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T-shirt News for February 21st

by Andy on February 21, 2012

star wars alderaan t-shirt

A truly grown-worthy Star Wars pun t-shirt from TeeFury.

Glow in the Dark Skyrim t-shirt at Shirt.Woot today. Also, Woot are selling American Apparel blanks for $7.99 each as they’re switching their supplier to a new blank soon.

RIPT have a Firefly tourism shirt available today.

LOST x “Spy vs. Spy” today at Shirt Punch.

The simplicity of this 24tee shirt made me chuckle.

Pokemon gets a run out at TeeRaiders.

Doctor Who design by Tom Trager has been added to the Tshirt Contest catalogue.

I really like this design from DBH, bit different from my usual tastes, but it’s interesting.

Los Pollos Hermanos is a Breaking Bad themed shirt that is $11 instead of $20 for another day at BustedTees.

This lovely Greg Abbott t-shirt is back at Tilteed.

These three shirts are new-ish at Camiseteria.

Seventh.Ink have some of their older designs available for the ridiculously low price of $7.

Wrongwroks have got a sale on, though you do need to spend a minimum of $150 to qualify.

A Better Tomorrow have a sale on for their plain zip-up hoodies.

Rib Cage Customs are giving away ten t-shirts in conjunction with Loaded Magazine (which does mean the link looks a bit NSFW).

Like Sin Star on Facebook and you’ll be sent a massive 50% off coupon code. This offer is good until March 20th.

Threadless screenprint 99% of their tees, but they are experimenting with DTG. Sounds like a good way to make sure some of the less loved designs don’t get consigned to the design cemetery.

Get free shipping (US only, international orders save $10) at Typography Shop when you order two or more items.


T-shirt News Roundup for January 16th

by Andy on January 16, 2012

mythbusters t-shirt

Dexter’s Laboratory meets Mythbusters in this shirt from Teefury.

Y’know, I’ve never seen Donnie Darko, judging by the amount of shirts about it, including this one from Qwertee, I probably should (lots of shirts usually = a good movie).

Shirt.Woot have a delightful 8-bit Ghostbusters design.

Strangely, RIPT also have a Ghostbusters shirt, though with a Muppets twist.

Glow in the dark shirt from The Yetee.

Nowhere Bad have a Portal inspired shirt.

OtherTees have a nice Sherlock design. Did anyone see the last episode of the current run last night? That show is so damn good.

24Tee are selling a familiar stormtrooper design.

TeeRaiders have a Firefly design that I didn’t need to Google to work out what it was.

Quite a pretty Twitter design from

GraphicLab have a Portal shirt on sale all this week.

Tee Mashups is closing, which is unfortunate, though at least they are being up front about things and are sending refunds to people that will not receive their shirts.

Star Wars comes to Shirt Punch today.

Not my kind of tee at DBH today, but interesting nevertheless.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling Greg Abbott’s lovely fox design again.

Glennz has turned five of his designs into iPhone wallpapers (may also work with other smartphones, I’m not sure).

Tony over at Wrongwroks has released a parka jacket in five different colours.

Perception Apparel have put three of their tees on sale for $10.

Halfcut Clothing have released a shirt to celebrate their involvement with the Blind Tiger Collective. Use coupon code hcc10 to get 10% off your order in their store.

The official press release for the Boston Tee Party has been released, it doesn’t cover much new ground but it’s nice to have it all be ‘official’.

Big Cartel let us know about some of their milestones in 2012, such as collective store sales of over $100,000,000 from their almost 200,000 stores.

Mighty Fine are running a competition with Marvel to find an amazing Avengers t-shirt design with the winner receiving up to $2,500.

Johnny Cupcakes has a couple of new tees, and a couple of new hats in his stores.

Here’s Rihanna wearing a Celine t-shirt that probably cost more than my whole outfit.


Daily Tees & news for December 14th

by Andy on December 14, 2011

ghostbusters t-shirt

My internet connection has been misbehaving recently so don’t be surprised if there are less updates on HYA over the next few days.

I think that the pixelation might be my favourite part of this Ghostbusters shirt at TeeFury.

