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Series 14 drops at Fullbleed

by Andy on July 10, 2013

If there’s one designer out there that has managed to carve out his own style, and have a massive influence on others at the same time, it’s Rob Dobi, the man behind Fullbleed. You look at a tee and you know it’s his, he just has that kind of consistency across different series of tees, each new set of designs being like an evolution from the last.

I’d wear everything in this release, you can’t do much better than that, and at $18 a piece they’re priced reasonably too.

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fullbleed coupon code

When it comes to indie clothing brands, Fullbleed has seen many come and seen many go, but I think we’re all glad that FB has stuck around. Use code 8YEARS from now until Saturday for 10% off anything in store.


Post image for T-Shirt Review of Catalyst from Fullbleed and Happy Birthday, Rob!

Fullbleed is a well known name around the t-shirt community and everywhere for that matter, and if you haven’t heard of Rob Dobi, the man behind Fullbleed, and the wonderful tees he creates, then you’re really missing out. Extremely happy (and lucky) was I to be the one to receive a tee to review, The Catalyst, one of nine new tees from Fullbleed’s Series 12 now available – Liam, one of  HYA’s very own, blogged about the new line, take a peek if you haven’t already! Another fun fact, it’s Rob Dobi’s birthday! Happy Birthday to you Rob, and shouldn’t you be the one getting presents, instead of me – this tee is a gift, that’s for sure, and it lives in my favorite t-shirt pile from now on.

So, when the tee arrived, I ripped open the package, took out the t-shirt and just admired – the usual routine, but with this tee, a lot of things jumped out to me as special (it’s like Fullbleed knew exactly what I like.) I was eager to put it on; super soft, vintage black, tri-blend, what’s not to love? But before I put it on, I did admire it up close and personal – it smells very nice (I might be odd, but that’s always a plus to me), the print, even up close, is flawless and the ink is quite soft right out of the package. I then put it on and it fit like a dream… like most tri-blends, it moves with you and never feels stiff or uncomfortable. I love it when a tee company makes tri-blends available, because I know quite a few other t-shirt collectors/fans that would agree that tri-blends are their preferred blank. Fullbleed definitely is one of those companies – offering tri-blends, as well as 50/50s, which are almost as good, in my opinion. A nice added touch is the custom tag silk-screened directly on the tee; printed boldly and clearly is the logo, the size of the tee, how to care for it, website, all the basics while adding “Garment made and printed sweatshop free in the USA”, which is a lovely bit of information for the customer that cares.

Not only do I find the fit and print to be spot on, I grow more and more attached to the actual design. Nothing is more gorgeous to me than a black tee with a combined blue and red design – those colors on the dark background pop and become bright and beautiful… but the center of attention has to be the burst of white. Thoughtfully placed within the design, it’s sparks of light reflect to reveal the figure welding to create the glow, who quite possibly could be the “catalyst” as the title suggests or maybe more as I am not quite familiar with welding, but from what I know it can be dangerous. I feel as though my eyes go straight to the figure, working hard to create a stunning, burst of light, then my eyes expand to the lovely explosions that are reminiscent of fireworks – it’s as though I can see them still exploding and this is just a snapshot of something immense that is taking place. I admire the message that such a dangerous and challenging action such as welding, can create something rewarding and gorgeous and, not only that, I admire the shape that the sparks and the composition are making as a whole; it almost results into a shape of a heart that hugs the body just right – but that might just be me seeing hearts, because I obviously love this tee so much.

As you can tell, I really appreciate this t-shirt and undoubtedly am a fan of FullBleed. I recommend owning a tee (or two, or three) from him, because it’s clear to me Rob Dobi loves what he does and I can tell through the work and detail in each design, as well as the quality and my experience as a whole with this tee.

Keep in touch with Fullbleed: Twitter, Facebook, Blog

Oh and one last thing, remember to wish Rob a Happy Birthday!


FullBleed Series 12

by Liam_Hodgeon on March 29, 2012

FullBleed is a brand bursting with conceptual T-shirts and the brand that is probably doing the conceptual T-shirt the best! Individually each and every t-shirt over in their store is well thought out and well executed, while collectively they hold a strong theme and visual identity that is recognisable a mile off, and FullBleed series 12 is no different!

FullBleed Series 12

The latest series consists of 9 new T-shirts as well as 2 new silkscreened prints. With this release I’d say that owner and designer, Rob Dobi, is further confirming that FullBleed does the conceptual T-shirt like no other, with a truly awesome new range.

I’ve got to say, as it stands, I don’t’ have anything from FullBleed, but with this range I think I may end up picking up the ‘Curiosity’ T-shirt and maybe even the ‘Rough Flight’ tee from the previous range since I have a bit of a soft spot for quirky skull T-shirts!

