for January 12th

by Andy on January 12, 2012

cthulu t-shirt

Am I the only person on the internet that doesn’t have an obsession with Cthulu? $10 at TeeFury.

Shirt.Woot are playing on the idea (I think) that Shakespeare didn’t write his own plays with this ‘Ghost Writer’ t-shirt.

There’s no pop culture reference in this RIPT design… I don’t know how to react, where’s the reference, WHERE’S THE REFERENCE!

OtherTees offer up a splattered Portal Companion Cube for the next few days.

And there’s your Doctor Who t-shirt for the day at Shirt Punch.

I’d like to see how this shirt at DBH prints, but I do love the artwork.

I don’t think this is the first time 24tee have posted a Big Lebowski tee, they must be fans.

Hey look, Loviu are selling that Joker design again.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling that weird shark fortress design again.

Made With Awesome are on until Jan. 15th, the sale isn’t on the site yet, but it will be at some point today.

Do you like talking about tees, then talk about tees at teetalk next Wednesday, January 18th at 8pm EST. I doubt I’ll be involved since it starts at 1am UK time, by which time I’ll likely be tucked up in bed. More details at their Facebook page, and here’s a link to the chatroom.

Free shipping at laFraise when you spend 60€ or more, no coupon code required. laFraise also recently hired a new strawberry, Katinka, who will be running the German-language blog, as well as handling less fascinating things like admin and SEO.

Light Design in Spain have a sale on for their musically inspired t-shirts.

Simply Tap is a mobile shopping app, if you buy a MoreTvicar t-shirt with it (and it’s your first Simply Tap purchase) you’ll get £10 cashback. They also have a number of tees on sale from £4.99, which is pretty damn cheap.

Smashing Magazine have a good roundup of free fonts you may want to add to your design arsenal.


Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th

by Andy on October 28, 2011

panda astronaut t-shirt

Very nice Panda/astronaut t-shirt from TeeFury today.

Another oldie-but-goodie from Greg Abbott at Tilteed today, it’s a really lovely design.

Weren’t you always a little disappointed when you had to play as Luigi?

Hahaha, silly owl. Shirt.Woot

Nice tribute to A Clockwork Orange at RIPT today.

If a single one of you gets the reference on this TeeMinus24 design I will be amazed.

Fairly creepy looking Doctor Who design at OtherTees today.

24tee bring us a classic Halloween design.

I didn’t like this Donald Duck shirt when Loviu first released it, and on the second viewing my opinion has not changed.

I have no clue what is going on in this Catch of the Day Tee shirt.

Nice Doctor Who design from Shirt Punch, I think it’s fair to say those guys have had a pretty decent first week.

I stumbled upon this fantastic tutorial by Natalie Jost detailing several ways that you can customize your Big Cartel store to give it features which you would usually expect to see in a standalone ecommerce solution.

Sturban are offering free delivery in the UK on all orders until the end of the month.

BustedTees have put all their fall releases on sale for $14 a piece until noon (EST) on October 31st.

Dephect are offering 25% off all their tees with the coupon code HALLOWEEN11 until November 3rd.

I’ve never heard of Kii Arens before, but their shirts are on now, $19.50 down from $35, and they’re looking mighty fine.

Digital Gravel have knocked 50% off everything, which is pretty huge, all you have to do is use the coupon code THX2011, the infographic says 3 days, but it’s now more like two and a half.

T-Post, the Swedish t-shirt subscription service, are going to stop using a wholesale blank (I’m fairly sure they were using American Apparel) and produce their own shirts, and they want feedback from you to help make it ‘the best t-shirt the world has ever seen.’

That above is a relaunch teaser for PPRHRT, I was unaware that they were in need of a relaunch but there you go, like their Facebook page to keep up to date with their relaunch progress.

A reminder that Urban Industry‘s big Halloween sale is ongoing.

PLNDR are giving away a $250 gift pack from Breezy Excursion, who I’ve never heard of so I presume that means they’re popular.

{ 3 comments } poptee pop up shop

The term ‘pop-up shop’ is one of my most hated in retail, it’s a fairly irrational hatred, granted, but I think it’s a bit pretentious when you’re just opening a shop. The idea of a pop-up shop online however, that’s utterly ridiculous, it means nothing, especially on a site like that only ever sells things in a time limited fashion. I know I’m going overboard, but it’s a pet peeve of mine so I’m cool with being peeved. At, a pop-up shop is a sale that last a bit longer, usually items are on the site for 3 days or a week, but this t-shirt pop-up shop will be around another 44 days, which gives you plenty of time to pick up any shirts you’d like.

There are some really good t-shirts in the collection that you can see above, exclusive designs created by an impressive array of designers, which is of course far more important than me being pedantic about semantics. Another pedantic point, if these shirts are exclusive to this pop-up shop, how come their retail price is $35 and they’ve been lowered to $19.50 for Fab, surely that means they aren’t exclusive?

I’m annoyed with myself for writing negative things in this post, because I like the shirts, and I like the price, which is the most important thing to consider, but it wouldn’t be HYA if I didn’t complain about meaningless things.


the social dept. on sale

I’m sure I’ve heard of The Social Dept. before, but I can’t remember writing about them, oh well, let’s fix that. They’re a company that make t-shirts for ‘design nerds’ and sell them for $25 a pop. On their own site they cover foodies, regional themes, and sports teams, but in their sale their offerings are purely typography based with a sizable handful of font related tees on sale for $18, which is decent saving over the usual price.


homage clothing sale

Homage’s Clothing‘s shirts are down from $28 each to $18 at for the next couple of days, and there’s a pretty decent selection available as well.


deadburydead sale t-shirts

I didn’t inted to be writing about so often, but they’re offering some great tee deals at the moment so why the devil shouldn’t I?

DeadBuryDead‘s tees usually sell for around $25 a shirt, and they’re $16 each over at, which is about 33% off by my reckoning, which ain’t too shabby.


Craig & Karl t-shirts 60% off at

by Andy on August 27, 2011

craig & karl on

I signed up to (one of those ‘invite only’ daily deal sites that aren’t really invite only but if you sign up through my link I get some store credit) a few weeks back after seeing they have t-shirt deals every so often and that they also have really cool design-related items, even though they don’t ship outside of the UK yet. Yesterday I got one of their mail-outs and in it there were ‘Craig & Karl’ t-shirts, now I’ve never heard of Craig and Karl, but I recognised quite a few of their shirts, their shirts which are usually pretty expensive (around $40), so to be able to pick them up for $16 a pop seems like a smashing idea. Sale is on for another day and a half or so.


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