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Football season is well-under way in the US and I’ve been trying to catch a game every Sunday when I get the chance (we have pretty good coverage here in the UK). I’m not an expert at all, I barely know the rules to be honest, but I do find the game a lot more interesting than most Brits, who tend to dismiss it as a soft version of rugby (when the opposite tends to be true, because American Football players are so padded they will try to hit an opponent as hard as they can, which is why there are so many health issues for players when they retire).

Fresh Brewed Tees are clearly into the NFL in a big way, with a large selection of football tees in their store. I especially liked the 8-bit helmet designs you can see above that are each inspired by some of the names in the league that are so big even I recognise them.

Shirts are $24.99 a piece and available now.


Seven new Loyalist shirts in at BustedTees

by Andy on September 17, 2012

Post image for Seven new Loyalist shirts in at BustedTees

With the NFL back I thought that this update from BustedTees would usher in some fresh new football designs from the ‘Loyalist’ sports line they have, but the two new (American) football designs are actually the least interesting of the lot.


spain euro 2012 t-shirt

I’m actually getting pretty excited for Euro 2012, not because I think England will win (let’s be honest, that isn’t going to happen), but because it’s been about 3 weeks since there was football on TV and I think I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. I can understand why Dr. UEEE are excited about the Euros, because they will likely be enjoying the sweet taste of success when Spain lift the cup in a few weeks time.

I’m not really sure where this one sits regarding copyright, anyone?

Costiness=€24.95 Buy it at Dr. UEEE


funny t-shirts

Favourite for me this week is the Mona Lisa design, though they’re all pretty wearable, nice release from Snorg. As usual, the three new tees are $14.95 this week and will be $19.95 from next week.


Tastefull Super Bowl XLVI t-shirts

by Umang on January 31, 2012



Being slightly disgruntled by a recent visit to a sports store due to their selection of terrible graphics representing this year’s Super Bowl teams, I had to do a search for something better. The New England Patriots have terrible logos (vintage and present) and the New Jersey York Giants have the infamous NY which is clean enough on a plain t-shirt. What’s really sad is the NFL licensed selection of muddled graphics that may seem acceptable after downing a six pack in the first quarter, but really? Year and year out the the NFL has produced garbage.

To the rescue come 8BitApparel. They have a selection of pixelated NFL team graphics that may make you reminisce of sitting in your PJs and playing Atari Football. These are NFL inspired t-shirts that one can wear all season long without feeling like you stepped out of a trailer park.

Patriots t-shirt– Monetary Damage  $27.00 USD

Giants t-shirt – Monetary Damage  $27.00 USD


football culture t-shirt eleven eleven

I’ve really been into football this season, probably because my and my boys are really into our fantasy league (well, I am, but I’m winning so of course I am), and because Newcastle are still doing a lot better than expected despite a fairly poor December. The problem as I see it with football t-shirts is that they’re all a bit blokey and tribal, they mark you as supporting a certain team or are a bit of a novelty (is anyone still wearing a Balotelli-esque ‘Why Always Me?’ shirt?).

Eleven Eleven aim to change that with football-based designs that are smart, wearable, and don’t make people think you’re a football hooligan. They come from that bastion of footballing heritage, San Francisco, but in spite of the impediment they have produced a lovely line of designs, which is hardly a surprise considering that the brand was founded by Artefacture‘s Andreu Osika.

Costiness=$32 Buy it at Eleven Eleven


Post image for Epic Daily Tee Roundup for October 24th: 15 shirts!

Lots and lots of shirts to mention today, and the daily offering will grow tomorrow when another site joins the fray.

Very cool Shaun of the Dead (right?) shirt from TeeFury today.

Wait, is Supernatural really popular? There certainly seems to be a lot of related shirt for it, such as this one at Qwertee.

Last few hours to pick up ‘Get a Job’ at Tilteed.

Ahhh Dr. Mario, that series didn’t last too long, did it? Shirt $12 at Nowhere Bad.

Nice work from, they’ve been impressing me recently.

I suppose that this Shirt.Woot tee will suffice for those days when you don’t want to wear your $35 Johnny Cupcakes shirt in the kitchen.

I think that this is probably one of my favourite Zelda designs, good work RIPT.

Yeah, that works, nice stuff, The Yetee.

It’s funny the Fry & Leela romance storyline causes me to feel more than just about any other show or movie, and it’s on a cartoon, and one of them is a mutant. TeeMinus24.

Oooh, this is timely, what with the Iraq war ‘ending’. $14.99 down from $21.99 at Uneetee.

I don’t watch House, so I don’t get this, but maybe you will. OtherTees.

This shirt from 24tee misses the mark for me, perhaps they and I are just on different wavelengths, but I will keep posting them anyway since I’m sure some of you will like their stuff.

Interesting Mario shirt from TeeRadiers today.

Timely shirt from GraphicLab this week, you won’t get it in time for Halloween, but I think you can wear this all year round. Well, maybe not on Christmas day.

I don’t like the way that the 4 eyes are exactly the same, but this Loviu shirt is interesting nevertheless.

