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Bakesy is back at Johnny Cupcakes

by Andy on August 19, 2013

Definitely one of the better Johnny Cupcakes designs to be released over the past few months. It’s yours for $36 if you missed out on it the first time.


When I saw this new tee from Publik I presumed that this was a famous phrase, but my research/1 minute of Googling suggests otherwise. I had also presumed that it meant nuclear weapons, which I’d be totally on board with, but the design actually references nuclear power plants, which makes me a bit more uneasy. I can see how for a Japanese person the idea of not having nuclear power plants is attractive at the moment, but what does it get replaced with? The most obvious answer is coal, a fuel that definitely causes premature deaths due to emissions (120,000 a year in India alone, and 18,000 in the EU where we have stricter emissions regulations), I suppose there is also gas and renewable sources but I don’t know how feasible those are in Japan. The choice you’re looking at is guaranteed deaths by coal or potential risk of accidents and future storage issues with nuclear; think about Fukushima, that’s regarded as a disaster because the biggest tsunami and earthquake that Japan had seen in many, many years managed to damage one nuclear power plant, and it wasn’t even a new design of power plant.

Dammit, got on my soap box for a second there, I know that you guys don’t come to HYA to listen to my not particularly well informed views on energy policy in Japan. Still, it’s a bloody nice shirt if I can just think about it in terms of weapons.


This tee seems to only be available for delivery in Japan, but that hem line was something I haven’t seen before on a tee so I thought it was worth sharing.

Costiness= ¥16,800 Buy it at Visvim’s Japanese shop [via High Snobiety]


It would be really cool if this t-shirt shipped with a cardboard sheet of these props, or if there was a download of them available on Glennz site, it would really round out the release.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it from Glennz


I am comfortable enough with my ignorance to let you all know that I had no idea that “Absinthe: The Green Goddess” was a book by Aleister Crowley before I saw this t-shirt, I just liked the design, which I think is pretty crucial to designs from The Affair especially with a book that isn’t quite as well known as many of their other literary-inspired tees.

Costiness=£29.90 (get £3 off with code GREENFAIRY until 20/3) Buy it at The Affair


I’m English and don’t really follow hockey so I have little clue about the Boston Bruins, and only know this is related to the design above because I Googled the name for this post (…journalism!), but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this as a design, though with the way sports rivalries are I’d imagine that it would be off-putting for fans of other teams. Forever Gold are releasing this as a long-sleeve tee, which is something we don’t see often ’round these parts to celebrate their first year of being in business, it’s heather grey, limited to 50 pieces (never to be printed again), and yours for $25.


I haven’t read the book, so if I were to wear this I’d be a phony too, but I guess that would be okay in context.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Print Liberation [via Coty]


more is different t-shirt by smasto

“More is Different” is the title of a scientific research paper from american physicist P.W. Anderson in 1972. His rather philosophical explication about emergent phenomena pointet out a completely new approach to Physics. P.W. Anderson was once declared the most creative Physisist.

“Mehr ist anders” also became the claim for our Studio and by following it, a lot of “graphical” questions kind of solve themselves. “Less is more”, “More is more” or “Bigger is more” simply wouldn’t work most of the time.

That explanation of this design goes slightly above my head, but I do like that there is clearly a lot of thought behind this design, it means something, and that’s important when you’re going so minimal on a shirt.

Costiness=CHF42 Buy it at Smasto


may the fez be with you t-shirt

Some say that there is a power that flows through the universe, binding the galaxies together and keeping all things in harmony. Others know this to be true, and know that that power is actually a mad man with a box. Doctor Who and Star Wars collide in this 6-color design.

Indeed, the Fez is strong with this one!

You know what, I’ve never seen an episode of the ‘new’ Doctor Who, I keep menaing to check it out, but it just doesn’t really appeal to me, and there always seems to be something else on that I want to watch, but through t-shirts I have learned that the Fez is something of a big deal, even if I don’t turly understand what relevance it has, or if it helps this shirt ‘make sense’. Still, it’s excellent artwork as usual from Ian, even if the concept doesn’t grab me personally I can always respect his level of talent.

Costiness=$20 Buy it from Ian Leino and be sure to check out the rest of his store for more Star Wars and Doctor Who t-shirts


Post image for “Poison Tree” William Blake inspired t-shirt design by The Affair

Very nice as usual from The Affair team, and as well as it being a cool design it makes you look well read too.

Costiness=£29.90 Buy it at The Affair (save £3 / $5 with the code SERVECOLD)

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Post image for Inkefx drop a new hoodie and it’s just lovely

Inkefx do seem to have a knack of producing quite minimal but iconic items that just about anyone would like to wear, and this t-shirt style hoodie (i.e. it’s thinner than a normal hoodie) is no exception. As a bonus you can get 15% off with the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS.

