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“Penguin” t-shirt by Mad Bombs

by Andy on March 8, 2013

Mad Bombs are a line that launched last month with just the one design, which is always a bit of a struggle (if people don’t like that design they’ll just move on to the next brand), but it’s a cool design and I look forward to seeing what graffiti-inspired artwork they come up with for their next release.

Costiness=$15 Buy it at Mad Bombs


richt graffiti t-shirt

The London Vandal is a popular graffiti and urban sub-culture blog that I hadn’t heard of until they e-mailed me about this t-shirt, but I’ve taken a look around and I really like the site, definitely take a look if you’re interested in street art. The world of street art isn’t something that I’m particularly au fait with, I like it when I see stuff (especially Space Invaders), but I haven’t delved too deep into the scene simply because I can’t find the time between writing about t-shirts, trying to get Rigu off the ground, attempting to swim a sub-30 minute mile, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. Like many things, one day I intend to learn about it, but today is not that day, so I’ll just have to say that this shirt design by Richt is super and I like it.

The shirt is currently on pre-order for £20 (and that includes worldwide shipping, so it’s a great price) until May 31st, after which it will become a still pretty good value £25.

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T-shirt news for March 26th

by Andy on March 26, 2012

I find it kind of odd that people would want to wear the mascot for an operating system, but this shirt from TeeFury ain’t too bad.

Shirt.Woot revamp the original cute cat poster.

I like The IT Crowd, I have a NES under my TV, and I like t-shirts. I like this from RIPT. Pretty sure I’ve written about this design in the past…
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doctor who costume t-shirt

As far as costume shirts go I think this one could do with more… stuff, it’s a little subtle (even if that subtlety is due to accuracy), but you guys seem to love Doctor Who, so TeeFury are probably onto a winner here.

Mario x Banksy? Shirt.Woot you glorious bastards! I give it a week until this gets stenciled onto a wall.

Hahaha, “The Screamer”, very good work RIPT.

I really like the white on purple colourway from today, looks good.

I’ve decided to add Uneetee into the mix on my daily posts, they don’t release new shirt every day, but they do put a shirt on special offer, and today’s insaneetee is ‘Sacrifice’. Thinking about it, this gorgeous shirt is $19.99 down from $24.99, which is a saving of 20%, but all this week at Uneetee they’re offering 20% off all regularly-priced tees (so this one isn’t included), so there are tees in their store available cheaper.

Nice Dexter/Scream mashup design here from OtherTees.

It’s funny, but who would buy this Loviu shirt?


166 Days – what’s all this then?

by Andy on September 21, 2011

166 days t-shirts

I’m sure that if you asked some brand owners they’d say that 166 Days is the amount of time it takes me to respond to e-mails on average, but in reality it is actually a newish (launched in 2010) t-shirt brand from Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve only been to Glasgow once (I live an hour for the border with Scotland but rarely have a need to visit), but remember it being pretty cool.

At the moment they have 3 t-shirts available in their store, two of which I like and one I don’t, which is a pretty good hit rate for a brand nowadays since I’ve become honest/mean about brands. The red shirt is just a bit dull for me, they call it ‘The Horror’and I can understand why, but the print looks a bit dull and it just doesn’t interest me. The other two are pretty interesting though, the technical style of the spine shirt is something I like to see and the ‘graffiti’ shirt is really wearable. Shirts weigh in at £15.99 a piece.


street art dinosaur t-shirt

Nice, wearable tee this, cool to see RIPT doing something that isn’t pop culture based as well.

From $10 at RIPT Apparel today only.


Filthy TOX12 t-shirt by Yes No Maybe

by Andy on September 5, 2011

TOX12 t-shirt

There is a very interesting story being this t-shirt, and quite a controversial one really, so I’m going to copy/paste the description from Yes No Maybe.

[This t-shirt features] the famous TOX logo, as seen nationwide – especially in London over the past decade – and TOX wont be able to write himself in 2012 as he’ll be in prison for the next 27 months.

He was convicted at Blackfriars crown court of seven charges of criminal damage and cleared of six – charged with causing more than £200,000 damage.

Sentencing him, Judge Peter Clarke said: “There is nothing artistic about what you do.”

Well we disagree, and TOX is part of the london landscape whether you like it or not. It’s that attitude and dedication that we celebrate as his artistic endeavour. A bombing ninja in the night – addicted to scrawling his simple TOX tag and suffixing it with the year. Classic.

This T is designed to look FilthyDirty. Painted and sealed in, so it won’t wash out, run or fade. Of course, you’ll naturally add your own filth and dirt too. We also lovingly smashed it about, for extra little holes and scuffs and life!

Personally, I’m not really a fan of tagging because people kept tagging the door on our house in Leicester and it was annoying because it was our door on private property when they had the whole market to go at. However, I have no knowledge of TOX12 or his work so I’m not going to judge him, and I do really like the idea of how YNM have treated the shirt to make it really fit with graffiti, it’s a cool approach that I haven’t seen before.

Costiness=£23.19 Buy it at Yes No Maybe


Star Wars graffiti t-shirt

How odd that I posted a Star Wars shirt that was done in the style of a stencil this morning, then this afternoon this shirt from Branded Baron turns up in my inbox. Remember that you can get 15% off your order with the coupon code hideyourarms.

Costiness=$21.99 (also available as a tank top) Buy it at Branded Baron


respirator t-shirt

INDVSL, now there’s a blast from the past, those guys have been kicking out tees since before MySpace was cool. They’ve teamed up with a fellow called Logan Hicks to release a shirt coinciding with his show at Opera Gallery in NYC, where you can see some of Logan’s awfully impressive stencil work.

