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RSI Apparel

by Mr Four Fingers on July 25, 2015

RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-5 RSI_Apparel_21GRAMS-BLACK-FRONT-560x560 RSI_Apparel_Image-15-Edit RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-1 RSI_Apparel_LOOKBOOK-IMAGE-3

I have definitely been away from Hide Your Arms for far too long. But now I’m back and I bring you RSI Apparel. I’m not sure how I found these guys but I now follow them in/on the haze of Instagram.

I recently bought a tee from them and oh yeah it’s fine. Being a massive Iain Macarthur fan, I was stalking his website one night gawking and slobbering in equal measures until I found ‘Rumpus Face’. An Indonesian style crazy ass face. Not a technical term of course. This screenprinted t-shirt beauty belonged to the online store of RSI Apparel. Insta buy. Done.




The parcel arrived with the great touches of a caring brand. Things like a personal note and stickers that never fail to impress. The design itself is great and matched perfectly with gold paint /inks on black fabric. Some of the fabric texture breaks through a little, though this could be intentional. The result is that the design is not metallic shiny and ‘heavy’ like foil print but rather a little softer with medium hand.

Being a designer I found it almost strange that the tag was gold foil blocked for an online order. It may not seem like much but it says that these guys are investing into their brand and due their credit.

If you want a cool design, not slim fit but somewhere in the middle (for me at least), at a great price then check out the amazing range at RSI Apparel. Oh yeah I failed to mention that their grossly talented artist roster includes Paul Jackson, Godmachine and Tony Graystone to name but a few.

Yeah, worth a visit I would say.




Post image for Superreally go for gold with their first design [Submitted]

Because no one remembers second place
Finally, a constant reminder that comes in your size.


Andy: Timely, thanks for the submission!


hide your arms logo t-shirt

These three shirts actually went up in the HYA store on Friday afternoon, but between getting the photos taken, it being me and my girlfriend’s 3rd anniversary, and the Olympics opening ceremony in the evening I didn’t get a chance to write up a post letting you guys know that I took the plunge once again and had some more HYA logo t-shirts printed.

Since I started Rigu last November I’ve really been enjoying packing orders and sending them around the world, and with the HYA store being a bit empty with various sizes of items sold out I decided it was time to get back in the game, and more importantly, I wanted to wear a HYA tee with gold foil on it, and the classic white print too. I won’t print anything that I won’t wear, there’s no point in me investing in stock of tees that I see every day if I’m not going to enjoy seeing them, and I am really, really happy with how these latest tees have come out.

White print on black is a classic colourway and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to having them printed. They’re white discharge ink on black American Apparel 2001 t-shirts, so we all know it’s a good quality t-shirt and with that discharge print it’s started out soft and it’s only going to get softer over time resulting in a really nice vintage feel. Limited quantities of the shirt are available now for £14.99 + shipping.

When I put in the order for the gold foil shirts I did wonder if they were a little bit silly. I’m not exactly a ‘bling’ person, I don’t even like the word bling and I never wear jewelry, but something about gold foil tees has always intrigued me, especially when you’re using a black blank, and I had a feeling that the HYA logo would look good in gold. I hadn’t even considered that there was something of an Olympic tie-in with the gold foil, but as I watched Team GB walk around the track during the opening ceremony on Friday I realised I may have missed a trick with marketing there. The gold is pretty shiny, but it isn’t thick so doesn’t feel heavy on the shirt or feel like it will flake off. A brand (who I suppose should remain nameless) that I like use the same printer and shirt for their gold foil tees and sent me one of them a few year, and whilst it isn’t very gold now it did take many years of washing for that to happen, so I do feel that this shirt has a long life in it if cared for correctly. The shirts are from Continental Clothing, who make very nice shirts with a size chart that is very similar to American Apparel, who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation and go the extra distance when it comes to ensuring that their products are made in fair and ethical conditions. The gold foil tee costs £15.99 + shipping and is available now.

Lastly, I have restocked the grey print on grey AA tri-blend tees since they sold out in medium and large a while ago. The grey print this time is slightly lighter (Pantone 7540C) to reflect the true colour of HYA grey. Please note that in XL and XXL the darker grey print remains as I only restocked the M & L sizes, but the dark grey print looks cool so it’s all good. You can pick up this American Apparel tri-blend shirt for £15.99 plus shipping in the HYA store.

I do have it in mind to add to the store over time and slowly build what we have on offer, likely more logo-based stuff, but it’s possible that we’ll be branching out in the future, likely with a couple of cool posters a local artist-friend of mine, and we’ll see how it goes from there. If there’s anything that you’d like to see the HYA logo on let me know and I’ll see if it’s possible.


Bleeding Heart by Christopher

by Andy on September 23, 2009

C H R I S T O P H E R bleeding heart gold foil_1253645307279

You all know that I’m a sucker for a gold foil design, it’s a weakness of mine, but at least I’m addicted to cool looking tees with shiny prints on them, instead of something like crack, because then I’d probably sell my computer to get another hit, you would stop being told about cool tees (and hoodies, per your requests), and I’d probably have a pretty horrible life…… so, gold foil, good thing!

