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If this won’t energise the country politically I don’t know what will!

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Does anyone else remember the days when to promote a movie people would make a poster, a trailer, send the stars out on a press junket, and that would be pretty much it. Well, those innocent times are long behind us, nowadays, if you haven’t got a team of people in a van campaigning for a fictional character for a fictional election without mentioning the movie that they’re promoting and staying in character for the duration, then your movie clearly doesn’t deserve to be judged on its own merits.

A blogger who presumably watches a lot of stuff, unchained himself from his computer and pounded the mean streets of Manhattan in search of the ‘Dentmobile’, a van that has been going around NYC ‘campaigning’ for Harvey Dent, a character from the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight. I think this kind of marketing is cool, but I think that the t-shirt (pictured, above), is cooler. The print quality doesn’t look up to much, but I like the way that it conforms to all the stereotypes that you expect to see in a political tee. If you’re a fan of movie memorabilia and would like to pick up a tee and some other swag, check out this page to see if the Dentmobile is coming through your notable American city (I recognise all the places, so they must be fairly large).

[Photo credit: I Watch Stuff]


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