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Daily Tees & News for November 6th

by Andy on November 6, 2011

doctor who t-shirt

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more Doctor Who references on one shirt, you win, TeeFury!

Qwertee have a Lord Of The Rings t-shirt for us today.

Shirt.Woot have a Pacman design that has better graphics than the original Pacman.

RIPT ensure that the Doctor Who:Star Wars balance is maintained.

24tee also share my love of cheap noodles. That said, when you get real ramen it is pretty amazing.

Ahhh, Loviu, the old switcheroo!

Really, really nice Boardwalk Empire x Monopoly mashup today at Shirt Punch.

Some brand I’ve never heard of called Venus Falls released their Fall collection recently and it looks pretty nice.

Rob Dobi has redesigned a few of his old Fullbleed shirts, including the one above.

410BC released a large collection of new tees last week, though the Mintees crowd have noticed that a lot of the designs are simply public domain images on shirts, which just doesn’t feel like the 410BC way to me.

Everything has got 20% off at Outcry Apparel for a limited time. How limited? I have no idea.

One ad space has become available on HYA at the price of $19 per month. All other spaces are currently sold out but there will be some other opportunities opening up this month so get on the waiting list if you are interested.

WinkyBoo have got a massive 50% off coupon code live at the moment. Use code WINKYMUSIC to receive the discount.

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rob dobi fullbleed interview

Dobi is always good value in an interview and this one conducted by I Am The Trend is no exception. It covers the Series 11 release from Fullbleed, the launch, growth and evolution of Mintees (his replacement for Emptees), and also offers advice for people thinking about running their own lines, and if there’s anyone that you should be getting advice from, it’s Rob.


Fullbleed Series 11 Available Now

by Andy on June 10, 2011

fullbleed series 11

You gotta love Fullbleed, always comes up with the goods.


fullbleed teaser promo

What a delightful teaser image from Fullbleed.

Anyone want to take bets on whether I forget to post about the new line?


fullbleed sale

Strictly speaking this isn’t a Black Friday sale from Fullbleed, but if you’ve got tees on sale this week for $8 a pop, it might as well be. The tees are all on their last pressing, so if you’ve had your eye on one of them for a few months (years, possibly) but never got around to buying it, now is the time because it’s your last chance to pick up these designs.


Three fresh monochromatic tees at Fullbleed

by Andy on November 23, 2010

fullbleed t-shirts

I thought we’d take a break from Black Friday madness to remind ourselves that it’s not all about sales this week, it just feels like it is. Mr. Dobi (Fullbleed founder) is clearly concerned about whether people will like monochromatic designs, I do, and I think you will too, especially as they’re all printed onto tri-blend AA shirts, which I personally love, I wish more people printed onto tri-blends. Each shirt is priced at $20.

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troubled water white charity t-shirt by fullbleed

A portion of the sales from this tee will go towards helping wildlife affect by the BP Oil Disaster.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Fullbleed


fullbleed series 10

Series 10… does that mean that Fullbleed is 10 years old? If so, wow, and well done Mr. Rob Dobi.


Gateway by Rob Dobi at Design By Humans

by Andy on January 27, 2010

Post image for Gateway by Rob Dobi at Design By Humans

Looking at this shirt, you wouldn’t necessarily think of Fullbleed, Dobi’s regular creative outlet (as far as tees go), it would probably be more likely that Imaginary Foundation came to mind for most of you when looking at this tee that he subbed to Design By Humans. The man has raaaaange!

Costiness=$19 Available from Design By Humans

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That title is ridiculously long, if I’m going to keep doing these deal posts I’m going to have to work out a different way of doing the titles.


10% off everything at Fullbleed for the rest of the month.


Snakes & Suits released a new line fairly recently, and now you can get 20% off it, and anything else in their store, by using the coupon code HOLIDAY2009.


Some tees for $15-18, wallets for $30 at Resist Today, and there’s a free tote bag for every order over $50.


For the rest of the month get 20% off at Skilla Fashion with the coupon code SKTHANKS.


LadyUmbrella aren’t quite ready for the spotlight yet (they haven’t opened their store), but they do have a cool tee (women’s sizes only) that is discounted for pre-sale.

Hoodies for Women at - Womens Hoodies - Girls Hoodies - Hoody - Hoodie - Women's Urban, Streetwear, Surf, Skate, Designer Hoodies (hoody) and Sweatshirts_1260535188800

25% off everything that isn’t already discounted at with the coupon code newsletter.

Imperfect Articles - Store_1260535984389

Free shipping (internationally too!) at Imperfect Articles until December 20th.


You guys are smart so I’m sure you’ll be able to manage the French in this post, especially since Grafitee are giving away 25 shirts.


