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Print-on-demand service Fibers have put together a really good guide telling their t-shirt designers (though the advice applies to anyone) about the best practises that they can use when contacting t-shirt bloggers to get their designs written about by guys like me.

The main takeaways are very sensible; have a good promo picture, write clearly and plainly making things simple for the blogger, offer them an incentive like a coupon code or maybe a free t-shirt, and don’t expect them to respond immediately, or perhaps even at all.

I should have something comprehensive like this myself and I’ll think about putting something together because I think it would be very useful. Of course, it needs to be read for it to be useful and in my experience with the submissions I receive most people just do what they want anyway and don’t necessarily follow any of the instructions on a site (my number one request is that people address me by name and it often isn’t met, so I know people are just sending out a form e-mail, and if they don’t give me that shred of respect why should I bother with their pitch?), but hopefully this information will get through to a few people.

Guide to Submitting Designs to t-shirt blogs


I have no idea where you need to go to buy vintage t-shirts, it simply isn’t my area of expertise, and I wouldn’t want to tell you to go to ‘noreallythesearevintageteeswehaven’’ when I woudn’t be able to guarantee the authenticity of the tees or whether you were getting ripped off.

Luckily for me, and even more luckily for you, the Defunkd crew are very experienced with vintage tees, seeing as they used to sell them, and now blog about them. They’ve written up a guide of 20 great places to buy genuine vintage t-shirts on eBay which you’ll probably want to check out if you’re in to mood for buying old clothes.


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