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Post image for Mechanic Industries combines magic and gambling

Most people I know have a sideline these days. It might be that they clean cars on weekends from their day job; others might enjoy going to horse tracks and becoming a part-time professional gambler. So it’s encouraging to see a t-shirt designer who has a sideline too. We got an email from Jimmy K at Mechanic Industries explaining how his day job parlayed into a sideline (which then transformed into a tee brand. Stick with me!):

A Mechanic is a card cheat that utilizes advanced sleight-of-hand techniques to gain advantage over their opponents. Mechanic Industries give magicians the competitive edge with an arsenal of premium products. This advanced product line taps into the very essence of what Magic & Gambling is all about – advantage.
Appearing in June of 2012, Mechanic Industries Ltd is based in the UK and specializes in the design and production of the highest quality gaming & gambling products for use by magicians, flourishers, poker enthusiasts and avid gambling fans alike. We are fanatical card magicians, poker players and leading designers. It is our aim to become the premium retailer for all things magic and gaming. 
So of course it makes perfect sense for them to start designing t-shirts too. There’s only the one design at the minute (‘Work Wear’, £24.99) but I like it, and it comes in three different colours. These guys might be a brand to watch in the future.


Villainplanet – a new poker themed brand

by Andy on September 2, 2011

poker t-shirt

When I think of t-shirt brands that are targeting poker players my expectations are generally not very high, I feel like most poker shirts are aimed at bros rather than the design crowd. Thankfully Villainplanet don’t fall into that crowd, which is possibly due to them being a European brand, and I don’t think that they really have ‘Bros’ on the continent. I’m getting a hint of a Johnny Cupcakes vibe off that black shirt because of the phrase and the style of lettering, I don’t feel like it goes too far over the edge rip territory, but there may have been some inspiration there. All three of their launch shirts are priced at €19.99 and are available now.


New Tees from Morvélo for bicycle fans

by Andy on June 7, 2011

morvelo high roller t-shirts

Haven’t heard from Morvélo for a while, so it’s good to see them back with a solid line of tees that uncover that previously unknown niche in which both cycling and gambling exist together. Even though I haven’t ridden a bike for years (though I hear it’s not hard to start riding again) I really like these shirts and think that just about anyone could wear them, so they aren’t exclusively for the bike crowd. The tees in the High Roller Range will cost you £21.99 each and are available now. Here’s what they have to say about the range:

A limited edition range of products that celebrates the risks and rewards we all take to follow the sport we love. Whether gambling about the right timing to launch an attack or gambling on nailing that drop-off you’ve been eying up for weeks, gambling is inextricably linked with the world of bicycles. Deciding on which trails to explore, which roads to ride, which climbs to test you legs on, which descents to test your bravery on, we take chances each and every time we ride. As a wise man once said ” . . a sure thing is no fun.”


Life’s a bit of a gamble, really

by Andy on July 11, 2006


I’m Karmalooping again, which always feels like I’m taking the easy option, but a good hoodie is a good hoodie, no matter who makes it (though I probably wouldn’t be promoting the HitlerCorp line of hoodies made by children that get paid in bit of broken glass).

Gambling and poker related polo shirts and tees seem to be pretty popular on mainstream indie-chavs here in the UK, but I still think this is a cool looking hoodie, though I can’t quite work out why the King is riding a bike, maybe the people at Triko have some kind of crazy deck of bicycle themed cards. On the subject of the brand, according to this page Triko are non-sweatshop and try to use organic and natural materials wherever they can, so you can look good and feel good about wearing their clothes (just don’t get smug).

Costiness=$88 URL

Want money off? I signed up with the Karmaloop rep programme a while back and forgot to mention it, so you can get 20% off you order if you use my rep code, then 10% off every order after that, at least that’s how I think it works, shout at me if it isn’t. Karmloop Rep Link and my code is AS7594.

*Ryan solves the bike riding king mystery in the comments, thanks Ryan!*


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