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blacklight glow cityscape t-shirt

I’m on a bi of a risky post here, because I’m writing it on July 15th, and it’s being posted on July 28th. As I write it the sales page says that it is ‘coming soon’, hopefully 2 weeks is enough time for them to get this on sale so that you won’t suffer from any disappointment with this shirt.

Costiness=£15 Buy it at 14th Street


Gran Hermano by Puhl at LaFraise

by Andy on January 28, 2011

Post image for Gran Hermano by Puhl at LaFraise

I think I might be cashing in my brouzoufs at laFraise this week to pick up this tee. Sure, they may have some designs that I like more, but this one has glow in the dark sections and that’s something my wardrobe is severely lacking in. Oh, and get free shipping from now until the 30th when you spend €60 or more with the coupon code FREESHIP60E. Oh, and if you’d like, here’s an interview with the designer Puhl.

Costiness=€23 Buy it at LaFraise


Stuff White People Like T-shirts

by Andy on January 30, 2009


I saw this tee a month or so ago, and now I feel like a bit of a chump for not posting it, firstly because part of the profits go to charity, and also because now that loads of other blogs have posted about the glow in the dark tee featuring lots of things white people like (a list of which can be found after the break) it seems like I’m just following the crowd. I like the design, and I like glow in the dark tees, but to be honest, I don’t really know what the glow aspect of this tee is bringing to the table in this instance.


In case you’re unaware, Stuff White People Like, is a blog about… stuff white people like. It’s usually a funny read, and it’s usually right too (so what if I like sushi?). Part of the profits from the sale of the tee go to Children of the Night, and so far they’ve raised $3,600 to bring kids off the street and away from forced prostitution, and helped white people wear ironic tees in the process, which we like, so everyone’s a winner!

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Fat American in Black or Gray

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I can tick off another aspect of my t-shirt collection, no one had ever sent me a t-shirt with glow in the dark ink on it, so when I was offered another review sample from the gang over at Vintage Vantage I thought I’d indulge my love of clothing that glows and lights up by asking for to send over their design with glow in the dark ink on it, which is appropriately called ‘Glow in the Dark.’

I wore this last Saturday night, and I got at least four comments from the people I was out with (all girls – that’s how I roll!) asking whether it actually glowed in the dark. I assured them it did, but that we’d need to go somewhere pitch black for them to be able to see it properly, needless to say, my ladies can’t be tricked by such lines and I went home alone that evening!

It does glow in the dark though, as the .gif below attests, but the effect isn’t that dramatic, as is often the case with glow in the dark clothing, you actually do need to be in near-complete darkness for the effect to be good and clear. I had thought that it might be quite funny if a t-shirt that has “glow in the dark” written on it didn’t actually glow in the dark, just because of the way that the tee would set you up for something that may or may not exist.

Vintage Vantage have a pretty decent knack for creating a a tee which feels as if it might be many years old, that is to say, they do achieve their aims in attempting to create a tee with a vintage look and feel. The cut of their tees is good too, at a guess I’d say that they’re about as wide as an American Apparel tee, but maybe an inch to an inch and a half shorter, which is a better fit for me personally as I sometimes find that AA tees can run a little bit long. The print quality feels great, I can’t really tell the difference between a regular print from Vintage Vantage and this glow in the dark ink, but since I’ve never had a glowing tee before I don’t know if there should actually be a difference, either way, it feels good.

Costiness=$22.50 Buy it from Vintage Vantage


afraidofthedarkview1.jpg afraidofthedarkview3.jpg

I don’t usually mention tees from Threadless since I just presume that if you’re the kind of person that reads HYA then you probably get their newsletter every Monday anyway, but since glow in the dark tees make my heart flutter I just couldn’t help myself. As far as glow in the dark tees go, this one is a beast, I really like it when a designer takes glow ink and uses it for a real reason other than just making something glow for the sake of it. I guess that the design is slightly flawed on the level that for people to get it they need to see the wearer move from the light to the dark, although my romantic side does like the idea of a tee that says ‘hold me’, I’m sure that’d get me lots of action on a night out… it’d probably be from dudes though, and my boys hug me enough as it is…

Costiness=$16 Tee Link


Anglerfish by Nogunarmy

by Andy on June 25, 2008

This tee is a no glow zone Just glow glow glow!

Kat found an absolute beast of a tee a couple of weeks back that really caught my eye. I don’t actually have any glow in the dark tees in my collection, but I’m always fascinated by them, and I especially like it when glow ink is used in a way that is actually important to the design, rather than just used for the sake of making you glow.Costiness=£15 Tee Link



I don’t really watch many horror movies anymore, not because I’m particularly scared of the content (I’m a man who proudly boasted in his Facebook status of my opinion that Sweeney Todd ‘wasn’t that gory’), just because there aren’t that many premises out there for horror movies that really appeal to me. One of the things that I don’t like about most t-shirt designs that attempt to appeal to horror fans is the way that they seem to be covered with blood splatters and unnecessarily gruesome images, its as if the designers are trying to create an offensive image that, to me, renders it unwearable in most everyday situations. Dance Party Massacre aren’t like that, if you’ll allow me to get poetic for a second, they’re like a breath of fresh air in a haunted house filled with the stench of stale blood (ooooh, dark!).


Let’s get this out of the way at the start, the face-mask glows in the dark. So you know that I’m gonna love this tee, and especially in the context that the thing that’s often so scary about horror movies is that you can’t see the scary thing, so DPM turned that concept on its head by making sure you can always see their object of terror. This design is typical of Dance Party Massacre’s style, they try and put ambiguity and angles for interpretation into each tee and this is no different. In their own words:

There’s evil out there, and in every slasher film it’s represented as the masked psychopath. This is our version of the boogeyman coming for us. And those hands inside of it—are they dancing, or reaching out for help?


In terms of quality, Dance Part Massacre manage to put out a pretty impressive package. In my envelope (I don’t know if they sent me any special freebies) there was the tee, a DPM printed plastic carrier bag, a load of promo postcards, a pin button, and a sticker. There’s big pics of all of them at the bottom of the post. The tee itself feels good, it doesn’t have a stock tag in it but I get the feeling that it might be AA, but I’m not too used to handling Large sized AA tees (no, I haven’t dropped the pounds yet, DPM don’t to up to XL yet) so I could be wrong. The print feels quality too, and I’ll be interested to see how the glow-in-the-dark treatment lasts with multiple washings.

Costiness=$28 Link

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