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I am always up for trying something new, and trying Mister Pompadour is definitely something new to me and to Hide Your Arms, especially as it comes across as a product for men and I am in fact a woman, BUT do not mistake that as complaining – it is quite the opposite! At first I was intimidated seeing that Mister Pompadour is primarily marketed to men, but I gave it a go anyway and immediately felt very silly for ever being hesitant, because in the end I was really happy with the results. So not only is this for men, it is a product you women could buy for the man in your life (then use it yourself too when he isn’t looking!)


Mister Pompadour sent me the Moroccan Texture Paste Kit which comes with a Peppermint Shampoo, a Peppermint Conditioner, and a Moroccan Texture Paste, plus they added in a cool logo sticker (all that for only $44!) So first things first, I hopped in the shower to try out the Shampoo and Conditioner and once I popped open the bottle I immediately could smell the mint – the fragrance invaded the steamy shower, but in the best way as it’s not overpowering… it smells so fresh and so clean and only got better the more you scrubbed it in. Once Shampooed, it was Conditioner time and while I was waiting for it to soak in I read the back of the bottle, which to my surprise was not your run of the mill, generic information being told – it had character and was entertaining to read, it gave me a smile or two. To me, something like that is such a lovely touch to a brand, definitely makes it more unique and interesting in the end.


After my hair had been dried and styled, I noticed a lightness to my normally heavy hair AND I could still smell the mint throughout (even after blow-drying and styling which for me would normally remove any fragrance, but this product’s fresh smell battled through the heat!) Then came the Texture Paste, which I have not used this type of product before believe it or not, but thankfully the instructions were printed nicely on the bottle – for long hair it helped push down those fly-aways and also helped smooth the ends of my hair and gave it a bit of texture – the photos I took do not do it justice! I also went to an outdoor concert, which I’ve done several times and by the end my hair would normally be a frizzy mess, but I must say this time my hair looked just as good as when I got there and that’s saying something.


To be completely honest, before I tried the Mister Pompadour Kit I thought I would be giving it away to one of my male friends, thinking me being a female that I should not keep it, but after only one use, I stand corrected – I really love the results and I am keeping this kit all to myself! Needless to say, I recommend trying it especially if you are on the lookout for a really good hair regimen; shampoo, conditioner, texture paste, and a lot more including sculpting clay, beeswax paste, pomade, and (coming soon) a texture powder – all the products that, as Mister Pompadour says, will make you look sharp and be confident, and I could not agree more.

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Two new silhouette shirts from Chop Shop

by Andy on October 19, 2011

chop shop collage

Chop Shop just keep finding new things to turn into silhouettes, don’t they?

This time around they’re giving us the hairstyles of 101 iconic women from past and present, and 31 rockers whose careers peaked in the 80s and you probably last saw on a reality show or VH1.

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10179-1 10179-0

I was looking at this tee and thinking, “y’know, I’m sure I’ve written about this tee before.” And I was right, but this version is clearly an improvement upon the last attempt. Curiously, much like the previous post, this was written around the time of me having a hair cut (two days ago in this case, and again it wasn’t by my usual hairdresser, who is abandoning me for Australia for a year, what is a boy to do?!), I wonder if there’s a pattern of what I write about to what I’m doing at the time, if you see lots of tees being posted about ‘going postal’, it might be time to get a little worried.

*Eek, I wrote this post before looking at the price, which is higher than any other tee I’ve seen on MySoti, so it may be a glitch.*

Costiness=$83.20 Buy it at MySoti


Everybody Loves My Hair by Pitch at MySoti

by Andy on March 12, 2009


I think we’re getting to a dangerous time in my tenure as an American resident. I need a haircut. Back home in England I’ve had my hair done at the same place for about 8 years, and with only 1 person being trusted with my luscious locks for the most part. So, how do I know who to trust with my hair? And furthermore, since I’ve been asking for “the usual” for about half a decade, I don’t even know what I need to ask for when I do finally sit myself down in the chair. Dangerous times indeed, friends.

Costiness=$18.74 Buy it at MySoti [via Rumplo]



I know it’s unusual for me to post a tee from Threadless (you ALL get the newsletter, right?), but this one utterly floored me, the massive print looks awesome. They say on the product page that due to its nature, you might get ‘minor imperfections,’ something which I’m sure would annoy me no end, but I still think it looks beautiful in the product pictures.

Please note that at the time of writing, it was only available in XS and 3XL for the guys and XL for the girls.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Threadless [via I Love Tee Design]

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