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Free Stuff Friday at Wildcard Clothing

by Andy on November 14, 2012

Post image for Free Stuff Friday at Wildcard Clothing

Wildcard Clothing got in touch to let us know about their latest offer giving people that buy any garment on a Friday some kind of a freebie, with a different freebie being offered each week. This coming Friday the freebie will be their ‘Circle of Hate’ t-shirt, which I think is a pretty big freebie since I was expecting it to be stickers or something like that!

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Free t-shirts from T-Post (no, really)

by Andy on March 24, 2012

free t-shirts from t-post

In a move that may or may not be genius, Swedish subscription t-shirt company T-Post are giving anyone the opportunity to try their service free for one month. If you aren’t happy with it after you’ve gotten your free t-shirt in the mail and any reason you can cancel your subscription, no strings attached. I can’t see any details about it on their website yet (bearing in mind that this post was written ahead of time, I’m not sat at my PC at 6am on Saturday morning), so maybe you have to pay postage or something, but it’s certainly a brace tactic from T-Post, hopefully it will work out for them.

Sounds pretty good to me, anyone going to be taking up this offer?

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Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 4th

by Andy on November 4, 2011

pacman mario t-shirt

I like the concept but I’m not too into the style of the artwork in this Pcamn x Mario mashup tee at TeeFury today. It looks more like a comic (and a well illustrated one, let me be clear) than a t-shirt design.

Oooooh, political shirt from Qwertee today, very cool, very timely.

Another old shirt from Tilteed, I’d love to know when they’ll be dropping some new designs.

Nice colourway on today’s robot t-shirt.

It’ll never last, they’re from two different worlds! Shirt.Woot.

I’m glad this has the word ‘Firefly’ written on it otherwise I’d have had to hunt out the reference on this RIPT tee.

I love Zoidberg, so I think that this Futurama tee at TeeMinus24 is pretty nifty.

I love lunch, it’s one of the few times in the day that I’m not staring at a screen. This shirt is referring to the film Wall Street, so I can only assume that 24tee are hoping to pick up sales from the 1%!

Another oldie from Loviu, cool though.

Aren’t we all always at the corner of time and space? Catch of the Day Tee.

Not getting the reference on today’s Shirt Punch design, is it something to do with Portal?

Time to add TeeBlitz to the daily roster. This $10 tee shop has got that fantastic astronaut-based design on sale for the weekend.

Urban Industry are offering free shipping on orders until November 18th to try and encourage early shoppers.As you can tell from the infographic, they’re also offering extended returns and reminding you that gift vouchers are a thing.

Use the coupon code SEPT to get 20% off your order at Enclothe until 11/11/11, who have just introduced a new hoodie and had a few restocks too.

BustedTees are bringing in daily deals, starting with their Honey Badger shirt being $12 until midnight (EST).

PLNDR have got some ridiculous deals going on, probably on stuff that you’ll regret buying, but still. Oh, and if you manage to spend $100 or more, use the coupon code 20BUCKZ to get $20 off your order.

Karmaloop‘s latest offer is: “This Week:Spend $75 get *free shipping, Spend $125 get 15% off + *free shipping, Spend $200 get 20% off + *free shipping, Spend $350 get 25% OFF+ *free shipping,
USE CODE: LEVEL25 *$8 off international shipping” I wonder if anyone has ever bought anything for full price at Karmaloop.

Buy 4 shirts and get 1 free at Spreadshirt this month.

Dephect are offering a free card wallet with all orders, and the cool part is that you get to choose which wallet you receive depending on the coupon code you use. From right to left in the picture, these are the coupons to use: CITYWALLET ODWALLET ICECREAM BUYRECORDS.

Concrete Rocket have expanded their product range with a couple of jackets.

New shirt from A Better Tomorrow.

Mental Floss have got shirts as low as $9.99 for people that like their funny tees with some smarts to go with them.

Storenvy have a guide to taking photos of small items for your store, which will be of limited use to people with just t-shirts in their store, but it’s a decent tutorial and I felt it was worth adding to the news roundup today.


Sacer and Savive is a custom stenciled clothing company. We make you a one of a kind shirt just the way you want it. We are giving them away right now just for helping us spread the word about us!!! Visit for all the details!!! You can also check us out here

Andy: I checked the link, they’re ‘free’ to people that post their banners 25 times in different locations, which seems like quite a lot to me, but then again they need to get quite a lot of exposure to justify giving you a shirt, so it’s probably about right.