Free shipping at Bernos for the rest of the month.


All tees €20 at French label Dandycore.

Print Brigade — Home_1260536793588

20% off from now until Christmas with the coupon code xmas at Print Brigade.


25% off at Fullbleed today only

by Andy on November 27, 2009


No need for a coupon code, the discounts are already applied.


Fullbleed hits series 9!

by Andy on July 28, 2009


I like to think of Fullbleed as being one of the Godfathers of the online indie tee store movement. I don’t know if that’s true in any way, but the store was around when I started HYA, it was popular, and I’d presume that chief-Fullbleeder Rob Dobi (as no-one calls him) was a bit of an inspiration to a lot of people trying to get their start in the industry, so that’s good enough for me.

Of course, Fullbleed wouldn’t be so successful if the tees sucked, and if you’re a fan of silhouettes then I doubt you’ll find any finer tees. I used to categorise Fullbleed as being part of the emo uniform, admittedly a good uniform, but I still pegged them that way, but looking at the tees in this release it would be unfair to suggest such a thing (not that being emo is bad, but it does pigeonhole a brand). I’m seeing some definite hints of Imaginary Foundation greatness from the increasing amount of colours that Dobi is printing with. All the new tees are printed onto American Apparel 50/50 tees. Oh, and how much do you want the climber/head tee in your life?

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14 Tees That You Should Wear on Valentines

by Andy on February 6, 2008

If you’ve got a date for Valentine’s Day (not me… sigh) then you’ve got to be very careful about what you wear. I guess if you guys are taking your girl to a fancy restaurant then t-shirts might not necessarily be part of your dress code, but some of you might be taking the more casual approach, in which case one of these tees might be right up your alley. As usual for my lists, they aren’t in any particular order, and I know there’s a lot more romantic tees out there but I really thought it would be best to keep this list to the appropriate figure of 14 items. Affiliate links are marked with a *.

puppet in love by threadless

1. Only a few left at time of writing but a damned nice design. $15 Link*


2. Come on, it’s Ralph! $17.99 Link*

infinite love t-shirt by nuda tees

3. Here’s one for those of you that love math, and really, who doesn’t love math? $12 Link

free hugs t-shirt by snorg tees

4. Admittedly, this one is kinda on the edge, perhaps best worn if you haven’t got a date but are just desperate for a sweet embrace from a stranger. $13.95 Link*


5. As they say “nothing says friendship and commitment like a t-shirt …seriously, nothing.” $10 Link

secret kisses glow in the dark t-shirt by diesel sweeties

6. This is probably the best use of glow-in-the-dark ink that I’ve ever seen, a heart shaped speech-bubble during the day, a not-as-cheesy-as-you’d-expect line at night. $18 Link


7. A cactus and a balloon; if they really love each other, I’m sure they can work it out. $15 Link*


8. Great idea from the La Fraise team, and they’d probably look pretty good as single tees too (more designs for couples are in their shop). €22 Mens/Womens

let’s bee friends by snorg tees

9. Clearly, I’m a sucker for tees based upon anything that has come out of the mouth of Ralph Wiggum! $14.95 Link*

heartis tee by penny arcade

10. A heart made out of tetris pieces? Awesome! $17.99 Link


11. Since most of the tees I’ve picked tend to be a bit cutesy, I thought I’d rock it up a bit with this detailed design from FFee Clothing. $25 Link


12. A really great idea from the ThinkGeek crew, the closer the two tees are the more hearts light up. Unfortunately these are sold out until about March/April, but I just had to put them on the list. $24.99 (each) Link


13. Simple, but pretty funny, it could do with some ThinkGeek trickery to make it change depending on your mood though. $12 Link


14. It just wouldn’t be a decent list if I didn’t give the emo kids some love with this design from Rob Dobi’s Fullbleed. $16 Link

Now go out there and make some magic happen!


Ummm… gnarley?

by Andy on September 18, 2006

First things first, this is totally, totally stolen inspired by a post from Teees last week.

I always used to think of Fullbleed as selling clothes for emo kids (though that wouldn’t be a bad thing), but their latest season seems to be a lot broader (i.e. less depressing), and there’s some gems in there.

This hoodie is a prime example, because, y’know, it’s totally awesome. That said, I’m not too sure that the pose of the surfers is all that well designed, it looks a bit stuck onto the bombs. But the printing over the zip is very well done, the size and placement (trailing down to the right) looks great, especially since it is going across the pocket. I like the way that the image takes little notice of the limitations that are placed on it by the pockets and zips, allowing for a larger image to be used, and when you’re using the sky in a design you often want to give a large sense of scale.

Costiness=$30 on American Apparel URL


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