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Being a Brit it’s traditional for me to make fun of French people, and for them to do the same to us, it’s one of those friendly rivalries that used to mean something but now it’s just a bit of fun, just like Brits and Germans, Brits and Australians, Brits and Americans, and well, you get the idea. But there’s nothing I can think of making a joke out of with Follow Your Bliss, a new French brand that has based itself upon the philosophy of American writer Joseph Campbell. Usually I would mock any brand for claiming to have a philosophy, it’s one of those things that brands usually say to fill space on their about page, but in this case I actually believe it and find it to be an interesting idea to base the core of a brand around.

Tees are €29,90 each which is pushing a bit but we all have to remember that this stuff just costs more in Europe, and they are using green printing methods (though I can’t elaborate on the actual process) which I presume would push the price up a bit.


Is it just me or does their model look a bit like Adam Buxton, except with longer hair and and even bigger beard?

Really impressive new collection from OLOW, lots of premium goods here and I love the lookbook. Very impressive, if not particularly wallet friendly.


“Hotel Du Nord” t-shirt by Sapristee

by Andy on April 21, 2012

hotel du nord t-shirt

I suppose that with Sapristee being a French company this shirt wouldn’t be all that exciting to native-speakers, but for an Englishman such as myself it has a certain exotic quality to it that makes it more attractive to me, and the style is really nice too.

Costiness=19.90€ Buy it at Sapristee


McBess at Dudes Factory

by Mr Four Fingers on March 16, 2012

McBess - Dudes Factory

I was recently introduced to the world of Mc Bess when visiting a friend who had a print of his on their wall. Afterwards I looked more into this French artist and found a world that seemed familiar and yet so new at the same time.

McBess sells his his t-shirts through, Berlin based, Dudes Factory where you can pick up t-shirt for €29 and they are all printed on American Apparel. There is also some hoodies (€55), custom t-shirt design builder and loads of original art if you are interested. His website does state that the t-shirt are €35, but I have a feeling that this is incorrect.

The Dudes Factory website itself has a load of other great designers, it’s slick and kinda makes me feel jealous that I’m not a part if it! I recommend a visit.


“Bulgogi Burger” t-shirt by Decate

by Andy on July 31, 2011

bulgogi burger decate t-shirt

I’m not being stupid am I? This is a printed t-shirt, right? It’s not been crocheted?

How great is the concept of a bulgogi burger? My mouth is literally watering at the thought. Dammit I wish I lived within a few hundred miles of a Korean restaurant.

Costiness=€25 Buy it at Decate


french star wars t-shirt

Just when I think I’ve seen all the Star Wars t-shirts in the world, Junk Food come up trumps with that old geek classic, pretending that just because it’s foreign it’s better (thought it is a lovely design, to be fair).

Costiness=$32 (licenses ain’t cheap!) Buy it at Junk Food


je t'aime la discotheque

If you went to a British school anytime in the last 20 years you would have heard someone say this during a French lesson. I wonder if French lessons in schools now actually have any bearing on what people want to know when they’re learning French, the swear words, and how to ask for things when you’re on holiday.

Costiness=£14 Buy it at Wasted Heroes


Après Moi, Le Déluge

We could go into the deep-and-meaningful about this phrase (attributed to Louis XV), but that’s not my place, even if I have got that politics degree which has clearly been a lot of use to me as a tee blogger and occasional van driver. Let’s just appreciate it for what it is, a really cool, very wearable t-shirt.

Costiness=$32 Buy it at Sometimes.




Ceci n’est pas un blog post.

Costiness=$24 Pour les hommes, et les femmes (avec gratuit expédition)

*I should probably point out that they aren’t French company, I just thought I’d run with that for the post, and they have some other good tees too so make sure you click through. Also, in the comments Nick from A Little Bit Weird shares an exclusive coupon codes with us, HYAwesome, that will get you $2 off your order, thanks Nick!


Around the World by Monsieur Steve

by Andy on February 19, 2009


Oh Monsieur Steve, as long as you keep making t-shirts with lines from some of my favourite electro songs on them and get naked women to hold them for photographs I’ll keep posting about you.

Costiness€25 Buy it at Monsieur Steve’s Big Cartel Store


OK KO by Kreadid for LaFraise

by Andy on February 10, 2009


I’m sure that the model being a bit of a cutie is swaying me somewhat, but I find this tee absolutely beautiful, and for something this simple to make its way past the rigours of voting in a design competition (laFraise in this case), where people usually expect visual flair, makes me even more impressed by it.

Costiness=€19 Buy OK at laFraise


Ce Soir by Insight @ Karmaloop

by Andy on February 19, 2008

Ce Soir by Insight @ Karmaloop

I actually met a guy from Insight during my trip to London, and I was impressed with what I saw, then a few days later I spotted a new range of Insight gear available at Karmaloop. I didn’t really get much info from Insight (some great stickers though!), so I won’t be doing a follow-up brand profile, but you can expect to see more of them in the future.

I seem to be on a bit of a black and white kick at the moment, don’t I?

Costiness=$34 Link

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French KISS by Tom Burns @ Lucky Threadz

by Andy on February 8, 2008

French KISS by Tom Burns @ Lucky Threadz

Whilst I severely doubt that this design will reach the pantheons of greatness that Tom’s other famous design, the Communist Party, have achieved (it ain’t got no Threadless juice!), this is a damn good t-shirt design.Costiness=$16 Link [thanks, Karl]



I don’t get the joke on this design (something about equality maybe?), as is oft-discussed on these pages my French can get me, food, drink, directions and and pretty much anything in a builder’s merchants, but I don’t really understand the much else. Still, a very timely release from the La Fraise team since Lego turned 50 recently. And if you want to see what people do with Lego nowadays, check out this post from BoingBoing.

Costiness=€35/22 Links: hoodie/Tee



When I first looked at this tee I thought “aha, you’re not getting me this time, Faircliff, this t-shirt is all about going to the beach!” Then I sat back, impressed with my ability to understand the French language, although admittedly the bucket and spade was pretty helpful. Oh, Andy. Andy, Andy, Andy, how wrong you were!’Sous les pavés, la plage’ translated into English means ‘beneath the pavement, the beach.’ This was a popular slogan used by student rioters in Paris back in 1968. The rioters would smash up paving stones so that they would have something to throw at the police, underneath the paving was a layer of sand, and what do you find at the beach… sand! Yes, even when they’re throwing rocks at each other, the French still managed to get poetic about matters.

This tee isn’t necessarily for sale, but if you’d like one of Simon’s hand-painted tees drop me an e-mail using the contact form and I’ll get a message to him via my friend Richard.


Rabbit Sanctuary by Angry Retail

by Andy on February 1, 2008

Rabbit Sanctuary by Angry Retail

I think I like this tee, but its just so hard to tell when the picture above is all that I have to go on. When a tee has some large text on it, that would be fine, but this tee is made up of lots of little elements, it practically begs for a few close ups so that you can actually see what you’re buying. If I were to open a tee store, I would ensure that there were loads of pictures for each tee, just like in my reviews, because people are more likely to buy things when you can actually see what it is they’re trying to buy.But the colourway is clearly quite nice, people don’t usually put red and gray together on a tee, but I think it really works in this case, and the illustration looks like quite a lot of fun.

Costiness=€20 Link (only available in XL)


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