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According to Indie Minded this tee is new at Split Reason, but it must have been a big hit because it’s already sold out in medium and large, so sorry about missing that one. Not sure I’d actually want to wear it but it’s certainly a cool concept.

Costiness=$18.95 Buy it at Split Reason


Come And Get Me: Hot Women Appear On T Shirts

by Laura Watson on February 7, 2013

Probably one of the riskier choices of fashion, particularly if you’ve got a girlfriend, Original Geek t shirts and similar brands following the same style are becoming increasingly popular as men (and women) everywhere look to add a little bit of sexy shock value to their t shirt collection. While each Original Geek t shirt in the range has its own unique design, each tee also has one thing in common: the model, Louise Cliffe.

Born in the mid-80s, Cliffe has spent most of her career in the UK, although has crossed the sea to the US, appearing in America in 2009. Perhaps best known for playing Sophie Delaney in Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead, she appeared in the 2011 Big Brother house back in the UK where she met her now husband Jay McKray.

Original Geek T Shirt

Heating Up Fashion: Original Geek T Shirts

Launching back in 2011, Original Geek t shirts are undoubtedly unique with their bold and daring prints featuring Cliffe herself.  The model has been used brilliantly to create a style which is different from the huge range of mainstream t shirt brands, by showing off a great looking woman in a totally new and unseen fashion (and surely you’ll agree there are very few models you’d rather see on a t shirt than Miss Manchester 2006!).

The brand was launched with huge celebrity parties, both in the UK and in Ibiza, and the success of the tees has lead to a new range of sweatshirts featuring the same daring designs. But why has a brand featuring a gorgeous woman in a variety of poses become so popular, or is that just a stupid question?Original Geek T Shirt

A Strange Thing To See On The Street, Or Now A Social Norm?

While your wife or girlfriend may not appreciate your fashion sense if you stick one of these Original Geek t shirts on in the morning, what would the rest of the people you pass in the street be thinking? Years ago, wearing a tee with such a design would get you noticed and talked about, perhaps for the wrong reasons. However, since the launch of the Original Geek brand, it seems as though more risqué t shirts have become acceptable and, indeed, relatively normal to see on a daily basis.

It remains to be seen whether this is a sign that the world of fashion is now accepted as a more liberal arena for expression, or if it’s just the fact that people enjoy looking at such a beautiful woman. One can’t help but wonder, though, whether a size 18 model would be accepted and worn in the same way, and how the reactions would differ from these t shirts featuring the gorgeous Louise Cliffe.

About The Author: is an alternative fashion blogger who loves exploring great, fashionable t shirts with a geeky twist.


MEKANIK CLOTHING- Bolt Dismay T-Shirt Review

by MissMcFaul on November 25, 2012

You need only to visit MEKANIK CLOTHING‘s website to instantly recognise that this streetwear brand is sleek, sharp and bold with a humorous twist and a nod to pop culture geekdom. So far so good! Launched earlier this year by Istanbul based artist and graphic designer MEKAZOO, the influences of sci-fi, mechas, videogames and b-movies are clearly represented in his work. The tee’s on offer appeal to a love of bold, simple, eye catching urban design which is why (after a really long wait, Turkish postman be slow yo!) I was thrilled when the package below plopped through my door!


The parcel contained the tee and a business card (which if we’re getting all “American Psycho” was a nice, bold black and white print on thick, matte card) and a sticker but also a sheet of card printed with a cut-n-build your own toy which was very exciting as I love a bit of scissors-paper-glue crafting! (Pics of crafting prowess below)



The tee itself is feels smooth and cool and the tri-colour print pops out against the crisp white background. The image is printed on with precision and has a pleasant texture. Giving it a poke and a stretch also reveals it to be pretty resilient to cracking or peeling which is a problem sometimes when an ink is too thick and becomes brittle, but all MEKANIK tees are and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks, which is a relief to those of us with an eco-conscience!

The smooth, soft feel when wearing is down to the  100% combed ring spun cotton which should assure you of the garments quality as 100% cotton fibre content will never result in pilling or bobbling that you get with polyester blends (it’s also more absorbant, for all you sweaty betties out there) . In fact the quality of the fabric, print and construction should mean this garment lasts and last. The only thing that could possible take it down would be a red wine of curry stain down the front!

Size men’s medium is a good fit on my medium sized partner  but it’s also a nice size for any girls who like a looser “boyfriend” fit.