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super superficial t-shirt

Super Superficial make some beautiful tees they’ve got a couple of stores in London and if I’m ever nearby I’ll pop in to have a look. They’re doing a bit of a roadshow at the moment, every month they’ll go to a different location around London and give anyone a free t-shirt if they’re willing to pose for a photo, seems like a pretty good deal to me since they do charge £35 for tees from their latest range and that’s what they’re giving away.

The next event in on Wednesday 30th March at their Covent Garden shop. If you’re interested you can apply here leaving your contact details and shirt size.


threadbird mumford design

Threadbird (which is the printing wing of Storenvy) have released the latest version of their website (2.0 if you’re counting), and to go along with all the new features (more info for each product, new quote request form) and products they print on (business cards, postcards & more) they’re doing a similar promotion to the one they did last year. In 2010 they gave away a load of t-shirts which if I remember correctly were designed by Godmachine and had a seven colour print, it was a good way of showing off their printing abilities to potential clients (and clothing line owners that wanted a free tee). This time around the shirts aren’t free for everyone, but they aren’t far off. This years shirt (above) is designed by Mumford, and you can only get one if you are connected to the clothing industry in some way, though it would appear that they’re pretty easy about how connected you are, as this list shows:

To qualify for a free shirt you MUST be one of the following.
1. Run or work for a Clothing Company.
2. Be in a band or work with bands (label, manager, booking agent, etc)
3. Be a graphic designer that designs t-shirts
4. Run some type of website that has to do with t-shirts, music, or the arts.
5. Work for some type of company that would need tshirts printed at some point.

If you’re American (and in the United States) you can get a shirt completely for free, by heading to this link and signing up. If you’re outside the US then you can get a shirt for $1 + shipping, which is still a good deal. The freebies and $1 tees are only available for the first 500 orders, after which everyone can get it for $6 + shipping at the link I provided for non-US folks.


Threadless Twitter competition

We’re getting pretty close to Christmas now, so I thought it was about time I spread some festive cheer in the only way I know how, by giving away a t-shirt whilst gaining more followers for my Twitter account, it’s like a modern day Dickensian tale!

Almost 2,000 people follow @hideyourarms already, who are clearly happy to receive updates about t-shirt deals (some of which aren’t shared on this blog), new HYA posts as soon as they go live, and insights into my fabulous lifestyle, and I thought it was about time to reward them by giving them the chance to win a t-shirt from Threadless (and entice a few new followers at the same time).

The prize is one t-shirt of the winners choosing from Threadless, and to be eligible for the competition all you need to do is follow @hideyourarms on Twitter, and tweet the following message:

Win a t-shirt from @threadless! Follow @hideyourarms and RT to enter the competition! #hyacomp

Terms & Conditions:

    Each time to tweet the above message you will receive one entry into the giveaway, but please do not spam your followers, we all know how annoying that is, I suggest that you don’t tweet the message more than once a day.
    The competition is open from now until Friday December 17th at 23:59 (GMT), tweets after that time and date will not be counted.
    The winner MUST be following @hideyourarms, I will be notifying the winner by DM, and if you aren’t following I can’t message you.
    Following notification by DM, the winner has 3 days to reply, otherwise a new winner will be selected and the initial winner will have forfeited their prize.
    The competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world that Threadless will ship a package to.
    I will randomly pick a winner from all the tweets using the service. Each entry/tweet will be assigned a number, and I will randomly generate a number to find the winner.
    The winner may pick one t-shirt from the Threadless catalogue (excluding from the Select line), or two t-shirts if they choose from the $5 section.

Now go get tweeting, and if you aren’t a Twitterer don’t worry, there’ll be another competition next week, and maybe even the week after that!


We’re offering a free Haymaker 3G iPhone slider case with any order on our site:

Just put the code: freecase in the checkout.

[Andy: That would be one badass looking iPhone, thanks for the submission!]

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charliegh t-shirt

Charliegh just launched its fall line and in celebration of its first release we are giving away a free typography tee that will be included with your purchase.

we are inspired by minimalism and typography, stop on by

[Andy: Free tee with a purchase, not half bad, and some pretty nice looking tees too, thanks for the submission.]

