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Feels like Glennz hasn’t released anything for a while, good to see he’s not lost his touch.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it at Glennz


funny blowfish t-shirt

I’m starting to think that Glennz can’t just be one person, surely no one person can crank out this many designs, I’m on to you ‘Glenn’!

Costiness=$15.95 Buy it at Glennz


fisheye lens t-shirt

When I saw that laFraise had released the lovely shirt above with it’s “fisheye lens” I knew I was going to be able shoehorn in a mention of Rigu, my little camera accessories shop, but I am really impressed with this weeks release from the Strawberry, both very nice designs.


T-shirt news for March 14th

by Andy on March 14, 2012

sherlock holmes t-shirt

Fair to say that this Sherlock t-shirt at TeeFury is going to do quite well, they’ve already given it the pancakes symbol.

I can relate to that, right guys? Shirt.Woot.

I think that this might be one of my favourite parody t-shirts for a long time, good work RIPT.

Firefly continues to be popular with tee fans at Qwertee.

Very nice Star Wars t-shirt at Shirt Punch.

Nirvana’s Nevermind meets Friday the 13th in this shirt at Nowhere Bad.

This isn’t a split colour shirt of Pokemon characters at The Yetee, it’s a design available in red or blue, and every order comes with a ‘Yeteemon’ sticker.

OtherTees have a shirt of Lost quotes. I watched the first episode of Alcatraz last night, I liked it, and I liked the way the soundtrack was very similar to Lost.

Hey man, I think you’ve got something in your beard.

I haven’t seen the film “Blood in blood out – bound by honor” so I have no idea what this shirt at 24tee is about.

This latest shirt from DBH is fairly high on the badass scale.

Another oldie-but-goodie at Tilteed.

Made in the Now cover the story of bloodhounds being used in the Congo to help fight elephant poaching.

Monsieur Steve is offering 15€ off your order when you spend 75€ or more with the coupon code LOVE.

GhostWar Clothing are having a March Madness sale until March 16th with all tees $15 and tank tops/v-necks $20. [via IATT]

SS12 Obey has dropped at Urban Industry.

Girl wears t-shirt saying ‘all the cool girls are lesbians’ on it to school (which ,ay or may not be the astoundingly uncool shirt above), school thinks it might be a little inflammatory and asks her to cover it up, predictable storm of media attention follows.

Tee and Toast might think about cats a bit too much.

These vintage style camera necklaces are available in the Rigu store now.

Glamour Kills logo shirts are now available in a wider range of colours.

25% – 50% off select St. Patrick’s Day Merchandise. Go green with hoodies, tees, accessories and more! Offer ends March 17th.

Who would have thought that Walmart would have stocked this “trek yourself before you wreck yourself” t-shirt?
I’ve received word that this design is a rip of a Tshirt Bordello shirt that has been around for 18+ months.

New Rebel8 has hit Street Casuals.

Here’s a cute dog wearing a polo shirt.


T-shirt news for March 9th

by Andy on March 9, 2012

how I met your mother t-shirt

Considering how popular How I Met Your Mother is there are surprisingly few t-shirts about it, TeeFury are bucking that trend.

Shirt.Woot‘s description suggests that this shirt has nothing to do with the Brady Bunch.

Whiskey and zombies, a match made in the apocalypse (and at RIPT).

An Asian take on the three-eyed fish from the early days of The Simpsons are Qwertee.

Zelda inspired shirt at Shirt Punch.

A surprisingly intricate Vader design at The Yetee.

I might be reading a bit more into this that there really is, but today is the anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G’s death, and he had a song called ‘Recognize a Pimp’ so…. 24tee, did I crack the code?

Hydro74 has one of those styles you can recognise really easily, here he is at DBH today.

Today’s Made in the Now shirt references the story of a cupcake vending machine in Beverly Hills.

BustedTees ‘Control Freak’ design is down to $11 from $20.

Cute design gets another outing at Tilteed.

Tee and Toast are gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day with these Guiness brooches.

Last Exit to Nowhere were approached to be the official producer of crew t-shirts for John Carter (which is released today, just by chance), and they’ve been allowed to sell the shirts for a limited time.

SS12 is now online at Dephect.

New Diamond Supply Co snapbacks are in at Street Casuals.

SpringLeap have teamed up with Stimorol for their biggest ever design contest, and this time it’s for packaging, not tees.

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Daily Tees & News for December 13th

by Andy on December 13, 2011

my little pony pokemon t-shirt

I don’t really understand the crossover between My Little Pony and Pokemon, but I’m sure some of you will.

Having never watched Venture Bros I’m not particularly enamored with today’s shirt at RIPT.

Nice 8-bit tee at Shirt.Woot today.
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teenage mutant ninja turtles t-shirt

That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt, just released today by laFraise, really brought a smile to my face.


blowfish bubblegum t-shirt

Really liking the style of this shirt from Loviu. They seem to be doing well for themselves, releasing lots of great designs, hopefully another success in the crowded daily design market.

Costiness=€22 Buy it at Loviu

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“Sakana” t-shirt by Lemon

by Andy on July 25, 2011

fish market t-shirt

You could easily be mistaken for thinking that Lemon created this shirt simply because they thought that using Japanese kanji on a t-shirt makes it look cool (and it does). They actually produced this design because they sent their first shipment of clothing to Japan, and for them that represented the moment that they became a global brand. Cool story bro!

