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Lots of stuff going on at Fistful Apparel

by Andy on January 31, 2012

fistful apparel new site

The gang over at Fistful Apparel got in touch to let me know that they’ve released a new website, a couple of new tees (I say comic inspired in the title, but that’s largely because one of the artists has drawn for every studio you can imagine), and they’re going to be exhibiting at the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas in the middle of February, sounds like things are on the up-and-up for them. Both tees are available in men’s and women’s sizes now for $22.


fistful apparel

Fistful Apparel‘s new website is certainly clean, the shirts are laid out for you on the front page, easy access, that’s what I like to see.

The two new shirts aren’t really my style, so I wouldn’t be wearing them (unless they sent me a freebie, I’m such a sell-out), but I can appreciate the artwork and know that this is a quality bit of design, so I’m not going to rag on them too much, since I feel like I’ve spent the week telling people how much their stuff sucks.

Both shirts are priced at a reasonable $22 each and are available from the Fistful store now.


$8 shirts at Fistful Apparel, GET ON THIS!

by Andy on March 31, 2011

cheap t-shirts at fistful apparel

I don’t know when this sale started and I don’t know when it’s going to end, I just know that Fistful Apparel got t-shirts on sale for $8 and that’s pretty ridiculous.


fistful apparel

I wrote about Fistful Apparel just last week, and they’ve informed me that with the coupon code fistfulfriend10 you can get 10% off your order, sweet!


skull t-shirt

Let me introduce our company first. Fistful Apparel is part of Calavera Comics
how was created with the idea that reading or displaying art and comics was not
enough, for this reason Calavera Comics brought the world of comics from the
printed medium to the apparel form. Calavera Comics was founded in 2005 by
illustrator Alexis Ziritt and designer/colorist/letterer Mark Malazarte. Shortly
after, they recruited graphic designer/Renaissance Man Mike Houlihan with the
intent of bringing together like-minded artists to collaborate on comic book and
illustration projects.

So there you go. I really like the style of this design, and the restrained colourway works well too. Good looking new brand, I’ll be interested to see what else they can bring us in the future.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Fistful Apparel

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