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“Missing Link” the latest shirt from Goodfibres

by Goodfibres on February 24, 2012

Hello Hideyourarms fans, Funky T shirts fans and fans of everything else!

We have a spanking new t shirt for you and as per usual it’s pretty cool.
Let our new tee take you into the realm of magical mystery of the Sasquatch, the Yeti and Bigfoot as this grunge-green beastie is part of the Pictoplasma project, ‘Missing Link’.
This particular project has had hundreds of great submissions from artists, revealing to us their take on what they believe these fabled beings might look like. And they’re not all what you would think! There’s more fuzz than on the floor of a certain giant retailer of mass produced clothing and there’s more cute than a sack- full of kittens(With pink bows).

But anyhoo, back to our chosen artwork of Le Week. It’s by Slumber and he’s from a little place called Bris-tol in some shady part of the West Country where I lived for a while(Jokes! I love the land of Cider and scary seagulls/land-gulls that have somehow grown waaaaaay past the evolutionary mark in terms of size and sneakiness).
His artwork is somewhat fantastic with already having had his own solo exhibition in a place called the Tobacco factory(One of the Mecca’s for Bristol’s home-grown artists).
His work has a very chilled and I must say sleepy *yawn* feel which calms the soul just looking at. Actually I’ve just noticed that almost all of his illustrated animals are sleeping. My favourite piece must be his Beans on Toast which looks scrumptious but still… chilled(Cold beans on toast? Go figure).

So I can’t fault that his clean and pastel-y colour scheme have gotten onto one of our shirts.
But being as we are, we love the variation in our gallery of submitted works and we do urge you artists out there to put forward your own great masterpieces for voting and for the chance to get onto a Cool T shirt of your own! Having just had a look at our gallery of submissions again, I might just try myself…



Goodfibres Have Been a Little Quiet…

by Goodfibres on January 3, 2012

Goodfibres Logo

It’s 2012 now and we decided to bring another entry to the on-going mutual-love relationship between Goodfibres and Hide Your Arms. We’ve been a little quiet since our first blog post back in November, where we vowed to be posting weekly or fortnightly. Unfortunately we managed to break that rather rapidly as the weight of the Christmas season came bearing down upon us. Yet now, we’re most certainly back and keen to tell you what we’ve been up to.

Smoking Gun T Shirt at GoodfibresWe’d just like to do a quick recap on the last year and what 2011 brought us, so please do bear with us, we’ll be quick and concise. Mid-2011 saw us launch Goodfibres; a concept that had been in the pipeline for a while – which involves harnessing the power of the internet and the people to rate and select the artwork that they’d like to see on t-shirts, then putting these into print. Each T-Shirt sold earns the artist a commission, and earns a charitable donation to those in need.

So 2011 has brought the world a platform for artwork and design in the shape of Goodfibres, and on this platform we’re now playing host to plentiful designs of top notch quality. A few hand-picked favourites of our 2011 designs you’ll find dotted throughout the post below.

Raining Rhythm T-Shirt at GoodfibresA large portion of the last months of 2011 were taken up by working out how to improve the user experience on site, and having clicked, tested and re-tested; we think we’ve made some great improvements site-wide, and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on it. With our site now getting to where we want it to be, we’ve got our gloves off and ready to tackle 2012 head on.

Office Warfare at GoodfibresThis glorious New Year will see Goodfibres bringing some brand new developments direct to your eyeballs. Exactly what these are, we’ll be keeping a secret for now and all will be unveiled in due course when we start to sing and shout about them.

Essentially 2011 has given us a great start and a solid foundation for Goodfibres to grow and grow well into 2012 and the future years. On top of that we have the beginnings of an incredibly responsive and creative community that we will devote our time to nurturing, growing and repeatedly showing our appreciation to.

So, we are indeed Goodfibres, and we’re frontrunners in community design, ethical t shirts and cool t-shirts. We hope to see you very soon, and a massive thanks to Hide Your Arms for remaining incredibly accommodating of our tight scheduling!

Happy New Year each and every one of you – we await your votes.


Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 1st

by Andy on November 1, 2011

Zelda t-shirt

Zelda shirt from TeeFury today, nice style and colourway.

Another old design from Tilteed, they don’t seem to have released anything new for a while, I’ll drop them an e-mail to ask what is up.

It’s quite hard to tell from the image above, but the skull in this shirt is made of kisses, thus the name ‘Long Kiss Goodnight.’

This tee from Shirt.Woot is surprisingly Anglo-centric, I didn’t know Americans knew the Guy Fawkes story.

Great Gremlins shirt from RIPT today.

OtherTees have a Portal gun sketch up for the next few days.

As someone who enjoys killing time with Angry Birds, I can appreciate this 24tee shirt.

Once again Barbie is a slut at Loviu.

I feel like the Mario image is a little bit awkward on this Catch of the Day Tee shirt, but I do still like the design overall, and I’m not sure how I’d prefer Mario to look, so it’s a bit of an unfair comment.

Japanese -inspired design from Shirt Punch. Man, I’d love to go back to Japan on another holiday.

Ugmonk have released a premium wooden ampersand (that holds itself to a stainless steel base with a super strong magnet) priced at $299 that makes me wish I knew how to use the very expensive CNC that we have in our workshop (for my other job). As someone who has been around wood for his entire life I feel that it is a bit pricey, but then I’m looking at it as a product rather than art, and with it being a limited first run of 15 pieces I can see how that has pushed up the price.

Neighborhood have released a new expensive t-shirt.

Today only you can get 20% off your order at Glamour Kills with the coupon code TRICKORTREAT.

New blogger on HYA Goodfibres have cut the price of their shirts to £15 until November 7th.

PalmerCash have 20 new shirts in stock, presumably these are two of them.

Storenvy are giving away two signed copies of the Thread’s Not Dead book. IATT have all the details, be sure to enter before November 4th.

Wrongwroks have had a big release in their webstore, not many tees so I didn’t think I should give them their own post.

And lastly, your daily reading for t-shirt store owners from Mashable, “How to Time Your Facebook Posts to Reach the Most Fans“.

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“Planet Mushroom” t-shirt by Goodfibres

by Andy on September 20, 2011

planet mushroom goodfibres t-shirt

Goodfibres have been sitting in my inbox for far longer than they deserve, they’re a newish British label from Shoreditch (aka the cool part of London) that have a fairly sizable catalogue of tees despite their youth. One tee that caught my eye can be seen above but they are many others in the store that I think will suit the attitudes of many HYA readers. All the shirts are made with organic cotton* and bear the mark of the Fair Wear Foundation, so you know someone hasn’t been chained to a sewing machine for 30 hours a day to ensure that you can wear a cool looking shirt. They also make an in-kind donation with every purchase, so if you buy a t-shirt, they will give a t-shirt to someone that needs one (kind of like Toms, but with tees). All of this goodness does push the price up a bit to £25 per shirt, but at least your conscience is clear and you have helped someone less fortunate than you. Oh, and it’s a design contest too, with artists receiving 10% of all sales of their shirts.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Goodfibres

*I’ve now been told that only 3 shirts in the collection are made with organic cotton, though they do intend to release more in the future.


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