Costiness=$32 Buy it at Inkefx


Post image for Gorgeous ‘Dorian Gray’ inspired t-shirt at The Affair

I was actually wearing my shirt from The Affair yesterday, and even after frequent wearings and washings it’s still absolutely lovely, definitely in my top 10. Their latest shirt, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ looks pretty impressive too, strong artwork and presumably a very high quality tee too. Oh, and is it just me or does the model look like Cesc Fabregas’ older brother?

Costiness=£29.90 Buy it at The Affair


Post image for ‘Abstract Mortal Kombat’ t-shirt by AshRB at MySoti

Slightly less recognisable than some of the other abstract tees I’ve posted based on pop culture characters (well, to me at least), but still very cool.

Costiness=$22.96 Buy it at MySoti


Post image for “Txuleta” (a big steak) t-shirt by Qhuit

Who wouldn’t want a big slab of raw meat on their chest?

Costiness=€35 Buy it at Qhuit [via OMG Tees]


“Metal Gear” t-shirt from Loose Fries

by Andy on September 18, 2012

Post image for “Metal Gear” t-shirt from Loose Fries

Tom from over at Loose Fries recently got in touch to let me know about his recently opened store, so I took a look. All the designs are based around the name, which can be a bit of a worry because if you haven’t got a community around your brand it can be hard to sell logo based items, but at least all the designs are well executed, it’s clear that they’re not just slapping their name onto a shirt and hoping things will work out. The above shirt in particular caught my eye, I don’t know if they have any real association with those cities, but hey, might as well fake it ’til you make it if not.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Loose Fries

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“Triangles Ahead” t-shirt by Glennz

by Andy on September 13, 2012

Post image for “Triangles Ahead” t-shirt by Glennz

“For years these warning signs have been misunderstood leaving countless victims caught in triangles. Always remember – if it looks like a wrong angle when your looking for a right angle, beware, it could be a triangle.” Nice work from Glennz as usual.

Costiness=$15.95 Buy it at Glennz


Hands-On LiHai T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on September 10, 2012

Amy wearing her NO EVIL tee

I’ve had an abundance of reviews sent to me recently and this one in particular stuck out in the crowd.  Arriving in a sleek long black tube, I was actually confused as to what I possibly ordered for myself that I forgot about.  Lo and behold I wasn’t losing my mind, I hadn’t ordered anything, but it was in fact some t-shirts coming from brand new clothing company LiHai!  They just launched in August and they’ve kicked things off with a bang!

The black tube mailer was definitely a really different approach to mailing t-shirts.  Very sturdy yet simple with a silver logo sticker placed in the center of the tube.  Part of me feels bad throwing it out and wants to find a use for it so it’s kind of still just sitting here at the moment.  Inside wrapped in tissue paper were two t-shirts and some stickers and small square business cards.

The stickers were cool because they had partial images of the t-shirt designs I received along with a few others of logos and other designs in their collection.  These nifty little square business cards were another creative approach to a basic business card.  LiHai really tries to take a distinct path rather than a normal approach to basic business elements and I really enjoy that about them.  I want to hop right into the designs because these were intricate and just amazing to look at!

This first one is titled “Audio Visual”.  It’s printed on a deep grey unisex t-shirt with colors like black, white and red encompassing the design.  This design is beyond amazing to stare at!  The way they made her hair as the chords and plugs and her feet as the speakers.  Her chest area is made up of the turn tables and the different tuning buttons.  The best part which I didn’t even pick up on until I put the shirt on and my mom looked at me in it; the entire red background of the design is actually lettering that says “Audio Visual” repeated over and over in exquisite text that makes you not realize it’s even wording.

 Close-up of “Audio Visual” T-Shirt

The detail throughout the entire design from top to bottom is incredible.  Every part of this design links itself together somehow, someway.  I love the simple use of color and texture through the use of text and shading and lines.  

Close-up of “Audio Visual” T-Shirt

Though it’s a unisex fit, this shirt fits pretty nicely on me.  I received a size Small in this and it’s soft and not too tight or too big as some unisex fits are.  It’s a little larger then the other t-shirt they sent me which is a girl’s cut but all in all it fits nicely and is comfortable!

My dog wanted to get in on the photo too!

Let’s move on to the second t-shirt titled “No Evil”.  I loved the concept of this shirt immediately, “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil!”  Vibrant, colorful blues take over this design on a black women’s t-shirt.

Another intricate and creative design by LiHai; “No Evil” takes an edgy approach to the Three Wise Monkey’s that embody the proverbial principle to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.  Artistically including a spray paint can, headphones and a microphone, these monkey’s definitely give this tee an edge.

Just like the other t-shirt, “No Evil” includes a ton of detail as you can notice in the close up image above.  The background is a series of different intertwining lines creating a repeating pattern.  The fronts of the monkeys include a faint yet detailed logo design for LiHai.  These tiny delicate details in both shirts really make the designs come together and fall into place.  You can tell they’ve really taken the time on their artwork to complete an entire piece and make something that is not only intriguing to the eye but attractive to wear.

