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I just saw this, so my apologies for catching it as sizes are really limited (women’s S/M/L the black tee, men’s L the blue tee), as I’d guess that some of you type folks would love a piece of this. It’s pretty rare that a typography joke makes me laugh, in fact, I’m fairly sure it’s never happened,* so this tee must be doing something right.

Costiness=£10 (inc. worldwide delivery) Available from Collapse Design

* Oh, oh, oh, I just thought of one. Comic Sans walks into a bar, barman says “we don’t care for your type around here.” Y’know, because everyone hates Comic Sans?

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Across the Univers from Typography Shop

by Andy on August 22, 2008

Apparently, there are other fonts out there that people get typographical boners for other than Helvetica, and I guess that Univers is one of those fonts. I know nothing about fonts, so here’s my take on Unviers; it looks really dynamic, so I’d imagine that if this font were able to deliver packages it would do it quickly and efficiently. See, I told you I know nothing about fonts.

Hey, is this the first time I’ve ever posted a tank top? (it is available as a tee as well though)



Here’s something you don’t see every day, popular tee designer Jimiyo is holding a fundraiser so that he can get his latest tee design printed up. Using Fundable, if you pledge $20 to his cause and he reaches the target of $881 you’ll be sent the tee, but if he doesn’t reach that target by the end of August you won’t be charged anything, but you won’t receive a tee either.

When he first came up with this idea it wasn’t open to us international folks, but I think that we can get in on the action now. I really like this as a concept, it feels as if it connects you more with the artist. If you’re an artist that thinks you might want to follow this model, then Cameesa are another option for crowd-sourced and community funded t-shirt designs.

Read more about this story at Emptees, pledge your $20 here.

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Helbotica by Chop Shop

by Andy on July 17, 2008

Robots + Helvetica = Another hit from Chop Shop.

Costiness=$25 Tee Link


Huge Type Looks Sweet by Turn Nocturnal

by Andy on February 6, 2008

I’d already spotted this on Emptees and a slew of other tee blogs, but when Matt, the designer (possibly), got in touch then I finally relented and decided to hop on the bandwagon.I guess this is a bit in-jokey for regular t-shirt buyers, I don’t think that my friends would get it, but if you do follow tee blogs and culture then you’ll probably get a decent titter out of if, thought probably not a full blown lol. It’s nicely designed too, let’s not forget that, you’ve gotta respect them for that along with the concept, and for adding that dash of colour with the light yellow to go along with the rest of the type. The type which is huge. The type which is sweet.

Costiness=$15 Link


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