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Simple face tees from the Facemakr team

by Andy on January 16, 2011

facemakr t-shirts

It’s funny just how easily people anthropomorphise everything. That t-shirt is a circle with two dots in it, yet I look at it and immediately know that it is meant to be a face, though admittedly it being on a site called Facemakr probably provides more than enough context for me to work out what will be on their tees without even seeing them.

Facemakr isn’t a regular t-shirt company, in fact they aren’t a t-shirt company at all, Facemakr is an iPhone app that creates avatars and is rather popular in Japan (where the Facemakr team hail from, incidentally). The tees are really limited edition though, with less than 10 available in each style, but I’ve been told that if they sell out quickly they’ll make more, and if they do, I’ll let you know.

Costiness=$36 Buy it at Facemakr


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