Why would you get a breakfast buffet at night? Or does the text at the bottom mean that they serve breakfast, a buffet at lunch, and then table service in the evening? I can’t help but feel I’m focusing on the wrong aspect of this RIPT shirt.

The Yetee have dropped a mashup shirt for fans of Pokemon and the Evil Dead.

TeeMinus24 are trying to keep everyone happy.

How have I not seen this Star Trek concept before? 24tee

I really like this collage shirt from Loviu.

I think I remember a not-particularly-memorable fighting game where you did climb a totem pole as to cleared the levels, anyone? Cool Street Fighter design from Bamboota at Shirt Punch, and I’m glad they’re going with that big print otherwise the design would have been dwarfed by the rest of the shirt.

Another nice but hard to describe shirt from DBH.

I think this shirt on BustedTees Deal of the Day for $9 makes a lot of sense at Christmas, since it’s the time of year when your parents force you to stop playing Kinect and dust off board games instead. Busted Tees have also extended their sale, use the coupon code CHEAPTEES to get your shirts for $12.99 or less.

Here’s a first for me from Tee Mashups, a Domino’s x Star Wars mashup, well, somebody had to do it, I guess.

Internal Error is the £10 festivitee at origin68.

Shirt.Woot have a depressing t-shirt on sale today. have a Charlie Chaplin design that I don’t understand, possible explanations in the comments please.

A classic Greg Abbott design is back on sale at Tilteed.

PalmerCash have lots of new t-shirts and yes, that is the guy from breaking Bad.

Sneaky Studio are offering free shipping until the New Year with the coupon code SANTA.

Get 25% off your order at Dephect this month with the coupon code DEC11.

UK XFactor winners Little Mix tweeted a picture of themselves wearing shirts from Truffle Shuffle when they were interviewed by Chris Moyles on Radio 1.

Boing Boing are selling this cool half-knit zombie ski-mask that might confuse a few people on the slopes.

80sTees are giving away this Griswald Family Christmas shirt when you spend $50 or more. [via Rude Retro]

Monster Press are showing off their printing prowess by selling this sample shirt designed by Craig Robson for £5. Monster printed the grey shirt in the HYA store if you’d like to see what their printing is like on a tri-blend.

Among Villains are giving away $150 of goods, check out this Mintees post to see how you can be in the running.

Terratag are offering 25% off until Christmas day, no coupon needed, discount applied automatically at the checkout.


Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th

by Andy on October 28, 2011

panda astronaut t-shirt

Very nice Panda/astronaut t-shirt from TeeFury today.

Another oldie-but-goodie from Greg Abbott at Tilteed today, it’s a really lovely design.

Weren’t you always a little disappointed when you had to play as Luigi?

Hahaha, silly owl. Shirt.Woot

Nice tribute to A Clockwork Orange at RIPT today.

If a single one of you gets the reference on this TeeMinus24 design I will be amazed.

Fairly creepy looking Doctor Who design at OtherTees today.

24tee bring us a classic Halloween design.

I didn’t like this Donald Duck shirt when Loviu first released it, and on the second viewing my opinion has not changed.

I have no clue what is going on in this Catch of the Day Tee shirt.

Nice Doctor Who design from Shirt Punch, I think it’s fair to say those guys have had a pretty decent first week.

I stumbled upon this fantastic tutorial by Natalie Jost detailing several ways that you can customize your Big Cartel store to give it features which you would usually expect to see in a standalone ecommerce solution.

Sturban are offering free delivery in the UK on all orders until the end of the month.

BustedTees have put all their fall releases on sale for $14 a piece until noon (EST) on October 31st.

Dephect are offering 25% off all their tees with the coupon code HALLOWEEN11 until November 3rd.

I’ve never heard of Kii Arens before, but their shirts are on now, $19.50 down from $35, and they’re looking mighty fine.

Digital Gravel have knocked 50% off everything, which is pretty huge, all you have to do is use the coupon code THX2011, the infographic says 3 days, but it’s now more like two and a half.