The shirt is organic cotton printed with discharge soy-ink, so it ticks all the boxes in terms of moral qualms of copious consumption,“>and can be picked up for $28 in green, red, or white.


New From Negrete

by Andy on August 6, 2009


Good tees, free shipping (around the whole world!), what’s not to love?

Check out the rest of the collection after the break, the pics are nice and big, enjoy!

Negrete Clothing

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I haven’t got much time to blog stuff at the moment, which is why so many of my posts have been short recently, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to be copy/pasting the e-mails that people send me to introduce their brands with. If it doesn’t work and you guys don’t like it, it’s gone.


I print public bathroom graffiti on t-shirts. The images are taken from
colleges, libraries, bars or where ever else public bathroom graffiti is found. The public even submits images too.

The design are funny, odd and socially relevant.

I truly believe this is something different in marketing where everyone is copying each other these days.

So, whaddya think?


Shot Dead in the Head’s Banksy Tees

by Andy on January 23, 2009


Dear Mr. Banksy,

Due to popular demand we have printed 10 t-shirts with some of your most iconic prints.
If you read this please get in touch to claim your royalty fee as there are so many different opinions as to who you are.
Some say you are the son of a photocopy engineer, some say you are a public school boy and others that you are Bert Perkins a Big Issue seller from Bromley.
Failing that, all unclaimed royalties will go to charity.

SDIH will launch the Banksy printed T-shirts on Wednesday the 21st January. The t-shirts are printed with some of your most famous street arts such as the Balloon Girl, the Bomb Woman and the Monkey Print and will retail at £ 12.00 each and two for £ 20.00 from Shot Dead in the Head.

Kind regards
Shot Dead in the Head

You know what, even with the charity angle, I do not approve of this. If you look at the “shop” on Banksy’s official website, everything is free and he asks that the images are used for personal amusement only, not for any kind of business use. Basically, he doesn’t want people to be profiting for his artwork, and just because they’re going to give the royalties (which presumably means all the profit above their costs) to charity does necessarily make it right, though it certainly is better than street vendors in London hawking poorly-printed tees of the famed street artist’s works. Still, these are probably printed better than most of the crap out there, so if you want a Banksy tee, at least these shirts can ease your conscience a bit.

Oh, and whilst Shot Dead in the Head are trying to unmask the elusive spray-paint maestro, I’d be willing to bet that his representatives are a bit more likely to claim the royalties than this guy.


MarginReports: terratag

by Andy on March 17, 2008

Just a month (and a week) after the event actually occurred, I’m finally treating you to some reports on brands that I found at Margin. As most of the vendors at Margin didn’t want photos being taken of their goods (and a few at The Park were pretty rude over the whole photo situation), and I can understand why, the clothes world can be pretty cut throat, I won’t be using any personally taken photos of the brands I met, but I think that I was able to get a much better insight into what all the brands were about, so there should be a bit more authority to these posts than my regular ‘hey, that looks cool’ offerings.

Terratag were the first brand I chatted too, so I thought it would be appropriate that I profiled them first. It’s hardly surprising that Terratag made a big impression on me, they love robots, perhaps even more than I do (they’re putting together a book with more than 200 robot t-shirts in it), and the way that their designs seamlessly mix British and Japanese pop culture really pushes my buttons (in a good way). They employ lots of strong images, often inspired by the extremely popular Gundam series, which helps to explain why Japan is one of their biggest sources of international orders. They also have no fear in using metallic inks, something that I’m happy to see. But to make it seem as if Terratag are robot obsesses is pretty unfair, their designs run a fairly wide gamut of subject matter, they like to dabble in graffiti style and vivid, neon colourways (some of which actually glow under UV light!) that are bound to get a lot of attention.

Overall, a very impressive line, who had a friendly guy working their booth that didn’t appear to mind answering my annoying newbie-journo questions.

Terratag links: Main Site/MySpace/Photos on Flickr

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White Vintage by Seventh Letter @ Karmaloop

by Andy on February 5, 2008


Great tee, great tee, I’m really loving the colourway, Lichtenstein-esque style, and use of negative space, which I guess is pretty much every aspect of this tee. I’m sure that a lot of you think that I just post a Karmaloop product every day because I can slap my rep code onto the link on there (I’ve actually just got lots and lots of designs from there that I’ve bookmarked to post), but I’d like to think that its tees like this one that show the quality of their inventory rather than the fact that I might get 5% out of a sale.Costiness=$23 Link


Toot Toot

by Andy on May 23, 2006

I often feel then when I’m writing this blog I just say whats great about a product, and that’s usually because I like things because they’re just generally awesome, and whilst I do like today’s choice, I do have a couple of gripes with it.

1. I like the design, but it just feels a bit poorly executed, the squaring off of the print in the top corner just feels as if this was printed in the mid-90s (did I just make a ‘that is so last year’-esque comment, wow, I really am a fashion writer!). If you’re going to have lines that go out like clouds, finish off the design like a cloud, it adds so much value to a design when we see the whole thing rather than a framed off portion.

2. The zip. I’m sure I could say this about a lot of zip-up hoodies, but the colour of the zip is important, in this case it splits the design far too much, if it was a subtle black then the continuation of the print would be much more effective.

Still, I do like it, and I like how Soul Life have given a back story about the artist, it makes me feel more indie.

Costiness=£35 (down from £59.50) and is only available in XL.

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