Costiness=$34 Available from Christopher (also available in different colorways and for girls)

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Over the past few years the iconic “Keep Calm And Carry On” design has made an extremely successful transition from cool war-time poster to cool irony-time t-shirt, inspiring many parodies and more than a few copycats. Now I’m not a fancy big city lawyer, so I don’t know a thing about copyright, but I’m fairly sure that Yes No Maybe were the first to release this design as a tee, and now they’re spinning it out as it’s own site so that you won’t get all flustered trying to find it on their main site.

I do believe that the original was white text on a red tee, which is still really cool, but YNM have expanded on that and now offer the same design in numerous colourways, including gold foil on black (shown above, obviously) which I’m rather partial to. Americans will probably find the £19.91 price a little high, and personally I think that £19.39 would be a rather more appropriate price (and you shouldn’t need a history degree to know why).

Costiness=£19.91 Available from Keep Calm London



Okay, you can take this tee two ways. Is it just a funny, literal tee for those of us that have way too many shirts in our closets? Or is it a reference to DVNO by Justice? Either way, a damn cool tee… for people that have too many t-shirts and love gold print (hey, I’m the target demographic!).

Costiness=$34 Buy it at krudmart


Mergers & Acquisitions by Cassida [Review]

by Andy on January 30, 2009


Off the bat, I think it’s important to mention what will probably be the biggest sticking point for most of you: the price. This t-shirt costs €105. Whether the economy was in the tank or not, that would be a pretty tough sell, but I do think that Cassida are doing a lot more than some other premium t-shirt brands to help you justify dropping that cash on a tee.


The metaphor is fairly obvious, businessmen are gladiators, and I’m sure that there’s a lot of people working on Wall Street in America and Docklands in England that would agree with such sentiment. To a degree I can just about see how that works, especially if you extend the metaphor to include what Michael Quester, the man behind Cassida who has also previously been a winner at Design By Humans, wants to bring from the brand; reimagining the extravagance and opulence of the Roman empire in his first independent line of clothing. I guess that explains the rhinestones and foil then.


There is some really interesting stuff going on with these Cassida tees, and I’m really surprised that there isn’t much mention of it on their site because there has clearly been a huge amount of effort put into producing a highly-customised tee of very high quality. Compared to a ‘normal’ t-shirt, almost every aspect of Cassida’s blanks has been changed in some way; there’s little cuts on the hem to create a vintage look, and it actually works, it doesn’t look like someone just got bored with a pair of scissors. There’s inside-out stitching all over the place, which adds to the interest, and I really like the quad-stitching (anyone care to enlighten me with a correct technical term?) around the neck.

The tees do run pretty small, but they feel really good, easily some of the best I’ve ever come across, and the printing is of a high-quality too, and that includes the oft-troublesome glitter/foil areas. The tees comes in a cardboard box that has the Cassida logo on it, which is a nice-touch and helps reinforce the luxury feel of the brand.

Cassida are clearly producing t-shirts of a very high standard, but it would be very hard for me to justify spending €105 on a single t-shirt, though having said that, judging by the shops I’ve browsed in St Tropez numerous times (but never bought anything), there is certainly a market for t-shirts around that price point, and people that are willing to buy them.

Costiness=€105 Buy the tee from Cassida

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Say Hello To Skilla Fashion

by Andy on November 17, 2008

There seems to be a split between me liking and not liking the designs of Skilla Fashion. I like the use of foil, and the tee with ‘Birth of a Hero’ text written in Birth Of A Hero type is pretty clever (has anyone done a line with the names of fonts written in the named font?), but then some of the designs just aren’t working for me, not that there’s anything particularly wrong with them, I’m just not blown away.

Skilla Fashion

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Lots of stuff going on at Mediocore clothing

by Andy on September 12, 2008

Four things:

1) It’s end of summer party time! And you know what that means, everyone gets a free pair of 80s style sunglasses in their order, obviously! You can even pick the colour (see one of the gallery pictures for available options), just leave a comment when making the order via paypal. This offer lasts until 21/9. To see a picture of my looking douche-y wearing the previously mentioned sunglasses, click here.

2) The ongoing contest in which you could win Shark Week & TMNT DVDs and TMNT action figures is coming to a close (also on 21/9), I think that you are automatically entered if you make an order in the store.

3) coupon codes! I think that HIDEYOURARMS might work, but I can’t remember if that’s the code for 10% off. The code AWESOME will definitely get you 10% off though.

4) There are three new designs (Soakers n’ Skulls, Doodle Bolt on aqua, and Doodle Bolt on gold) that are on pre-order, hopefully shipping in early October.

Mediocore Clothing

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The Magic Jebus Piece by Corner$tone Hero @ Karmaloop

I only picked this tee because of joke in the Simpsons where Homer shouts “save me Jebus!” for some reason. Seriously, that’s how I pick items for recommendation. I guess that the gold foil kind of attracted me to it as well… what can I say, I’m a foil addict!