STYLING TIP: For a chic and edgy urban look, ladies, roll up the sleeves and wear with skinnies, dirty converse (or ankle boots with a heel if so inclined) and some Mr.T necklace application. I also enjoy a good door-knocker chav earring when rocking a tee. Just an idea!

 Here is the paper toy before (above) and after construction (below), which was a fun 10mins out of my day and looks cool on the bookshelf gathering dust. MEKAZOO has plans to expand his brand with hoodies, hats and designer toys which I will definitely be checking out.

 I really really appreciate a printed back neck label in place of those itchy folded tapes which, I at least, end up cutting out leaving an ugly frayed bit that still tickles! ALL apparel should have the brand and size info sneakily printed on somewhere! #nomoreitchylabelsthankyouplease.

Now, I had a bit of an issue with the creasing situation after wearing it all day and being comfortable and receiving plenty of compliments, I stood up and the front had concertina’d like an accordion and stayed that way all night. Cotton does crease I’ll admit but body heat will usually cause creases to drop out, this extreme creasing could be down to an applied finish on the fabric which kept it so flat and sharp looking in transit and may wear off after laundering a few times.

One last criticism would be that after washing (following care label instructions obviously) the tee shrank 3cm in length and 2cm across pit to pit. While this isn’t a massive change it is worth noting if you’re a borderline size, maybe consider sizing up. This shrinking also caused an issue with slight puckering around the neck and some twisting of the sleeve cuff.

These pictures of sleeve twist were taken before ironing, you (or your mum) could potentially iron the worst of it out but it will always return to this configuration after washing. This is known as spirality which affects jersey fabrics such as this, the only thing that can help reduce this twisting is a more careful approach to the construction of the sleeve WHICH I might add may only affect this particular tee! Yours might have been made by a more skilled machinist!

In summary this is a great tee and MEKANIK CLOTHING is definitely worth checking out. Cool, comfortable clothes for boys and girls! Can’t wait to see how the brand progresses.


Post image for 604Republic launch ‘The Geekout’ to entice geeks with pictures AND words

604Republic do a great job of snapping up designs and producing geeky tees that don’t patronise or rely on the joke too much, they’re always well designed with quality artwork and I respect them for that rather than going the fast & cheap method of random mashups that rely on an impulse buy rather than real quality.

In an effort to differentiate themselves further from other pop culture inspired t-shirt companies they’ve launched ‘The Geekout‘. This is essentially a blog, but it’s all completely unrelated to t-shirts, just lots of fun and original content that people who like their shirts will probably like. What impresses me about it is that it’s all original stuff, there’s now memes in there and it’s genuinely enjoyable to read, if I could work out a way to add it to my RSS feeds I would, but being a fan of their on Facebook should be enough for now to ensure I don’t miss an update.


Post image for Game of Thrones, Monty Python, Geeky and I know it, and Bioshock t-shirts invade 604Republic

Seems like not that long since 604Republic unleashed a bunch of new tees on us pop culture nerds, so let’s call this a timely treat (which may also be them getting ready for Christmas). Really solid bunch of releases.


I usually roll my eyes when someone goes big on a site like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo with their clothing line because it often seems to be due to them not thinking everything through and plucking a number out of the air. However, I don’t feel that is the case with 604Republic, Sebastian, the brand founder, has been around the block a few times and know what he’s doing when it comes to t-shirts, so when he aims for getting $20,000 in funding I know that he’s serious.

They’re trying to fund 20 new nerdy designs to go in the store. If you check out their IndieGoGo page you’ll see the designs (three of them can be seen above) and notice that quite a lot of them have been featured on daily t-shirt sites like TeeFury and RIPT, which makes this a great way to pick up any designs that you forgot to pull the trigger on in the past, and I think that the designs will find a great home at 604Republic.

They’ve got a couple of months to hit their $20,000 target but it would be great to see them get some solid early support from you guys to help get them off you a great start.


“Intergalactic” by Line of Dance

by Amy_F on April 8, 2012

Line of Dance Intergalactic T-Shirt


I don’t know why but for some reason I really believe that if they removed their helmets it’d be Luke & Princess Leia.  I mean of course that would mean Darth Vader HAD to be their ballroom teacher, right?

For some reason I find the design kind of humorous and a bit nerdy.  Regardless, I own one in the turquoise and it’s become one of my go-to t-shirts that I wear weekly.  Line of Dance describes it as,

“For the ballroom dancing sci-fi geek in your life, we present: intergalactic!  Featuring two “space dancers” floating atop the cosmic dance floor.”

