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Cool Ramen T-shirt at MySoti

by Andy on August 19, 2013

I’m surprised that it’s taken this long for someone to come up with a design like this, but I’m glad that Ed Fotheringham did and put it up for sale at MySoti.

Costiness=$24.60 Buy it at MySoti


I love the simplicity of this, I’d wear it over the Summer whilst I was out grilling if I could trust myself not to ruin a white t-shirt whilst I was around a BBQ and condiments.

Costiness=AUD$40 Buy it at The Not So Friendly General Store


Let’s be honest, Snorg have had much better weeks, haven’t they?

The new tees are $14.95 until the end of the week before going up to the normal price of $19.95.


For the rest of the month we’ll be posting the answers to our latest question What’s Your Favorite Burger? We got a lot of great responses and found a few new spots to check out here in New York. We’ll post an answer everyday, don’t miss out of what The Sandwich King had to say. Big thanks to everyone for supporting Mindless Tees.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Goodie Two Sleeves released five bacon tees last week whilst I was hanging out in Gothenburg, thus why their ‘Friday Five’ is late on HYA. Bacon is one meme that will never seem to die on the internet, and I’m cool with that.


Solid week of new designs from Tshirt Laundry, I’m not sure if I’d wear either of the pop culture designs but I can certainly see their appeal to others.


Post image for Sexy Oil, Game of Thrones, Assassin’s Creed, and The Royal Tenenbaums at BustedTees this week

Pretty good week from BustedTees, I don’t like the ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ shirt, but that’s just me, it has the feel of a shirt your Uncle would wear, except the artwork is too good. Everything else is just fine and dandy by me.


Post image for Tshirt Laundry release three tees that appeal to people who aren’t me

I don’t think that there’s necessarily anything wrong with this weeks releases at Tshirt Laundry, I just don’t think they’re for me. The Wrap shirt looks like something BustedTees would have released about 4 years ago, I’ve never watched Dora The Explorer, and whilst I do love Parks & Recreation (the inspiration behind the Snake Juice shirt), the design just isn’t strong enough for me. Okay, so I guess i do think there are things wrong with these designs, ha!

These three shirts are $14 this week before going up next week, and check out their $7 winter clearance section if you’re in the mood for a bargain.


I need some space t-shirt

Just clearing out some of the releases from last week whilst HYA was on a break for Christmas. Looks like the Tshirt Laundry design team took a bit of a break too because this isn’t their best work (nothing particularly wrong with them, of course).


Post image for Clever “Sushillusion” t-shirt by Glennz

This clearly isn’t Glennz usual style, but I like it, and I like the way it mixes a classic illustration with something that is completely unexpected.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it at Glennz


Post image for Donuts, COD x The Office, Zelda, and Big Bird at Tshirt Laundry

Kudos to Tshirt Laundry for quickly getting a Big Bird shirt out after Romney’s PBS announcement last week during the Presidential debate (not to worry, I’m sure he’ll change his mind next week). However, no kudos at all for the Carentan shirt, it’s a quote from season 2 of the Office, I’ve asked it before (and about Office shirts on TL too), but if we’ve really had to dig this deep to produce a pop culture shirt about a not-particularly-memorable quote from an episode of the TV show you might as well not bother and just release less shirts that week.


Post image for “Txuleta” (a big steak) t-shirt by Qhuit

Who wouldn’t want a big slab of raw meat on their chest?

Costiness=€35 Buy it at Qhuit [via OMG Tees]


mario shells t-shirt

Not a bad week at Tshirt Laundry, but I think they are all just going to appeal to fans of the subjects rather than have general popularity. Yeah, I’m sure there are fans of root vegatables out there, there’s 3 people in the Cabbages and Turnips Fan Club on Facebook.


Post image for “Autobacon” t-shirt for bacon lovers (aka everyone) from Glennz

The funny thing about this shirt from Glennz is that this kind of machine is actually not that far from the realms of what is being worked on by scientists trying to create meat-like substances in laboratories.

Costiness=$16.95 (for now, raising later) Buy it at Glennz


ron swanson turf & turf t-shirt

I finally saw the episode where Ron’s favourite steak house had been shut down and he wanted all the bacon & eggs (all the bacon and eggs), so when I saw this shirt at 80sTees I have to mention it.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at 80sTees


oven fresh dreams t-shirt

Really like this style, reminds me of old comic illustrations from newspapers.

Costiness=$24.99 Buy it at Oven Fresh Dreams [via TTG]


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