Costiness=$32 Buy it at Lemon


lonely goldfish t-shirt

I was sure that when I clicked on the link to see this shirt on Flickr that it was a 2K Shirts t-shirt, but then when the page loaded it magically became a Super Superficial shirt. There’s nothing wrong with that since they’re both decent companies, but that is kind of curious (and I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine it either).

Costiness=£35 Buy it at Super Superficial (only available in mens S & L at the moment)


Post image for Ian Leino Smells Something Fishy at TeeFury

Ian Leino is a great designer, so it’s no surprise that he’s served up something tasty for his day on TeeFury. My favourite TeeFurydesigns tend to be the pop culture mashup ones, and this clearly has that by the bucket full. To celebrate the shirt Ian is also offering 15% off in his own shop (which has some cool tee and other paraphenalia in it) wth the coupon code BLUEPLATE for today only. At the time of posting you’ve got 11 hours to pick up this shirt before it’s gone forever/sold to another company or put on a POD site. If you’re an inquisitive kind of soul, Ian has posted a walkthrough of the design porcess on his blog.


Man o’Warning by Verdestyles

by Andy on June 4, 2010

man o war t-shirt

Regular readers will be well aware that previously hard-line stance over logo tees has been softening recently, and this tee is further evidence of my downward spiral into brand-itude, because when I noticed the ‘verde’ text in the jellyfish, not only did I not recoil in horror, I actually smiled, because that type qork it pretty fun. Verde Styles are quite an interesting company, every design they sell has an environmentally concious message behind it (and the message isn’t put on the shirt in a “look how environmental I am, I am a better person than you” kind of a way either) , and for every tee they sell, a charity plants a tree, which sounds pretty damn cool.

Costiness=$14.99 Buy it at Verde Styles


Sharks with Lasers by Snorg Tees

by Andy on September 28, 2009


I know it’s a bit of an old joke now (can you believe that Austin Powers was released 12 years ago?), but the very notion of sharks with lasers attached to their heads has that scene running through my head and it still makes me chuckle. You’ve got to wonder why Snorg Tees released this tee now though?

Costiness=$18.95 Available from snorg tees

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Anglerfish by Nogunarmy

by Andy on June 25, 2008

This tee is a no glow zone Just glow glow glow!

Kat found an absolute beast of a tee a couple of weeks back that really caught my eye. I don’t actually have any glow in the dark tees in my collection, but I’m always fascinated by them, and I especially like it when glow ink is used in a way that is actually important to the design, rather than just used for the sake of making you glow.Costiness=£15 Tee Link


Catch Me A Coelocanth by Oddica

by Andy on June 2, 2008


I realised that I hadn’t taken a look at Oddica for quite some time, so I popped over to the land of Odd and had this beauty staring me right in the face. Beautiful colourway, beautiful image.

Costiness=$20 (discounts available for purchasing more than one tee) Link

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Endangered Species by Glennz

Ever since it’s discovery in the waters of Japan the sushi fish has become a worldwide delicacy, one of the species is even reffered to as ‘the teriyaki chicken of the sea’. Over consumption has now seen their numbers dwindle, so lets celebrate its delicious existence before it disappears forever!

I really wish that someone would open a sushi restaurant near where I live (we get thousands and thousands of Japanese tourists a year, and yet no one has spotted the niche), then I wouldn’t have to spend whole afternoons preparing fish and rice just so that I could enjoy a few rolls. I wonder if Glennz is ever going to put out a tee that is lame, because this great streak can’t go on forever.

Costiness=$19.95 Link

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The 3 second memory is a myth!

by Andy on June 24, 2006

I don’t want to sound as if it’s a chore for me to do this post, but the clock has just passed 2AM, and I’m real tired, so I’m going to be totally unfair to aTAYLORdseign and not give them a full review in this totally sweet hoodie and copy/paste their own blurb.

Finally, slick elbow patches on a stylish hoody! This brown zip-up hoody can be dressed up or down. The electric blue fish design is simple and unique with one fish swimming out of the left pocket and two fish swimming down the back right shoulder. To top off the design we have hand cut and hand sewn wide wale corduroy elbow patches. All patches are sewn with electric blue thread that accentuates the fish design – this is not your average hoody.

Make sure you check out the URL to see some nice close ups of the fish, they’re really well done.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Costiness=$72, URL.

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I was taking a look at the ‘web-based platform for publication and publicity’ (ummm, blog?) that is Design Spotters earlier today and loved the tee they were promoting from UK label Dead By Sunday, there was a really ‘rock’ feel to it, which didn’t feel forced or fake, like most high-street Iron Maiden tour ’82 tees, so I thought I’d take a look if they did anything with sleeves. They do!

The hoodie that I’ve picked is certainly rather different in style to their tee offerings (one of which I think may be an homage to Rage/Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello), but I still like it, even though I can’t decide if doing a yin/yang themed hoodie is a bit cliche. Whether its cliche or not, they’ve certainly pulled it off with some style, those koi carp (right? I don’t know fish) look fantastic.

Dead By Sunday is still in its infancy (check their about page, they sound like good people), so everything is made to order, but somehow prices are kept pretty low by British standards.

Costiness=£40 take a look at the rest of the range here, but I presume to need to order by e-mail (if they do mail order at all).


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