T-Post, the Swedish t-shirt subscription service, are going to stop using a wholesale blank (I’m fairly sure they were using American Apparel) and produce their own shirts, and they want feedback from you to help make it ‘the best t-shirt the world has ever seen.’

That above is a relaunch teaser for PPRHRT, I was unaware that they were in need of a relaunch but there you go, like their Facebook page to keep up to date with their relaunch progress.

A reminder that Urban Industry‘s big Halloween sale is ongoing.

PLNDR are giving away a $250 gift pack from Breezy Excursion, who I’ve never heard of so I presume that means they’re popular.


Tshirt Factory interview Greg Abbott

by Andy on July 5, 2011

greg abbott interview

I always enjoy seeing an interview with an artist that I respect, and this is one of those cases, though Tshirt Factory do have an issue with their blog that needs addressing. When I look at the interview the text goes wider than the blog post box and runs behind the sidebar, meaning that you can’t read it all without copy/pasting it into a text editor. Hopefully by the time you read this they’ll have fixed this and you’ll be wondering what on Earth I’m talking about. Check it out, Tshirt Factory interview Greg Abbott.

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thirtee international shipping

When I first took a look at Thirtee (the tee company that lets one artist take over their store for a month) I said that they were a bit rough around the edges. I didn’t realise how rough, when you launch a company nowadays on the internet you HAVE to make international shipping an option, otherwise you’re missing out on getting orders from the rest of the planet, and that’s quite a lot of people. When I looked at them earlier in the month I just presumed that they offered international shipping, sorry if there was any disappointment my non-US HYA readers, but at least it is now possible to make an order no matter where you are in the world.


greg abbott thirtee

I’ve often wondered why one of the world’s most prolific t-shirt designers, Greg Abbott, has never opened his own shop, kind of the like same way Glennz branched out to his own brand after being printed at Threadless about a million times.

Thanks for Thirtee, Greg now does have a shop, but only for the next month. Thirtee are a new brand (this is their first month) that lets one artist take over their shop for a month, showcasing ten of their best designs, charges $12 per tee, and prints them on American Apparel t-shirts. I can’t really see anything wrong with that equation: cool designers + quality t-shirt blank + low prices = goodness

Their site is a bit bare bones at the moment (too much so really, if a ‘name’ artist like Abbott wasn’t attached I would probably have some concerns), but the designs certainly look good, and you’ve got until the end of the month to pick any of them up (after which who knows where they’ll end up).


threads or tales t-shirt

If you don’t wear a size medium or large please don’t get excited about this t-shirt, I know it’s nice because Greg Abbott apparently doesn’t make a design I won’t like, but it’s sold out in all but those sizes, so looking at it on a screen will likely be as close as you’ll get to this shirt. Still, looks cool, right?

Costiness=$17.99 Buy it at Threads or Tales

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Foxes by Greg Abbott available now at Tilteed

by Andy on November 17, 2010

foxes by greg abbott for tilteed

I thought I’d give Bo a rest from submitting Tilteed‘s releases, she does a really good job with the submissions and I appreciate it. Their latest offering is shirt from Greg Abbott, and as much as you can predict the sun setting you can predict that an Abbott design will be freakin’ sweet. However, just to change it up a little bit, instead of being available for 3 days (just under 2 days to go , this design will be going into the permanent collection at a price of $18, though if you like it, you should probably pick it up at the discount $12 pre-order rate!


Forever Weird by Greg Abbott for Seibei

by Andy on September 21, 2009


I’m pretty sure that I’m right when I say that this is the first time that Seibei is releasing a tee that wasn’t designed by David, I believe there might have been a collaboration tee at some point in the past, but this is the first time that someone else has been given the keys to the Seibei castle, though considering the talent that Greg Abbott has, I’m sure David knew he was going to be putting out a solid tee. It’s a great design, I tend to shy away from designs with pink on them since where I live you get off the bus and it’s the 70s and men don’t wear pink, but this colourway works really well for me, with the black creatures on the grey with the pink to lift them and provide contrast.

Costiness=$22 Available from Seibei (I think you can get 10% off with the coupon code hideyourarms, if that doesn’t work, just use COTY) [via Coty Gonzales]


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