Once again they slipped in some crazy text in the background that says “No Evil” over and over again.  These shirts are like a fun game of I Spy!!  Blue is my favorite color and the contrast between the shades they chose is very appealing for this design.  The detail in their labels doesn’t disappoint either as seen below:

Unlike most independent companies who usually screen-print the label on the inside neckline or do a hem tag, LiHai went ahead and got their own private labels custom made and stitched inside.  Check out the back of the label:

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why does she think this label is so cool?”, right?  Well as I said, it’s rare to see an independent brand go all out with labels like this and not only did they make sure it was tailored to their brand but they made sure to include their brand name and/or logo on the front and back of the tag.  It’s those small details that matter sometimes!

I really enjoyed being able to review LiHai.  Their artwork was spectacular to examine and their overall packaging and branding is really spot on for having only launched in August.  I can’t wait to see what they come out with in the future and how they begin to grow and expand.  Thanks again LiHai and Daryl C. for the incredible shirts – they’ve become some of my favorites to wear!!

Check out LiHai clothing here



hide your arms logo t-shirt

These three shirts actually went up in the HYA store on Friday afternoon, but between getting the photos taken, it being me and my girlfriend’s 3rd anniversary, and the Olympics opening ceremony in the evening I didn’t get a chance to write up a post letting you guys know that I took the plunge once again and had some more HYA logo t-shirts printed.

Since I started Rigu last November I’ve really been enjoying packing orders and sending them around the world, and with the HYA store being a bit empty with various sizes of items sold out I decided it was time to get back in the game, and more importantly, I wanted to wear a HYA tee with gold foil on it, and the classic white print too. I won’t print anything that I won’t wear, there’s no point in me investing in stock of tees that I see every day if I’m not going to enjoy seeing them, and I am really, really happy with how these latest tees have come out.

White print on black is a classic colourway and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to having them printed. They’re white discharge ink on black American Apparel 2001 t-shirts, so we all know it’s a good quality t-shirt and with that discharge print it’s started out soft and it’s only going to get softer over time resulting in a really nice vintage feel. Limited quantities of the shirt are available now for £14.99 + shipping.

When I put in the order for the gold foil shirts I did wonder if they were a little bit silly. I’m not exactly a ‘bling’ person, I don’t even like the word bling and I never wear jewelry, but something about gold foil tees has always intrigued me, especially when you’re using a black blank, and I had a feeling that the HYA logo would look good in gold. I hadn’t even considered that there was something of an Olympic tie-in with the gold foil, but as I watched Team GB walk around the track during the opening ceremony on Friday I realised I may have missed a trick with marketing there. The gold is pretty shiny, but it isn’t thick so doesn’t feel heavy on the shirt or feel like it will flake off. A brand (who I suppose should remain nameless) that I like use the same printer and shirt for their gold foil tees and sent me one of them a few year, and whilst it isn’t very gold now it did take many years of washing for that to happen, so I do feel that this shirt has a long life in it if cared for correctly. The shirts are from Continental Clothing, who make very nice shirts with a size chart that is very similar to American Apparel, who are members of the Fair Wear Foundation and go the extra distance when it comes to ensuring that their products are made in fair and ethical conditions. The gold foil tee costs £15.99 + shipping and is available now.

Lastly, I have restocked the grey print on grey AA tri-blend tees since they sold out in medium and large a while ago. The grey print this time is slightly lighter (Pantone 7540C) to reflect the true colour of HYA grey. Please note that in XL and XXL the darker grey print remains as I only restocked the M & L sizes, but the dark grey print looks cool so it’s all good. You can pick up this American Apparel tri-blend shirt for £15.99 plus shipping in the HYA store.

I do have it in mind to add to the store over time and slowly build what we have on offer, likely more logo-based stuff, but it’s possible that we’ll be branching out in the future, likely with a couple of cool posters a local artist-friend of mine, and we’ll see how it goes from there. If there’s anything that you’d like to see the HYA logo on let me know and I’ll see if it’s possible.


Post image for “Autobacon” t-shirt for bacon lovers (aka everyone) from Glennz

The funny thing about this shirt from Glennz is that this kind of machine is actually not that far from the realms of what is being worked on by scientists trying to create meat-like substances in laboratories.

Costiness=$16.95 (for now, raising later) Buy it at Glennz


arch enemies batman t-shirt

Certainly a very timely release from Glennz, I’m awfully excited about the impending release of Dark Knight Rises, partly because I’ll be going to watch it on me and my girlfriend’s three year anniversary, and partly because the trailers (so many trailers!) make it look like an amazing film.

Costiness=$15.95 Buy it at Glennz


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