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free t-shirts at labyrinth clothing

Today only, to celebrate releasing their new line of tees (peep them in the gallery, rather nice), all the old Labyrinth Clothing tees are free (or 1c if you’re being picky). You pay for shipping, but come on, the tee itself is practically free, and that’s pretty amazing. Naturally, sizes and designs are going quick, so what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

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free grnappletree t-shirt

In my head grnappletree were your typical loud and angry streetwear brand, but looking at the wide array of really quite excellent tees that they’ve got in their store, I’ve had them painted all wrong, perhaps I was thinking of someone else? Their tees run you around $24, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stuggle for you to get a freebie tee, and I’m presuming that this is a mystery tee that you don’t choose yourself judging by the ‘please indicate size of shirt in the special instructions’ message.

Fact of the day: my favourite variety of apple is Granny Smith.



RIGHT. NOW. Pandycane


free business cards

laFraise have teamed up with Moo to give 2,000 of their members 50 free business cards, and all that you have to pay for is the shipping (£3/€5/$6). It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially as Moo do make quality cards (I have some of their mini cards), so if you’re a member of LaFraise get on this before they’re gone, and if you’re not, sign up and get on it!


Almost there!

by Andy on October 26, 2009

PICT2081 (Large)

That’s me with Monaco in the background, and before anyone says it, I hate my teeth.

One piece of blogging advice that I always remember is that you shouldn’t apologise for not posting, because if you have time to do that then you have time write posts of some value, but I’m a polite fellow, so sorry about my unexplained absence over the past few days. Today is my last day working in France, and tomorrow I will be setting off on the drive home to the Lake District in England. If all goes correctly I’ll be home on Thursday, so after a weekend of relaxing HYA will be back on form next Monday with a full posting schedule, not the sub-par offerings I’ve been giving you over the past couple of weeks.

Just so that this post wasn’t a total bust for those of you that don’t care where I am or what I’m doing (and really, why should you?), you can get 20% off this week at Seibei with the coupon code SPACEWITCH, and if you spend more than £30 in a single order at Disturbia before November 6th you’ll receive a free mystery t-shirt.



There’s not much more for me to add after such an informative headline, except that I should probably point out that the razorblade on th necklace has rounded edges so it’s safer than it looks (safety first!), and that Dance Party Massacre sell the necklace for $17.95, so it’s a pretty high value freebie to be getting with your order.



I keep seeing totally lame ads and signs around Philly about Valentine’s Day, usually promoting really lame gift ideas, almost all of which run with the slogan “nothing says I love you like… .”

However, chocolates are a classic, and you know that if I can shoehorn tees into the mix I’m a happy bunny. If you spend more than $20 at District Cotton on anything, they’ll throw in some chocolates from Sweet Riot for free during the month of February (I’ve never heard of them but am assured they’re good). I don’t really ‘get’ the tee, if you could personalise it somehow maybe then I’d understand it, but as is it just feels incomplete somehow; the cut and vintage-style are a pretty cute look though. Maybe it makes sense to those of you that are in love, because I am seriously contemplating going to watch Monster Trucks on Valentine’s Day (naturally excluding me from the aforementioned category), which I think is hilarious in theory, but would be utterly tragic and depressing in reality.

Costiness=$20 (what a coincidence!) Buy ‘I Heart’ at District Cotton


Free Worldwide Shipping at Roktic in Semptember

by Andy on September 10, 2008

Americans might still hate the prices, but at least they won’t have to worry about shipping costs from British premium tee retailer Roktic this month. They stock some great brands such as CTRL, Wemoto and Le Sucre, and a few others that I haven’t got excited about on HYA before.



Buy One Get One Free at Reverie Apparel

by Andy on September 5, 2008

If you buy a tee from Reverie Apparel between now and September 20th you’ll receive a free grab-bag tee of the same size and value… absolutely free!

This offer is only good while stocks last, obviously, and the stocks are looking pretty limited in some designs, so you might want to get on this fast..

Reverie Apparel


Buy One Get One Free at Thriving Ink

by Andy on August 28, 2008

I was in the supermarket today and bags of prawn crackers were on buy one get one free, so naturally I picked up a couple of bags. I never buy prawn crackers from the supermarket, they’re just so unhealthy, yet I still bought them since they were such a good deal. Thriving Ink on the other hand, I actually like their stuff, so here’s a buy one get one free deal that won’t leave you with the twinge of guilt and shame of binge-eating a bag of crackers.

To qualify for the deal you need to enter the coupon code CUST2 during the checkout procedure, but be quick, because that code will expire on August 31st.

Thriving Ink


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