Catch of the Day Tee have nothing on their site today.


futurama blernsball t-shirt

I can understand why BustedTees have released the ‘Slam Dunk’ shirt, (American) football season has started, and the joke isn’t that bad, but it’s just not very special or interesting, it’ll get a smirk in a bar from your friends and wind up being worn when you’re changing the oil in your car (or doing something else very manly) in a couple of years. The Futurama shirt on the other hand is really cool, I know it’s simple, but this style requires a simple shirt because that’s how it would be in reality, also, I don’t think anyone has made a Blernsball t-shirt before. The Thunder Cats shirt is pretty cool, and I like the concept behind the Pantone design but I don’t think that the ‘fake band’ thing is really for me.

Busted Tees


Stickfan was born from the resourceful efforts of a forgetful yet committed fan. As the story goes, there was a last minute roadtrip to Pasadena to watch the football game between the Arizona State Sun Devils and the UCLA Bruins. In the rush to get on the road, the founder of Stickfan forgot all his Arizona State gear except for his burnt gold visor. It was not until the morning of the game that he realized he had no ASU shirt to wear. Luckily he packed a plain white t-shirt and was able to borrow a black marker. Using limited artistic skills and a dinner plate as the template for the head, the first Stickfan was born.

At tailgate that day, the shirt was a big hit for fans of both teams and the Stickfan founder realized that “being a fan doesn’t have to be complicated”. From there, Stickfan LLC. and were conceived to provide sports fans of all ages simple designs to support their teams and leave the stress to the game and not their wardrobe.

Andy: As you can no doubt tell, there’s no chance that Stickfan would have been posted had they not submitted a post themselves, because I feel that the design quality is pretty terrible. Of course, they aren’t aiming for an arty range, they’ve kept it very, very simple so they’re probably happy with it, but you definitely wouldn’t see me wearing something like this, and not just because I’ve never watched college football. Oh, and I wonder if they have permission to use those logos?

This post was submitted by Patrick Presnal.

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portugal world cup inspired t-shirt by faq clothing

A lot of clothing companies have been getting excited about the World Cup (heck, even I’ve been using my HYA tee sale to negate the depression brought on by watching England), and FAQ Clothing are no different, creating a bunch of tees that base themselves around the colour palettes of several teams in the competition. What I like about this range is that if you wore one of the tees for the next couple of weeks to a match or at the pub, people would get it, but it isn’t necessarily a ‘football tee’, it is only that in context, so you could wear it anywhere anytime without it showing that you’re a big Portugal fan, and that sublety really works in these tees favour. There’s also a couple of black and white tees that you’ll see in the gallery, they aren’t to do with the World Cup, they’re just cool.

[click to continue…]


sutsu world cup t-shirt competition

This week marks the end of group games in the World Cup, and a huge game that I’m sure everyone has been anticipating since day 1; North Korea taking on Didier Drogba and his Ivory Coast team. Sutsu, who I covered last week, have kindly offered one of their logo tees, and a sticker pack, to someone that can correctly predict the final score in the North Korea vs Ivory Coast World Cup group match. Just leave a comment on this post saying what you think the score will be, making sure to use a working e-mail address otherwise I won’t be able to contact you in the event that you are a winner. When leaving your comment please use the format “North Korea 1 – Ivory Coast 0″ so that I know which team you are assigning each number.

If more than one person leaves the same answer, and that turns out to be the winner, I will use to pick a winner, as I think that is the most fair way to do it.

Thanks a lot to Sutsu for offering the prize competition, please check them out because they definitely deserve a look.

*Yes, that is an astoundingly colourful graphic, but it is the rainbow nation, remember!


USA Soccer 1950 T-shirt by Two Eight Nine

Why must I keep punishing myself in this way? Because, let’s be honest, the USA’s football team has a pretty sweet design for their jersey, they had it on Sautrday night, and they had it in 1950 too.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Two Eight Nine’s Spreadshirt Store

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dutch federation world cup t-shirt

… but it isn’t for sale. [via The Cool Hunter]


USA vs England 1950 Photo T-shirt by Bumpy Pitch

Lightning doesn’t strike twice.

Costiness=$36 Buy it at Bumpy Pitch (currently sold out)


england t-shirt

One of the really interested things about the upcoming World Cup (it’s tomorrow! it’s tomorrow!) is the adverts on TV. Naturally, this is a huge event and companies want to capitalise on that, but not all of them want to pay for the privilege of saying “…the World Cup” so for the past few weeks I’ve been hearing the term “watching the football” a lot on TV, and it seems that it’s the same case online too. This tee (and several others in the series reoresenting other countries) clearly isn’t a legit product, but it’s just got some names on it, and in a recognisable colourway… so I think it’s safe. Last night in the bath I was thinking (as we all know, the best place to think), I should make a list of cool football (not soccer, definitely not soccer) tees, but then I didn’t know where you could get any, because footie tees tends to be a bit blokey and laddish, which doesn’t really fit in around these parts now, does it?

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Didi


Football is Gay by No Star Clothing

by Andy on February 3, 2008


I know it ain’t! I actually intend to stay up into the early hours to watch the Super Bowl tonight, even if I still don’t quite understand all the rules (what can I say, I’m more use to football where people use their feet most of their time!).Still, if you’re not a fan of football (and think that gay=something lame, you homophobe!), or see some kind of homoerotic undertones in a load of guys pushing and shoving each other for a few hours on a field before going to shower together, then this may well be the tee for you!

Costiness=$24 Mens/Womens (use coupon code FOOTBALL to get 30% off this tee for today [Feb 3rd] only)


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