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Post image for 20% off Gift Certificates up until Christmas Eve, it’s like buying free money!

Most shops can’t offer guaranteed Christmas delivery now, so it’s not surprising that gift certificates are starting to be pushed harder by stores.

RedBubble are offering a 20% discount on gift certificates with the coupon code GIFTCARD12 from now until 11:59 (PST) on Christmas Eve, so if you can’t decide on a gift for someone, or you’re just a Red Bubble fan that knows they’ll spend money there, this is decent way to get more bang for your buck.


Threadless Gift Certificates

If you were wondering why HYA has been quieter than normal over the past couple of days, wonder no more, because here’s a thing I made. Selling Threadless Gift Certificates has been something I’ve been doing over the past year or so, and I thought it would be a good idea to set up a site dedicated to it. That’s why Threadless Gift Certificates exists, to sell cheap Threadless Gift Certificates (and to rank well on search engines). At the moment I am just selling $25 Threadless Gift Certificates for $20, but if this site takes off I might start offering deals on the $50 & $100 GCs.

It’s a simple one page store with payments handled by PayPal, so you know its safe (I’m sure you trust me, but even I wouldn’t trust me processing credit card details, it sounds confusing), with a mailing list to let you know when gift certificates are in stock should they sell out as I don’t have an unlimited supply. Naturally, there is also a Twitter account, and a Facebook page, which will be another way of finding out when Gift Certificates are available.

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, I haven’t really built anything like this before, but hopefully it will be a good service that will help people get Threadless tees cheaper, and I’m sure that we can all agree that cheaper tees are a good thing.

Threadless Gift Certificates



I’m going to start trying something different with all these deals that are coming in at the moment, instead of posting them all individually I’ll do a roundup. This will mean less posts per day on the site so that content is on the front page for a bit longer, and keep things a bit neater too hopefully.

From 10am CT Threadless will be having another 24hrs of $9 tee madness, so you’ll probably want to get on that. If $9 isn’t cheap enough for you, remember that I’m selling Threadless gift certificates, which would make a good deal better, and I’ve teamed up with Adam Fletcher of The Tee Directory fame, meaning that there are even more Threadless Gift Certificates available (I’d been running pretty low, especially after taking advantage of the sales myself). The price is $17 for a $25 GC, $35 for a $50 GC, and $70 for a $100 GC, and yes, we have done the math on those numbers.

myFavHoodieContest are running a contest from now until December 21st wherein all you have to do is send them a picture of you in your favourite hoodie and tell them why it’s your favourite, and you might win a $100 or $50 gift certificate for their site, which is enough for a hoodie there, so not a bad prize at all.


Jeff from Ugmonk has very kindly offered us a coupon code that will get you 15% off your order from now until December 18th. Enter the coupon code HYA15 at the coupon code to apply the discount. Thanks Jeff!


Like Star Wars? Like the Virgin Mary? Like tattoo artists Jesus Monier? Well then the above tee might be for you, and you can get 20% off it (making the tee $16 rather than $20) by using the coupon code DarthMary2009 at Always Urban.


There’s 25% off loads of stuff at Your Eyes Lie, so enjoy that. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys a review of their bricks & mortar store when I head down to London in a couple of weeks.

No deal here, but this popular tee has come back into stock at Cuppa T-Shirts and I couldn’t be bothered making a post just for it.


Kidrobot NEWSLETTER_1254439321510
Kidrobot NEWSLETTER_1254439270939

I know what you’re thinking, a $100 minimum spend for free shipping seems like a lot. However, KidRobot isn’t exactly a cheap store, and I imagine that shipping would be at least $10 anyway if you spent $100+, so why not think of it as 10% off instead, and it becomes a lot more attractive offer. Also, that gift card is like another 10% off (it isn’t, but it’s like 10% off).



Now Panic And Freak Out by Olly Moss for Threadless

[my latest Threadless purchase, hopefully it’s making it’s way across the Atlantic now]

I know I mentioned this a little while ago but I’ve got a single $25 Threadless Gift Certificate available for the price of $17 if anyone would like to contribute to my new PC fund (I totally need a powerful PC with two 22 inch monitors for blogging and web-browsing). E-mail me (or use the contact form) with your Paypal address (so that I can invoice you for the GC) and I’ll get it to you as quickly as possible.

It’s gone! But hopefully there will be more where that came from.

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Threadless have done something very fun over the Easter weekend. Starting in New York on Friday, then Chicago yesterday, and finally in Philadelphia today, they’ve been depositing 5 of those bunny boxes (each of which contain a gift certificate worth $20 to $100) that you can see in the picture in each of the cities, then twittering about the location of each box. I’ve been trying to work out where they’d put the boxes here in Philly, and I get the distinct feeling that they’re going to put one of them in Rittenhouse Square, where I live, so I’m going to be keeping an eye on Twitter if I’m in my apartment all day (Hide Your Arms doesn’t write itself!). If by some miracle I do find a bunny box I’ll run a competition for one of you guys to win the gift certificate, so if I win, you win!

Update: I didn’t win, so you won’t either, the boxes weren’t placed particular near my apartment, and when I did happen to wander past one of the locations (Love Park) on a walk/trip to Chinatown to buy weird snacks this afternoon I had a decent look around and the little bunny was nowhere to be seen.


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