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If you were after an explanation for the sale, they’re the side deal on Shirt.Woot today, and we all know how wooters get if they aren’t offered some crazy deal.


Goodie Two Sleeves have a 20/20 vision

by Andy on July 2, 2009


News from the Goodie Two Sleeves crew; they’ve dropped 20 new designs, release a discount code (DOUBLEVISION will get you 20% off your order), aaaaaaannnnnd they’ve put 40 designs on sale with tees as low as $4.98. The problem with infographics like the one above is that there isn’t really much more that I can do other than just repeat what’s in the jpeg.

Also, shouldn’t this be the 20/20/40 sale?


New Tees at PalmerCash

by Andy on June 18, 2009


Gee, can you tell that this is a filler post since I almost never mention Palmer Cash because there’s a really big post coming up today?

To be fair to PC, the new tees are pretty cool and come from some solid brands, so maybe I should be mentioning them more.

A bunch of new designs for the month of June. Yes we have lots of new women’s designs in from Goodie Two Sleeves, and some great guy’s designs in from brands like The Ryde, Ames Bros. and PalmerCash. Right now, you could pick out one of these shirts, be wearing it next week and most likely be one of only a handful of people in the world rocking that shirt on that very day. That’s a pretty exclusive club if you ask me.

Check ‘em out!

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One of the things about Hide Your Arms is that I’m frequently told ” Hey Andy, we’re collaborating with this awesome artist called Bob Loblaw” and I’ve almost never heard of the artist. No matter what I do I struggle to get into ‘art’, I went round a load of galleries on ‘First Friday’ down in Old City last Friday (obviously), and in most of the places I went I was more interested in the buildings and the interiors than the paintings, though there were some cool sculptures, so maybe I’m better appreciating stuff that didn’t require a paintbrush. Oh, and if you were wondering why I went to a load of galleries when I knew I don’t get art, Art In the Age do a pretty cool First Friday show, and I will basically go anywhere that there’s free booze and brownies.

Anyway, that’s a very roundabout way of saying that I don’t know who David Garibaldi is, I’m sure he’s amazing, I just don’t know who he is. Goodie Two Sleeves have teamed up with Mr. Garibaldi to release his first ever line of apparel, but before that becomes available (it’s been shipped out to stores as we speak), they’re dropping a teaser in the form of a limited edition lithographic print. There’s only 640 of them worldwide, which is a fairly odd number to pick, but I’m sure it makes sense to them.

The poster may be available at Metropark stores across the US, but since each store only got about 10, it’s entirely possible that they’ll be gone by now.


Goodie Two Sleeves 50% off coupon is now live!

by Andy on November 28, 2008

I promised I’d remind you!

From now until December 5th you can get 50% off at Goodie Two Sleeves using the coupon code BACKINBLACK. What are you still doing here? Go!


That image is probably too small for you to read, but I’m damned if I’m going to start making promo ads for other people.

Goodie Two Sleeves have taken ‘Black Friday’ and decided to turn it into ‘Black Week’, which is almost certainly a good thing, and they’re offering a colossal 50% off by using the coupon code BACKINBLACK between November 28th and December 5th. I’m sure that you’ll forget about that by then so I’m going to mention this again when it actually kicks off, but I thought I’d better give you forewarning in case you made a purchase this week and then got annoyed because you missed out on the savings.

Also, any purchases made during the black week promo will enter you into a competition to win 7 t-shirts, which is a nice little bonus.


Seibei vs Goodie Two Sleeves

by Andy on January 30, 2008



Let’s get this clear from the outset: I like David (Mr. Seibei). He’s a good guy, we bounce e-mails back and forth on a variety of issues, and he’s sent me stuff in the mail before. For that reason I feel as if I’d be on dubious moral ground shouting accusations about what the comparison picture above suggests. That said, when I saw the tee on the right, I immediately thought “dude’s been ripped,” and whilst the two items are fairly different, the similarities are undeniable.Here’s the back story: Seibei first put the tee on the left of the picture on sale in the summer of 2005 and it has gone on to be one of their best sellers. I’ve always thought of the dinosaur as being the unofficial mascot of Seibei, especially as it has also popped up on the Ice Wizard hoodie (late 2006? early 2007?) and Dino checkerboard tee (I have no idea of the date, sorry). In January of this year Hot Topic started selling the the tee on the right, which is by a brand called Goodie Two Sleeves, who I know nothing of, though my research suggests they’re pretty big and are suppliers to chain and department stores across America. So there’s about a two and a half year gap between the two tees going on sale.

David’s hope is that G2S stop producing and selling the “Awesome Monster Tee,” and has contacted them to that effect. In reply they have stated that any resemblance of their design to “Sandwich Dinosaur” is completely unintentional. Offers were made to David (I am broadly aware of what the offers were, but I don’t think it is appropriate to share them), stopping selling the “Awesome Monster” was not one of those offers, so David declined what they put on the table.

I think that gets us up to speed. David seems fairly resigned that there is little he can do about this. We’re looking at a David vs. Goliath situation (in this case the David is actually called David, which helps the metaphor) and his one-man-brand can’t really compete with G2S and HT on a legal battlefield. I guess the only way he can console himself is that he’s not the only person that this has happened to, which I would presume isn’t much consolation at all.

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