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Glow In The Dark Ghostbusters T-Shirt

by Andy on May 14, 2010

ghostbusters t-shirt


Costniess=$21.99 Buy it at 2bhip [via Rude Retro]


wrongwroks in Taiwan

This is a pretty crazy story. On a recent trip to Taiwan, Tony, the founder of Wrongwroks, was wandering through a night market and saw his own designs being slik-screened live at a stall, you could even pick the colour of tee to have the design on! I know that ripping artists in markets is fairly commonplace, but I almost admire these guys for putting some effort in and actually silkscreening the tees rather than just having a crappy iron-on print on the tee.

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It’s a Satchel by Snorg Tees

by Andy on September 9, 2009

Satchel_Fullpic_2 Satchel_Fullpic_3

Anyone that’s seen The Hangover will understand what this tee is all about. I feel compelled to watch it, not only because I consider myself a one-man wolf pack, but because I own a satchel (though I just call it my ‘man bag’) that looks almost exactly the same except it’s black… and my friends mock me for having a bag like that too, much like in the movie. But seriously, where else would I keep all my stuff?

If only Snorg Tees went the whole mile and actually had the strap running all the way around the body, or at least up to the shoulder on the left and down at the side on the right. If you’re going to do a ‘fake’ tee then you might as well do it right or not bother at all.

Costiness=$18.95 Available from snorg tees


Fake Knapsack T-shirt by Graniph

by Andy on July 29, 2009

13854-0 13854-1

I’m such a sucker for ‘fake’ tees, not fake as in ‘Kalvin Clein’ or ‘Louis Vitton’ of ‘Hyde Your Arms’, but tees that make you do a double-take and question what you’re seeing for a just a second. This tee does a pretty good job of that, it raises a smile, and if that isn’t a good enough reason for wearing a tee then I don’t know what is.

Costiness=JPY 2,500 (about $23.75) Available from Graniph [via Rumplo]



T-shirts having prints that make them look like other pieces of clothing are hardly knew, ever since someone wanted to remain casual in a t-shirt whilst retaining the class of appearing to wear a tuxedo (from a very long distance) the fake clothes trend has had a niche in the tee industry. If you want to buy either of the tees in this photo, follow this link, if you wanna see more fake clothes, check out the fakeclothes tag on Rumplo.Photo credit: When t-shirts wear illusions by


Working Girl T-shirt by MadeMe @ Karmaloop

by Andy on April 17, 2008


People that hate costume style tees, move along; people who were expecting something hooker based, move along; people that enjoy having a little fun with the clothes layering, take a gander at this. I think it would be really cool if you coupled this up with a blazer/sports jacket, I doubt that the illusion would be that effective, but it would still better than the ‘classic’ tuxedo shirt.

Costiness=$36 Link ($36 is a bit much for a tee, use the rep code AS7594 to get up to 20% off your whole order!)

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The only Fresh thing in L.A.

by Andy on August 18, 2006


This hoodie isn’t the kind of thing that I’d usually go for, fake vintage and a biker theme with trendy sewn on patches, but even I have to admit that it’s pretty cool.

And I wanted to do a recommendation from Revolve Clothing (just to avoid confusion, the hoodie brand is ‘Fresh’, Revolve is a store) since they’ve got a great range, admittedly it’s usually mainstream labels, and it ain’t exactly cheap (though there is a lot of sale items), but it still just ‘feels’ like a good store to buy from.

Costiness=$72 URL

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