I’ll just give you the blurb (which also contains the text of the print):

The Gbus Tee features a cotton composition, and a print on the chest of the illest deal on earth. A Magic Jebus-Piece for what? 19 Dollars! Get blessed with girls, money, more chains, and money! All of that for nineteen bills.

Here’s my issue with that, if you have “all that for nineteen bills” in the blurb, and “$19″ actually printed on the shirt, you should sell the tee for $19, not $36. I realise that its the ‘Magic Jebus-Piece’ that is being advertised as $19, but still, there just feel like there’s something wrong with having a price on a tee which is less than the price you paid for it, much like how I won’t wear anything with XXL on the print now that I’m not an XXL.

Costiness=$36 (ridiculous!) Link (get closer to that $19 with the rep code AS7594 which will get you up to 20% off and support HYA)


Hello Kitty No 5 by Public Library

by Andy on March 26, 2008


I don’t know if this is an officially licensed product (after being in Hong Kong, I’m skeptical of all Hello Kitty merchandise’s authenticity), but judging by the amount of kitten cuteness associated with Public Library from a quick Google search I’d be willing to accept them as legit.

It’s a funny design, the red bow on the corner is such a cute touch, although it would be nice if they’d actually used a white t-shirt since the Chanel No 5 perfume box is white (if I remember all of those birthday presents for my mother correctly).

Costiness=$48 (now that’s an authentic price!) Link


Obama is Kim Kardashian’s Homeboy

by Andy on March 18, 2008

Kim Kardashian Wears a black t-shirt with gold ‘Obama Is My Homeboy’ print

Well, I guess now we definitely know who the Democratic nominee is going to be, people who were on the fence before will have surely been swung to the Obama camp now that they know Kim Kardashian, a woman who is famous for very little reason (no ‘two big reasons’ jokes in the comments please), has officially come out in support of Barack Obama.
Kim Kardashian Wears a black t-shirt with gold ‘Obama Is My Homeboy’ print

I’ve googled around and can’t find the specific tee, which is a pity because I like the style and as you are well aware I practically live for gold print on tees, but if you’re after something a bit more artistically minded No Star Clothing offer a tee with the same message but with an image of Obama on it.


The Pistol by Tank Theory @ Karmaloop

by Andy on February 13, 2008

Pistol t-shirt by Tank Theory @ Karmaloop

Now this here is a really clever design, I love the way that the head seamlessly transitions into being the butt/handle of the revolver, and as ever, there ain’t nothing wrong with putting some gold foil onto a design, especially a gun, it kinda makes it feel like we’re in an African dictatorship!

Oh, and there’s an oversized, Thank Theory branded bullet on the back right should, which looks kinda badass since its in gold too, if it were in white then it would probably just look like a bird crapped on your shoulder.

Costiness=$24 Link (get up to 20% off your order with the coupon code AS7594)


RH V.I.P by Adidas @ Karmaloop

by Andy on January 29, 2008


You know what’s cool about this track jacket? You’ve gotta look pretty damn close to tell that its made by one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world. I like that, I know that people stay away from companies like Nike and Adidas precisely because they don’t want to feel as if they’re being treated like a walking billboard, and its pieces like this that I find refreshing, of course, the fact it costs about double what I’d expect to find on an Adidas pricetag probably has something to do with the lack of branding, but its still refreshing.The cherry and gold colourway is pretty gorgeous, especially as it is set off by the little black pattern up around the shoulders and arms (which does include some teeny-tiny little Adidas logos).

Costiness=$86 Link


Gold Lungs by CarlEton

by Andy on January 23, 2008

gold lungs sweatshirt by CarlEton
There’s a sad story behind this hoodie. The designers father, Richard T. Carleton, died recently aged 58 after a two year battle with lung cancer. In memory of his father, the designer has decided to make 58 hoodies with this design, with all the profits being donated to the American Cancer Society.

Getting away from the ‘story’ behind the design, I do like the way that the lungs are on the inside of the hoodie, its a very interesting idea, and we all know how much I love seeing metallic foil on a design.

Costiness=$58 Link

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Stop being a Teees…

by Andy on February 27, 2006


And tell us what your favourite arm-hinding piece of clothing is!

In what is rapidly becoming a regular feature, I asked Nico from what his favourite piece of sleeved apparel is, and quick as a flash he replied with this:

This was a difficult desicion, but I have to say that I really love the “Electronic Performers” sweatshirt by Lite Streetwear. The design is a bit hip-hop, a little electro, very early 80’s street retro but still looks brand spanking new. There is no info on what make the sweater is, but it is said to be cut close to American Apparel.

He doesn’t actually own it yet, but it’s right at the top of his list. He’d better be quick though as its producers, lite streetwear, only make a maximum of 36 prints of each design.

It can be bought through those fine French folks at Dadawan, with a costiness factor of €39.00, and the direct link to the sweater in question can be found here.


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