Cost = $16.50   Buy it at Line of Dance

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game of thrones t-shirt

I’m really going to have to get some catching up done with regards to Game of Thrones, any TV show that has designers creating this many t-shirts must be good!

Hidden Base Designs are proud to call themselves nerds and as I have had to Google the reference material on just about everything they’ve got in their growing store, I think they are indeed rather nerdy.

Costiness=$27 Buy it at Hidden Base Designs Big Cartel Store


Three new funny t-shirts from SnorgTees

by Andy on October 13, 2011


I would regard myself as being something of a nerd, I run several websites (including ones you don’t know about, they’re boring, and one you will know about soon), I have compiled my own PHP, and I get excited browsing WordPress themes, but even I wouldn’t walk around wearing a t-shirt with a CAPTCHA code on it.

All three shirts are $14.95 this week only, after which they’ll be $19.95 at snorgtees.


star wars trap hoodie

Well, someone has certainly been busy, eh 604Republic?

As I often say, it’s cool to see a brand I know branching out and offering a different item that isn’t a t-shirt or a hoodie, releasing hats shows a certain amount of growth from a company and that they’re comfortable to be putting out goods that aren’t just staples in a wardrobe. Of course, it’s cool to see some new tees from them too!

Shirts are $19.95, the hoodie is $44.95, and hats are $23.95 each.


portal t-shirt

Haynes manual style designs are always a bit of fun, especially when they’re referencing something very futuristic like a gun from Portal.

Costiness=$22.33 Buy it at MySoti


there is no escape t-shirt

Okay, maybe it;s not just for people that work in IT, but that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this shirt.

$10 today at Shirt.Woot


Zoidberg x House mashup t-shirt

by Andy on July 30, 2011

zoidberg doctor house mashup t-shirt

Fun mashup this from RedBubble artist robotrobotROBOT. I haven’t gotten into House yet, I watch enough stuff already, but I hear excellent things.

Costiness=£16.38 Buy it at Redbubble


New at this month

by Andy on March 4, 2011

splitreason march release

So you’ve got some Star Wars, evolution, Google Android, three werewolf moon, a fighting game attack button combo, and something about not using drugs. That should tide over the gamer/geek market for another month, thanks Split Reason!


604Republic (who are an advertiser on HYA) seem to be carving themselves a decent slice of the pop culture tee market, and how are they doing it? By producing interesting and funny designs, the sneaky bastards.

Frakking Puppets takes advantage of that massive overlap between the fans of Battlestar Galactica and the Muppets. I’ve still not gotten around to watching Battlestar Galactica, I’m told it’s fantastic and judging from the few episodes I’ve seen, it is, hopefully I can avoid finding out who the cylons are for a few years until I manage to hide myself away for a weekend and just watch the whole lot in a marathon.

Who watches the Empire? Tee nerd alert! 604Republic have managed to find a concept for a Star Wars tee that hasn’t been done a million times!

Lava Burn Ward, again with the Mario shirts, maybe I should write a Mario list one of these days?

The Drunken Clam t-shirt. It’s actually surprising how few tees there are about Family Guy considering how popular the show is. Also, even though this is a real tee, doesn’t this photo look somewhat like a mockup?

All the tees can be yours for $19.95 each.


a better tomorrow geek t-shirt

I wonder if the message in the speech bubble means anything, that would be cool. I put it into a binary translator and nothing came up that was legible, but I may have been doing it wrong, as I am not geeky enough to understand binary!

€22 Buy it at A Better Tomorrow (only available until 07/02/11)


Massive Sale on at Split Reason

by Andy on January 28, 2011

splitreason sale

Do you like buying geeky shirts for $10? Yeah, me too (well, not that I actually buy tees of course). You know what’s even better than geeky tees for $10? Geeky tees for $5!

Yes, Split Reason have got a big old sale going on at the moment with t-shirts as low as $5 (there’s a few hoodies down to $30 too), good work SplitReason!

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mario kuribo's shoe t-shirt

I was looking at this tee thinking to myself “why do I know this tee, and why do I know what is that’s been exploded in the diagram?” after a few minutes it struck me, Coty had written about this tee, and the rare Mario Bros. power-up item it represents. If you knew that just by looking at it, bravo Sir (or madam, but probably Sir), and if not don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal. Very cool looking tee though, what is it about technical diagram tees that make me post them every time I see one?

Costiness=$18 Buy it at 15 Bit Gamer


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