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Being a Brit it’s traditional for me to make fun of French people, and for them to do the same to us, it’s one of those friendly rivalries that used to mean something but now it’s just a bit of fun, just like Brits and Germans, Brits and Australians, Brits and Americans, and well, you get the idea. But there’s nothing I can think of making a joke out of with Follow Your Bliss, a new French brand that has based itself upon the philosophy of American writer Joseph Campbell. Usually I would mock any brand for claiming to have a philosophy, it’s one of those things that brands usually say to fill space on their about page, but in this case I actually believe it and find it to be an interesting idea to base the core of a brand around.

Tees are €29,90 each which is pushing a bit but we all have to remember that this stuff just costs more in Europe, and they are using green printing methods (though I can’t elaborate on the actual process) which I presume would push the price up a bit.


When I see that Phenum have released something new I usually have high hopes and as usual they’ve delivered with some lovely artwork by Fred Quemener on this black tee. My French isn’t perfect, but I am fairly sure that this shirt was made in Spain and printed in France, good to see it all been done locally, and is limited to 100 pieces, which I think goes towards explaining the premium €35 price tag.


Is it just me or does their model look a bit like Adam Buxton, except with longer hair and and even bigger beard?

Really impressive new collection from OLOW, lots of premium goods here and I love the lookbook. Very impressive, if not particularly wallet friendly.


tete d'oeuf t-shirt by phenum

I don’t really understand “TÊTEDOEUF by BREST BREST BREST” but I do like it.

Costiness=€30 Buy it at Phenum


Post image for Super limited edition “Au 92″ photo tee from OLOW

We’re used to seeing photo tees these days where the photo takes up the vast majority of the front on the t-shirt, so this rather more traditionally shaped 4:3 photo on a tee looks fairly restrained by comparison. It’s a nice image taken by photographer Séréna Lutton and I think it works well on a shirt. When I say in the title that this is a limited edition product I am not kidding, there’s only 10 pieces available in total, so there’s only 2 or 3 of each size available, act quick if you want to snap up a tee.

Costiness=€35 Buy it at OLOW


A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

by Andy on September 25, 2012

Post image for A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

Very nice, very nice indeed. Limited to 100 pieces and available for €30 each.



Check out the FW2012 Collection from OLOW

by Andy on September 21, 2012

Post image for Check out the FW2012 Collection from OLOW

This collection from OLOW seems somehow more highbrow than I’m used to posting, but I’m cool with that since it’s really nice looking stuff and there’s no reason why HYA can’t comb it’s hair and smarten up every once in a while.


Nice video from Parisian brand Gustave showing off their latest collection by getting attractive French people to wear their shirts. The three new shirts are price at €30 a piece and are available now.


olow t-shirt

I am all over that shirt with the mushroom cloud, I’d wear the hell out of it, but since I’m not going to buy one and OLOW aren’t going to send me freebie (there’s only 30 pieces in the limited release) I’m just going to have to admire it digitally. Both shirts are €35 a piece and available now.


rawtee killuminati t-shirt

I think that when you run a t-shirt blog there will always come a time when you want to get in on the action yourself and have a go at producing your own tees. I went the less daring route of producing HYA logo t-shirts, but French blog Rawtee (don’t worry, the articles are in English) has decided to do it properly and release an original design in collaboration with a ‘creative bureau’ called Death in Paris. The shirt is limited to 100 pieces and available now for €22.


50% off at Sapristee today only!

by Andy on June 20, 2012

sapristee coupon code

I probably should have posted this on June 18th when the news was fresh, but I’m sure that if you like something then there’s still enough time to pick it up. Here’s their announcement robo-translated from French:

Only a few weeks before setting sail and join the juilletistes aoutiens and on the way to the holidays … To make you wait, the Sapristeam you reserved a flash sale exclusive: shoppez all you want, and pay only 50% of the posted price! Yes, Madam, all at half price for two days only.
So you are rather pebbles or sand, this summer, do you display in Sapristee, the shop T-shirts really, really, really amazing!

Offer valid from June 18 to June 20 midnight on the whole collection site with the offer code VIVELESVACANCES

That code will take their shirts below €10 a piece, so it’s a pretty sweet deal, quickly now, run along!


Three new shirts from OLOW

by Andy on June 2, 2012

OLOW t-shirts

Three new web exclusive designs hit the OLOW store a couple of days ago, limited to 30 pieces each (so hopefully they won’t have sold out by the time this post goes live) and available in mens and womens cuts for 35€ each. It’s interesting to see that they have decided to release three designs that are so different from each other, though there wasn’t design consistency in their store before so I don’t know why I should start expecting some now.


“Hotel Du Nord” t-shirt by Sapristee

by Andy on April 21, 2012

hotel du nord t-shirt

I suppose that with Sapristee being a French company this shirt wouldn’t be all that exciting to native-speakers, but for an Englishman such as myself it has a certain exotic quality to it that makes it more attractive to me, and the style is really nice too.

Costiness=19.90€ Buy it at Sapristee


Fuscare bring us cool tees from France

by Andy on February 12, 2012

fuscare t-shirts

Fuscare got in touch a couple of weeks ago to say hello, and I was pretty impressed with what I saw when I took a look at their store. Their designs are pretty dark, and I’m pretty sure that I say that not being completely swayed by the amounts of eyeliner on their models in the lookbook, but not to the point where I think it would put people off the shirts that aren’t usually into that style. They’re all pretty wearable shirts, I can imagine them going with just about any look, and at 19€ a piece they’re reasonable by European standards.


play t-shirt by so what

So What’s site is almost completely in French, but a few of the important buttons, such as ‘buy now’ are in English, meaning that you should be able to make a purchase of this tee even without speaking French.

Costiness=19.90€ Buy it at So What [Mens / Womens]


dadawan coupon code

You can get 40% off when you spend 29€ or more at Dadawan (excluding tees that are already on sale) with the coupon code DADAWAN40 from now until an unknown point in the future.

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